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Log Cabin Garden House Iris 3.9m x 3.0m

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There is plenty of room to spread out in this fantastic 11.1m² Nordic-style apex roof log cabin. Whether you want to run your business from here, create a cosy garden hideaway or the perfect space for entertaining, this cabin will do it all while being a great looking addition to your garden.

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Product overview

There is plenty of room to spread out in this fantastic 11.1m² Nordic-style apex roof log cabin. Whether you want to run your business from here, create a cosy garden hideaway or the perfect space for entertaining, this cabin will do it all while being a great looking addition to your garden.

The front facing windows are double-glazed and let in plenty of light, making it the ideal spot to work, create or just relax. The double doors give easy access and mean you can open the space right up when the sun is shining.

Crafted from kiln dried Nordic spruce, the chalet cut 44mm thick logs offer increased protection against the elements, while the tongue and groove floor and roof construction makes for a precise, quality finish.

With comprehensive instructions, assembly is easier than you might expect, while the house is delivered untreated and unfinished, so you can choose the stain or colour that fits best with your location.

The 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty means you know it’s going to be a standout feature or your garden for many years to come.

Whether you need a quiet space to work, or somewhere to banish noisy teenagers, this log cabin is a stylish, practical addition to any backyard.

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• Traditional Nordic apex roof garden house with double doors
• 11.1m² of floor space
• Renewable kiln-dried Nordic Spruce
• Delivered unfinished – choose your own colour or finish here
• Double-glazed door and side windows
• Storm bracing
• Low door sill with stainless steel covers
• Tongue and groove flooring and roof for a quality finish
• Roofing felt included
• Chalet cut wall logs
• Foundation joists included
• 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Dimensions: W 3.9m x D 3.0m x H 2.49m
Floor area: 11.1m²
Ridge height: 2.45m
Eaves height: 2.11m
Wall thickness: 44mm
Roof panel thickness: 16mm
Floor board thickness: 19mm
Door opening size: W 151cm x H 175cm
Window size: W 60cm x H 111cm
Glass: 15mm double glazed (3mm glass - 9mm gap - 3mm glass)
Snow load rating: 90 kg/m²
Packaged size: L 540cm x W 120cm x H 80cm
Weight: 1,115kg

This cabin has a floor area under 30m², this means it is exempt from the consent process when added to your property as a structure for ancillary use. Please see our consent information button below for more information.

Construction Points:

A good foundation is the key to guaranteeing the longevity and quality of your cabin. Only a completely level, rectangular foundation and bearers will ensure problem-free installation of the cabin.

The floor must be a minimum of 50mm off the ground, preferably more. The underside of the floorboards and the joists should be painted thoroughly and care taken to ensure enough airflow under the house. We recommend using Malthoid DPC between joists and the ground.

Your chosen site must be levelled and compacted to minimise ‘settling’. We recommend using strip or spot foundations, concrete foundations or pavers or a cast concrete bed.

If unsure consult with, or have the foundation prepared by a specialist.

Consent information

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Questions and answers

6 votes
I'm surprised this model doesn't come with the roofing shingles like other sets since it has the thicker walls and double glazed windows. How many roofing shingle kits would be needed to upgrade from the base roofing felt?
According to the manufacturer this model has a shallower pitch roof, so it's unsuitable for the (optional) asphalt shingles offered on other models. You could look at going with Coloursteel or a heavier Butynol type roofing or EPDN roofing if you wanted an upgrade over the standard roofing felt.
By Trade Tested on January 19 2021
5 votes
Could you have this model with the same windows and doors as the smaller model i.e. without the dividers on the glass..?
Yes the lattice work is optional on all - you don't have to add it. It is overlaid on the glass as opposed to many small panes of glass.
By Trade Tested on May 26 2020
2 votes
Are the floor joists treated and if so to what level of treatment - H1.2, H3, H4? thanks
Yes they are H3 treated.
By Trade Tested on June 08 2022
2 votes
Does the wood need to be treated?
Yes the idea is that it comes untreated so you can select the finish of your choice. We either recommend CD50X or a quality exterior paint of your choice. Check out the reviews on this and other models to see how other customers have finished theirs off.
By Trade Tested on May 18 2022
4 votes
does it have wall insulation and could it be lived in?
It's not insulated as it comes.
By Trade Tested on May 11 2020
0 votes
Do you recommend staining each piece before we assemble it? it will be much easier if we just stain the outside once it's assembled but just worried about untreated areas we can't reach once assembled.
Yes, this is the best practise for optimal timber protection.
By Trade Tested on August 01 2023
3 votes
Is it safe to drink water collected from the roof? What is the roofing felt made of?
We don't have any data around this, so at this stage we would recommend against it. The roofing felt is a bituminous material. If you were specifically after this function, it is easy to use other material to roof you cabin.
By Trade Tested on September 26 2019
3 votes
Which windows are supplied, small or large pane? both types are shown in pics.
They are large pane, the kit comes with trim pieces that give you the option to have the small pane style.
By Trade Tested on April 15 2019
2 votes
Do they leak, get damp
Not if built correctly!
By Trade Tested on May 11 2020
2 votes
Does it come with roofing materials and waterproofing?
It comes as standard with roofing felt, so there is no further waterproofing required.
By Trade Tested on May 22 2019
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Good value but requires some extra work

We purchased this shed to create a sleepout and the end result was excellent, but a there are certainly a few caveats to keep in mind with these kitsets. Kit Materials Delivered on a long palate. The quality of the kiln dried spruce was generally good, though somewhat brittle, and not all of it was straight (see construction below). A few of the tongues were damaged. Double glazing is a nice feature and is a luxury on a kit this cheap (needed to meet EU standards). The main thing that lets the kit down is the quality of the hardware – the door and window latches are as cheap and nasty as they come, and ours were rusted and jammed on delivery. Easy enough to replace but you should factor this into your budget. Design & Construction Generally, pretty easy to erect, though a total novice may struggle – the instructions are pretty minimal and the drawings are tiny. A completely flat and square foundation is key or everything else will be out of alignment and won’t fit together. If you are putting the shed on piles rather than a slab note that the floor joists are quite far apart and only 70 x 45, and the plans call for them to be mounted flat on the long edge – so will flex under load if not well supported. For mounting on piles I recommend adding 2 or 3 extra joists to bring them closer together (cheaper), or decrease the spacing of your bearers (more expensive). I also mounted mine standing on the short edge for more rigidity. If you need piles I recommend screw piles as a quick method – I used ‘Stop Digging’ who installed piles and bearers and provide excellent service. A dead blow hammer will make your life easier as due to everything not being perfectly straight, a lot of ‘persuasion’ was required at times. A couple of the large roof beams (rafters) were twisted and required some creative application of torque to fit. The biggest design flaw in the Iris two window cabin is that the small sections of ‘log’ that sit between the windows and door frame are not fixed to anything – they just stay in place held loosely in position by the window & door frames. This means the whole front wall is not particularly rigid and can flex and rattle. It also means that settling of the small pieces can leave a gap in the wall. This wasn’t an issue for us as I framed the interior (fixing those small pieces to the frame) – see below. Upgrades: I significantly upgraded the basic kit - Replaced door and window hardware - Framed the interior to allow for behind wall power, data and insulation. - Underfloor, wall and ceiling insulation. - Gib and paint interior, added kickboard and scotia. - Carpet - Corrugated iron on roof with guttering - Roof and exterior walls painted to match house. - Exterior steps and planting If you care about longevity of the structure I would recommend iron on the roof. The tar paper provided is a barely adequate way to waterproof the roof and I won’t stand the test of time. I also highly recommend framing and lining the interior if you plan to use this as a living space as opposed to just a shed. It was a bit of a hassle but well worth it to make it look smart, hide power and data behind the walls, and to insulate – the small space becomes unbearably hot in direct sun and would be unusable in summer without roof insulation. The fiddliest part of lining it was reframing the windows and door. I reused the timber from the inner surface of the windows to create frames and window ledges. Verdict We’ve ended up with a well finished and functional studio/sleepout that is very sympathetic to our main house. The quality of the kit isn’t amazing, but it’s a cheap way to get the lumbar and double glazing, and is pretty quick to get up and water tight. Then, if you are prepared to spend extra time and $ upgrading, you can end up with something that doesn’t look like a cheap kitset for a lot less $ than a custom build.

Graham Auckland
Palmako Iris Cabin

Wow, arrived before schedual, easy to put up (1 weekend) couldn't fault the service. Did go out and buy our own window stays they as there ones a little flimsy. Trade tested were very helpful, and we couldn't fault them...Love my cabin, it is used as my craft room.

Donna Whanganui
Very nice and good quality product

I am so happy with this garden house and also with the company. I can highly recommend both.

Christine T. Nelson area
Could do better

Overall, reasonably satisfied with the product although there were several problems some of which relate to freight and delivery. 1.Some crush damage to window top lip from strapping. 2. Delivery was not door to door despite incremental cost of delivery from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs of around $300. Packages were offloaded by forklift at local hardware store and packages had to be broken down to be transported to site. Consequently, any restraining of timbers as they dried (were they too wet?) was lost. They were stored under cover (garage before assembly, but some logs and beams were significantly twisted by this time making assembly difficult. The net result is a lozenging of the front wall which has virtually no shear bracing. 3. One "extra" long log was both distorted and damaged on the tongues to be unusable. 4. There was one end wall log short, fortunately made up for by having an additional "extra" long log from which the missing long log could be made. 5. The thickness of the floor boards was not consistent.

Ticker Canterbury
Iris log cabin

Great product, looks awesome finished

Sam Bay of Plenty