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Garden Shed 3.07m x 3.07m x 2.17m Ironsand

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This is one of the most popular models of sheds in the country. At 9.4m², you’ve got plenty of room do what you want in this great mid-range shed. Make stuff, work on projects, set up a weights room, or just deal with storage overflow.

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Product overview

Product overview

This is one of the most popular models of sheds in the country. At 9.4m², you’ve got plenty of room do what you want in this great mid-range shed. Make stuff, work on projects, set up a weights room, or just deal with storage overflow. It’s a sweet-looking shed that’ll keep your stuff secure and add style to any section.

Durable and attractive, this shed is made from double pressed, high-grade, galvanised steel. It’s sturdy, won’t warp or lose its shape, and it comes with a 12 year no-rust warranty. This shed features double hinged doors for easy assembly, better reliability, and extra light. The doors have a handy lockable latch for security.

This shed offers a versatility that’s hard to beat for mid-sized sections.

• Hinged door with lockable latch
• Hot-dipped, 0.32mm galvanised steel
• 12 Year No-rust Warranty

Colour: Ironsand
External dimensions (including roof overhang): 3.27m (W) x 3.07m (D) x 2.17m (H)
Footprint dimensions: 3.07m (W) x 3.07m (D)
Internal dimensions: 3.03m (W) x 3.03m (D) x 2.15m (H)
Back wall: 1.8m (H); Front wall: 1.8m (H)
Door size: 1.75m (H) x 0.73m (W)
Carton Dimensions: 1.86m (L) x 0.47m (W) x 0.34m (D)
Carton weight: 145kg

Flooring: Trade Tested recommends using one of our timber floor kits, a concrete slab or pavers for your foundation. A strong and level foundation will improve the structural integrity of your assembled shed.

Sheds are kitset and come with assembly instructions. Our expert customer service team are on hand to help if you need it.

Please check with your council regarding any required permits or consents.

Trade Tested takes every precaution to prevent damage during delivery and our packaging is designed to withstand some of the toughest treatment in transit. However superficial delivery wear is sometimes beyond our control.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

5 votes
q: Hi what is the rebate size for this shed 3070 x 3070 on a concrete floor
a: We recommend a rebate of 25mm, deduct this from the footprint size to get the correct measurement.
By Trade Tested on December 11, 2018
0 votes
q: Are these available with clearlight roofing?
a: No that's not an option.
By Trade Tested on November 24, 2020
1 vote
q: We are looking at this shed. We have a smaller similar one, and notice that because of the iron siding stepping in and out, that a floor can't go flush without gaps which let in tiny rodents. What are your suggestions to make the flooring meet the shed without any gaps?
a: We suggest you start with a rebated concrete pad, or one of our wooden floor kits, also rebated. Our shed design features wall channels top and bottom that the side panels slide into, this allows them to sit flush on the ground (assuming everything else is level/built correctly) - realistically however, if you have a proper rodent problem then even the most level shed wouldn't keep them out - there are always a small door gap etc. You will probably need to take other measures.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi there, I see you recommend a 25x25mm rebate for the shed if mounted on a concrete pad. Assume you will also need to rebate a chamfer on the 4x corners to accommodate the corner angle fixing brackets that are flush with the underside of the perimeter channel ?
a: Yes you can do this or you can actually flip the brackets over so they sit higher than the channel - your choice.
By Trade Tested on August 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Do you supply wooden frames for the internal of the shed?
a: No we don't, it would be very straightforward to add yourself however.
By Trade Tested on July 6, 2020
1 vote
q: The given door size, is that total for both doors or size of one door. I was wanting to fit my ride on mower in shed.
a: It's per door, so opening width is 1.46m.
By Trade Tested on November 7, 2018
-1 votes
q: Do you need a permit for this shed?
a: It's exempt as it's under 10m².
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
-1 votes
q: Is there an online video to assist with written assembly instructions? If so where do I find it? Thank you.
a: Yes we have some assembly tip videos on our Trade Tested Youtube Channel - check them out!
By Trade Tested on May 14, 2019
0 votes
q: Do you have anything to act as a divider wall? (Eg. to make 2 rooms for storage)
a: No this isn't something we supply.
By Trade Tested on May 13, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you add the wooden floor later on or is this best done at time of assembly?
a: This serves as the foundation for the shed as well as forming the floor, so it's best to do it at the time of assembly in order for everything to line up correctly.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, is there a way to mitigate the inside water drip situation as we live in a frosty area so this is a concern to me. Thanks Tony
a: The best approach is to try minimize how much moisture can get inside the shed and also to try ventilate the shed to equalize temperature. You could try one of our wooden floor kits to keep it up off the ground, and perhaps adding some vents to the shed could help.
By Trade Tested on December 6, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

3.7 out of 5 stars from 49 reviews
Mal Wanganui

Garden Shed

about 1 month ago


This shed went together very well and is just what I want for my wood shed. Looks good and appears strong. Very true to colour and you get all you need to assemble.

Kev Waikato

Garden shed 3.0m x 3.0m x 2.17

about 1 month ago


Couldn’t believe that everything was in one box! I actually phoned Trade Tested to check. Amazing, every bolt, screw, pop rivet, sealer and all the panels were there, they even give you a pop rivet gun and a drill bit. If possible lay all you pieces out as it’s much easier to see where everything goes and fits. The only negative I would say is it took longer to assemble then I anticipated, and we were three experienced DIYers putting it together. I’m happy with my shed.

MRT Hamilton

Metal garden shed

about 1 month ago


Our shed is great now finished but not easy to build. Instructions could be a little clearer with just a few more details added. It would be very easy to build another now we have completed this one.

Calvin Auckland

Good shed poor instructions

about 1 month ago


The instructions are poor but once I got it all together its quite strong!

Rob Papamoa

Great shed

3 months ago


Great product at first I was surprised there was a hole shed in such a small package but as I got in to it was good quality and if u read the instructions not bad to put together all the parts were there.

Hawera Wellington


5 months ago


Not a easy shed to put together rust started not long after wherever there was a scratch or metal fillings left on panels. The wind blows in the doors if you don't do extra stoppers. Instructions are frustrating but utube helped a lot.

PK Rotorua


6 months ago


Great shed bit of a mish to put together but had fun doing it with my son!!!

Pokie Marlborough

thin coated will need repainting as rust is already starting

6 months ago


Its up and its strong as hubby put so many screws and rivets in it lol. the doors were a nightmare to build. the beam is too short so pulls the ends in, but it the roof doesnt leak. The thing is tht when we unpacked it, it had so many scratches on the panels it will need repainting. Its been raining last few days and it got rust spots on every panel. I havnt look at the roof yet. The door drains dont work and water leaks in.

Kev Tauranga

Garden Shed

7 months ago


Good shed for the value. The instructions probably need reviewing. They could be clearer, it is hard to go back and correct if you do not realise your mistake until later in the build.

Charlie Wairarapa

Shed - in the wind tho...

7 months ago


The doors fly open every time there's wind! Will call the locksmith tomorrow.. also, it's not yet been a year and front hinges rusting. Good shed but not secure, best to get someone to construct it - they do a great job.

Kev Karaka

Well Priced

10 months ago


Shed is value for money, though builder who constructed it complained was more difficult than others he had done and took much longer to erect than expected. However this may be due the high number of fasteners which may contribute to final sturdiness which is pretty good.

Mills Rongotea

Garden shed

10 months ago


Great shed and size is perfect. Follow instructions and it went together as planned

Lovely TA Taranaki

Great Shed

11 months ago


The shed arrived in a box which looked too small but it just grew and grew. The shed is up and shelves fitted. Looks great and the two of us were able to put it up. We are not builders of any kind just a handyman and his lovely TA (Me the wife). The only problem we had was that the instructions left a little to be desired. Some information should have been before others and some things not explained very well. Eg the small washers which came with the rivets still have no idea what they are for. All in all we just made it ours and it is up and working well.

Rosco Northland

Tin Shed

11 months ago


This is a basic tin shed that we put together on a concrete slab to the dimensions given. The shed overhangs the base, but not a problem as we bolted it down. The trouble is that the way the base u shape is designed, I had to put in extra steel bits and then seal all joints and also to the floor to keep the water out.

Walter 32 tui Alicetown, Lower Hutt Wellington

My Beautiful shed

12 months ago


Great shed , wouldn’t ask for more

Just spend the money and buy a better one Tauranga

Waste of time and money

about 1 year ago


Instructions are absolutely hopeless, once u have put it up, mark everything pull it back down, then put it all back up nicely. There is no markings to suggest where everything should be so it's out of alignment when you have finished. Its put us off buying other products from trade tested.

Chris Palmerston North

Garden Shed

about 1 year ago


Door jam instructions and diagrams of same need to be clearer and larger. Otherwise putting the shed together was, while for the expert with technical knowledge probably considered easy for the amateur it took a little more time and concentration. Finished product awesome and very functional. Would recommend for the handyman.

Earthsurfer Canterbury

Great Shed

about 1 year ago


Very happy with the shed, pretty easy to assemble but the printed plans were not as clear as the downloadable pdf.

Rod Central Otago.


about 1 year ago


Very flimsy. Very. Difficult to assemble.

Malpuch Tauranga

Pain to put up

about 1 year ago


it was a mission to put up.the instructions arent good and the online videos not very precise. We are still working on making it watertight and stable (2nd weekend) and can't see the work end.

Bart Waikato

Nightmare weekend - doable, but beware

about 1 year ago


Don't know where to start really: OK building would be easy if you could temporary disable gravity. Apparently designer of this shed thought so. Manual is first of all in the wrong order so making you prone to cause irreversible mistakes - steel plates are super thin so likely it may fold unexpectedly when attempted to erect it. Therefore bracing walls is a must before you straighten them - and they will be wobbly as hell regardless. Main ridge beam is a joke really starting from terrible idea from manual how to put it together to attaching it using 3mm(!!) bolts that needs to go through multiple layers of assembly, align and be secured - all keeping the beam perfectly straight (you remembered to disable gravity didn't you?) Even if you manage on the one side you need to do the same on the other preferrable same time (you brought team of mates to help you?). Then adjust length making new holes (have I mentioned pre-drilled ones cannot align?) And the mighty supports - sorry, this is not even funny. I marked manual for parts that are ambiguous, unclear or just wrong - run out of space quickly. And do not try to assemble door and adjust front wall at the end - even on the video you can see they made this mistake and got to improvise! The only option is to do it flat on the ground - long lesson learned. Films btw appeal to men audience only (you will know what I mean) and besides that not much help really. Except maybe crosscheck with poor pointless photos on manual to figure out what goes over what. After the long weekend I got structure standing - next one will be roof assembly - loads of fun ahead. Ah.. and do not bother with sealing tape - attached one is for 1.5 length of the wall only (teaser?) and silver one... better get more from 2$ shop as looks like the same useless amount. I would use silicone, foam, better tape anything else really. Riveting gun broke for me as well after 2nd rivet luckily got spare, attached drill bit survived just few hours more. One positive thing - I like the box- coffin like it was delivered in - beware however not going to become your resting place once you invite your relative to help you with this junk. OMG never again, stick to old good wood and DIY.

Shedaholic gisborne

garden shed

about 1 year ago


good product - wood finish is a dreadful colour, have repainted it green. does the job

Des New Plymouth


about 1 year ago


Shed is only 12 months old and fixings are rusting and coating is fading badly

Reply from Trade Tested

With cs team
CVisser Dannevirke

Great shed

about 1 year ago


Was able to erect with the help of my wife, does everything it says on the box

Colin Blenheim

Surprisingly solid

about 1 year ago


After reading all the reviews I decided to still give it a go building by myself. Not a whole lot of fun getting the walls together but possible none the less. Still needed to grab the wife for a hand riveting the braces on but otherwise a one man build in one day is doable.

Russ Waikato

3m x 3m shed

over 2 years ago


No doubt that it is a bit of a chore to assemble - very unstable until it is all riveted together. However, once the last bracing is on and the last rivet is in it is solid as a solid thing! Great shed at a great price!

Leamy Manawatu

Painful to build

over 2 years ago


Once this shed is all built it is great, minus a few poor design features. If you are building this shed yourself be prepared for 1-2 full days of your patience getting tested by the way this this thing goes together. Great shed...once it's up. Also make sure you have at the very least two people building it

Tommo Auckland

Not easy to put together

over 2 years ago


Assembly notes could be better. Took a few evenings reading to understand the writers thinking but worked out well in the end. Found potential for leaks, I added watertight tape all round to the roof. Not cheap but worthwhile. The bottom wall rails definitely will hold water if release holes are not drilled. Again no mention in the notes. Overall the finished product is OK but better notes and additional waterproofing prevention would be good

Damian Bay of Plenty

Garden shed

over 2 years ago


110% Happy get so many comments wood look steel

Scott Southland


over 2 years ago


The paint is really thin so very easy to scratch each individual piece of iron has plastic wrap on it witch isn't very environmentally friendly. The instructions were hard to follow having assembled it now i would have done it very differently if i was to ever attempt it again

Ange Waikato


over 2 years ago


The instructions were very hard to follow and it took 4 of us 3 days to put it up. Was very disappointed on opening the box that contained the shed, it was full of cockroaches!! The end result is good but a very frustrating process to put it up.

Msjt62 Auckland

Pain to put together

over 2 years ago


Better instructions and illustrations are required you need a lot of problem solving to get this right.

Dave Southshore ChCh

Trade Tested shed

over 2 years ago


This shed is value for money but let's it self done by a number of design faults. The roof needs better sealing along the ridge than supplied and would leak in bad weather. Also the ridge capping is too short and requires extra sealing. The door catch to close the first door from the inside is throw away material and should be replaced immediatley. The paint job meets the Guiness book of records for thinnes of coating. If these points are addressed it is a good product.

Almost divorced Waikato

Nightmare to Assemble

over 2 years ago


The instructions with this shed are terrible - missing steps, steps in the wrong order, and parts that you just can't do. It is impossible to install the roof as instructed unless you have 1600mm arms! Although it says this shed can be assembled with 2 people, and my wife and I did eventually get it assembled - I would not recommend this if you want to stay married. Most annoying was the need to re-do steps after finding the instructions were wrong as this resulted in unnecessary holes and wasted time. Good sized shed and once up it seems okay - although not the sturdiest sides as the braces don't anchor the sides properly. The braces also are not flush with side so result in not being able to put shelving flush against the wall. The rivet gun included in the kit broke before complete. We were attracted to this shed due to size and price.

Arthur Southland

Almost perfect

over 2 years ago


The good: Great price and once its finished it holds very well. The bad: During the cold days with frost the roof freezes and a lot of water condensates on the inside of the roof and needed to be cleaned multiple times otherwise it would drip inside on the tools. The stop hinge that holds one door ist strong enough and needed to be replaced with one on top and one on the bottom. The door also needed stop blocks (two small pce of metal to prevent it from going in too far) Besides from the condensation it is a great sheed for the price.

Smithy Whangarei


over 2 years ago


Great product easy to erect recommended

Ed Hamilton

Garden shed

over 2 years ago


Great deal, but wound be better served with clearer instructions, they got a little confusing at times. A few more tec screws would also have been helpful.

Jenna Bay of Plenty

Great Shed

over 3 years ago


Fantastic shed, the only complaint would be that the pictures in the instructions need to be clearer. But we figured it out and got it up easy enough. We’d definitely recommend!

Rob Waikato

My Shed

over 3 years ago


Great shed when I eventually got it erected. Instructions were not really easy to follow and pics were poor. But the shed is solid and weather proof.


Good size

over 3 years ago


Good sized shed for your back yard. Good price

Lionel747 Nelson

Garden shed

over 3 years ago


Very nice shed to assemble easy instructions and everything was in the box nothing missing... i will definitely do business with you again soon...

Luke Wellington

Great shed

over 3 years ago


Great shed easy to assemble just wish I got the bigger one now.

Gina nz Northland

Great shed

over 3 years ago


Great shed. good product for the price.

Jeanette Auckland


over 3 years ago



Dane Auckland


over 3 years ago


Very happy

Barb Northland

Garden shed

over 3 years ago


We enjoyed putting the garden shed together. There were some bits that could have done with more info but were able to figure it out.

NK North Otago

Great bang for buck

over 3 years ago


Fast service on delivery to local depo. Well labeled kitset. Unfortunately the photo copy of instructions was small and quite hard to read. Definitely a 2 person job to put up. Great size shed and well impressed with bang for buck.

MPH Southland

Tidy and Easy to erect

over 3 years ago


Fast service and easy to erect. Feels solids and looks tidy as well.

Billy Hamilton

Great value

over 4 years ago


Managed to save lots by doing myself. You do need to commit a good day or so but it's worth it. Need to use instructions as a guide but better to just do what is logical when the instructions don't always make it obvious

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