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Livestock & Utility Shelter 6m x 6m x 3.7m

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Protect your livestock with this heavy-duty shelter.

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Product overview

Protect your livestock with this heavy-duty shelter.

Its tough galvanised steel frame and 610gsm U.V stabilised PVC cover make it the perfect shelter for calving season, sheltering livestock or pets when the weather turns rough.

The included gates keep all the animals where they should be and they are simple to remove when not required. Thanks to the straightforward design, this shelter is easy to put up and take down as you need it.

Backed by our 5 Year Warranty, it’s a great investment in the wellbeing of your valuable livestock or pets.

Perfect for horses, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, alpacas or any other animals you have running about, you can also use it as a temporary carport or storage area. Order yours today.

• Galvanised steel frame
• Removable gates
• 610gsm UV stabilised PVC cover
• Waterproof and fire resistant
• No interior wires or bracing for maximum space
• Easy to install and relocate
• 5 Year Trade Tested Warranty

Dimensions: L 6m x W 6m x H 3.7m
Floor Area: 36m² (approx)
Frame construction: Ø60*1.5mm hot-dip galvanised steel tube, Ø38*1.5mm hot-dip galvanised steel tube
Roof material: 610gsm UV stabilised PVC
Packaged dimensions: 224cm x 122cm x 67cm
Weight: 361.8kg

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Questions and answers

4 votes
The last shelter i had the goats chewed the cover. How then do i stop them from doing this? Is your pvc cover strong enough that they can't?
It's very tough PVC, however it's hard to be certain that it would be completely impervious to determined goats! We would suggest there are no loose corners etc for them to latch onto would be a good start.
By Trade Tested on June 26 2019
3 votes
Can these be erected over a container?
You probably could with some lateral thinking, however we would recommend one of our traditional style container shelters for this.
By Trade Tested on February 07 2019
0 votes
What is the height of the vertical side before it changes to a curve?
Approximately 1.95m
By Trade Tested on June 25 2023
0 votes
Does the 5 year warranty cover the whole structure - PVC cover and frame?
Yes the warranty covers the PVC cover and the frame.
By Trade Tested on June 28 2022
-2 votes
Can they be used for a cover for a swimming pool leave open at both ends
They can cover anything as long as they are secured properly.
By Trade Tested on May 14 2020
-2 votes
Is it designed to be free standing or has it got anchoring points?
It has foot plates, so how you secure it is up to you and your particular application, for example you could bolt it to a concrete slab. Check out our customer review photos for a better look at the foot plates.
By Trade Tested on April 22 2019
-2 votes
Hi, Are these shelters suitable in a high wind zone?
They're very sturdy, however they are not designed specifically for what an engineer would classify a high wind zone. Perhaps check out the reviews for this and our container shelters to get an idea of their durability and where people are using them.
By Trade Tested on March 20 2019

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Live stock shelter

Overall happy with product, a couple complaints. instructions are a waste of time. I wouldn’t take much time to print some new instructions. the round disc anchors don’t work either we used full length waratas hammered right in for anchors

Nicky Waikanae
Also an excellent carport

Fantastic product, we are using as a carport in front of our existing garage, has already been through heavy rain and huge winds with absolutely no issues at all. We are very happy customers

Mcmurts Canterbury

I was so pleased with the first shelter that I bought a second shelter and attached both of them end to end. Everything went well. First I built a timber border around the perimeter to mount the shelter. I used 200 x 50 H4 timber and a few 100 x 100 post-stubs as hold-downs. Then I mounted the shelter on top of the perimeter border. After laying the timber border - the first shelter took 8 hours and the second shelter took 6 hours. I also laid some filter cloth and then base course and then some pavers.

Mike Lower Hutt
Livestock Shelter

Steel Frame and Cover of excellent quality. Instructions for assembly would be difficult for persons with limited practical skills to follow. Illustrations poor are poor and sometimes misleading, I ditched them. Ratchet tie downs are poor quality/ poorly stitched together. 90% of them broke whilst tensioning cover. The product overall is good, but let down by poor or cheap components. Our intended purpose for this shed is for rearing calves, so is fit for purpose in that regard.

Steve Marlborough
Livestock and Utility Shelter

Better than anticipated

John Waikato
This product comes with inadequate anchors

The shelter was of fairly good quality, although not simple to construct. The unit came with completely inadequate tie downs and anchors

Stables Auckland
No, I do not recommend this product.

Put this shelter up to be used to cover to work truck, was easy to build in 6 hrs with 5 men on concrete base

LJ Rotorua
From Animal Structure To Carport.

My son has grown out of his single bed cupboard of a bedroom. So we're converting the internal garage into his new bedroom. However we need to remove all the junk from the garage before he can move in. We looked at building a new external garage or substantial permanent carport. But found that I needed to sink pilings, obtain an engineering report and get building consent. All way too expensive! So we started looking for temporary strictures to get around the building consent process and discovered the stock shelter. It is big! Very big! I didn't appreciate how big until it was erected. The height, at just under 4 meters, is the most surprising aspect. It arrived in a large palitised cardboard box, well wrapped and undamaged. Five of us (3 adults, 2 children) erected it in a day and a half. We started by constructing the 4 main hoops then stood them upright and bolted the side longitudinal braces to make it a free standing structure. Not having high enough ladders we unbolted and removed one side wall so that we could lower the top of the structure down to add the final top longitudinal braces. Then we lifted it back up and reattached the sidewall. There are a lot of nuts and bolts that need to be tightened. I used an electric drill with a socket, which was invaluable. Some of the instructions on where to put which bolts were incorrect. I found, the main tarpaulin a nightmare to put on. We tied ropes to the two end tie downs and tried to pull it over the structure from one side to the other. Not a good idea too much weight and too much friction to easily pull it over. But we got there eventually. Perhaps if I had laid the tarpaulin over the frame when I had the side wall off it would have been easier. But I was concerned that I would not have been able to lift the combination weight to refit the side wall. Tensioning it is a concern, it is tight over the hoops but not on the rest of the frame. The end wall was easy , I started by securing it half way up then securing a bit on each side until I reached the top. Then secured the bottom half. A video demonstrating how best to construct the frame and put the tarpaulin on, also how to correctly tension would be my recommendation. The kit comes with 4 ground screws which, in our sandy ground, was easy to install. We have placed one side of the structure on top of a retaining wall and bolted it to that so we have all 4 ground screws holding the other side wall to the ground. Just as well to as a few days after its erection we had 120 km hour winds. The shelter came through fine but two things stood out. It's noisy in the wind! The metal bolted parts move against each other, creating quite a racket in the wind. Something to be considered if you're building it right next door to a bedroom like we have. Perhaps small bits of felt could be supplied to put between each metal joint to alleviate the problem. The other thing is that we chose not to erect the front gates so that left it a slightly structurally weakened. I purchased some ratchet tie downs and secured them in a diagonal fashion across the top of the front which has stiffened the entire structure and fix that problem. Overall very happy with the shelter and highly recommend it. Here is a link to some pictures. Cheers Brent

Brent Wellington
Cooler than you would think

The instructions for installing the metal frame are adequate, there is some interpretation required. The instructions for installing the rear and cover are minimal at best. There is a lot of trial and error involved. The ground anchors are a nice idea, however posts do a better job in our soil. It is amazingly cool within the shelter once it is erected. It took 3 people a full-day to install this shed.

KcAS Canterbury
Work shelter

Genially happy with product. Could possible improve the durability of the end cover connecting ties

Parks Auckland