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Cantilever Carport 3.0m x 5.5m

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This free-standing, cantilevered carport is a stunning addition to any property.

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Product overview

Product overview

This free-standing, cantilevered carport is a stunning addition to any property.

With its floating design and sleek dark grey finish, it’s the perfect combination of form and function in a carport.

A top quality, high intensity alloy frame is powder coated for durability and results in an exceptionally strong structure. Backed by a 5 Year Limited Warranty, you know it’s designed to handle New Zealand conditions.

The solid polycarbonate roofing panels feature a dark grey tint and an anti-UV coating that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, essential for protecting exposed skin and car paint finishes. Highly impact resistant, the panels are approximately 200 times stronger than glass of the same thickness and feature excellent insulating properties, creating a cool shady area on those hot Kiwi summer days.

The cantilever design is great for areas with minimal room for anchoring, making these structures extremely versatile. As well as a carport, it’s perfect for patio areas, next to the pool, over the deck or for making your barbecue area an all-weather, year round outdoor kitchen.

Installation should be in a sheltered location and we recommend using concrete footings, especially in windy areas. Concrete footings should measure W 50cm x D 50cm x H 60cm.

A stylish and versatile addition to any home, transform your driveway or outdoor entertainment area by ordering yours today.

• Stylish cantilever design
• Versatile
• Powder coated aluminium frame
• Built in gutter and downpipe
• Solid, 98% UV proof, tinted polycarbonate panels
• 5 Year Limited Warranty

Dimensions: L 5.5m x W 3.0m x H 3.0
Post dimensions: 15.6cm x 8cm
Material: Frame – Aluminium, Panels - 100% polycarbonate with PU coating
Carton dimensions: Carton 1 - 305cm x 29cm x 25cm, 61kg. Carton 2 – 61cm x 61cm x 54cm, 51kg. Carton 3 - 555cm x 22cm x 16cm, 33kg. Carton 4 - 82cm x 41cm x 19cm, 15.5kg.
Weight: 160.5kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

5 votes
q: Hi have you ever looked into making a option for the roof to be a solar bank as it would look very stylish instead of them on the roof of your house
a: Not at this stage, but we've passed the suggestion on to our sourcing team.
By Trade Tested on April 15, 2020
2 votes
q: I was looking at putting one on our deck do you have any brackets that would go from the high side to anchor to the eve of the house incase the wind got up .
a: No that's not something we supply.
By Trade Tested on May 5, 2020
2 votes
q: Do the carports have a snow loading rating?
a: As per the specifications, the vertical load rating is 600N/m² to 1500N/m² depending on fixing method used (we recommend concrete footings).
By Trade Tested on February 19, 2019
2 votes
q: What height is the roof normally, or does that depend how deeply the posts are placed in the ground/footing. how easy is it to assemble?
a: With the post 0.5m into the ground, the height of the post above ground will be 2.5m.
By Trade Tested on November 14, 2018
1 vote
q: What colour is the cladding on roof? I am looking at using to shade a portion of a deck so if it is just clear it will not be much use.
a: It's a bronze tint, it you check out our customer review photos below you'll get an idea of how it looks in different lights.
By Trade Tested on February 9, 2020
1 vote
q: I live in Canterbury and it can get pretty windy. If dyna bolted to an existing concrete pad will it be ok?
a: These are designed for sheltered residential areas, not known high-wind zones. They are sturdy, however we recommend using the concrete footings specified as the strongest installation method.
By Trade Tested on October 3, 2019
-2 votes
q: Can you supply longer legs for deeper footing?
a: No we only have the one length available.
By Trade Tested on July 9, 2020
1 vote
q: Are there side panels available to fit the cantilevered carport?
a: No that's not an option that we have, however you could probably rig up a solution fairly easily.
By Trade Tested on July 2, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you please clarify colour of polycarbonate panels; in one place if says "dark grey" and in another "bronze tint". Are these panels plain, or do they have a kind of ribbed texture/appearance. Tks
a: These are bronze tinted solid 2mm thick polycarbonate panels. They are smooth.
By Trade Tested on May 27, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the (recommended?) distance of the poles/arms in from the ends of the roof section? Is this distance variable or fixed? Tks.
a: The posts are designed to be installed at a set width (3500mm).
By Trade Tested on May 27, 2020
-2 votes
q: Where are these made please?
a: These kits are made in China.
By Trade Tested on April 15, 2020
-1 votes
q: Dimensions of concrete footings please, recommend depth, width.
a: Recommended to be W 50cm x D 50cm x H 60cm.
By Trade Tested on April 7, 2020
0 votes
q: Can you make a canter lever to cover a large horse truck. Approx 8.metre by 2.8 and 4 meter high
a: We don't do custom sizes unfortunately.
By Trade Tested on March 26, 2020
0 votes
q: I plan to install a Cantilever parallel to my house with the Cantilever spouting roughly 40-50mm away from the house spouting. Does the Cantilever spouting sit on top of the Posts or to the rear of the posts?
a: It's in line with the posts.
By Trade Tested on February 9, 2020
-1 votes
q: Can this be installed on a sloping driveway?
a: Yes within reason.
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2019
0 votes
q: Can the spouting drain pipe be positioned on either end?
a: The hole is pre-cut, however it would be simple enough to block the existing hole and re-drill at the other end.
By Trade Tested on November 25, 2019
-1 votes
q: Can these carports handle being in a high wind zone?
a: They're sturdy, however these are designed for sheltered residential areas, not known high-wind zones.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, are they made in larger sizes? For instance - to cover a 7.5mtr Motorhome that is 3 mtrs high?
a: We only have the 1 size at this stage, however you could install 2 end to end for length, the height would be trickier to achieve, however it would be doable - potentially by creating raised footings with breeze block and filling with concrete and rebar. We would recommend talking to a specialist if you were looking at this. If you would like to investigate further, feel free to give our sales team a call.
By Trade Tested on October 18, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you fit spouting and downpipes to these for drainage?
a: This actually already has them! If you check out some of the customer review photos you can see it.
By Trade Tested on September 16, 2019
-1 votes
q: hi , where could we see one ?
a: We don't have a display one unfortunately, however there are some great customer photos and reviews below.
By Trade Tested on July 31, 2019
0 votes
q: Do they come in white or silver?
a: Just the one colour at this stage.
By Trade Tested on May 17, 2019
0 votes
q: Can the side of roof with no poles be mounted to existing garage?
a: Anything is possible with the right skills, just bear in mind that the guttering is integrated into this beam, so you'll need to account for that when designing your mounting system.
By Trade Tested on April 8, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you adjust the height of the poles if using the bolt direct footing or is it then 3 M tall?
a: You would need to cut the posts to size if you were using this fixing method and wanted the height to be less than 3m.
By Trade Tested on January 21, 2019
0 votes
q: What is the distance between posts? Can it be shortened?
a: The posts are designed to be installed at a set width (3500mm). The design could potentially be modified, however this is not covered in the manual so the end result would be down to the skill and knowledge of the installer. Modifications would not be covered by our warranty.
By Trade Tested on January 10, 2019
-1 votes
q: What is the difference in height from the short side to the heigh side?
a: Approximately 0.45m, as there is some adjustment built in.
By Trade Tested on December 16, 2018
-1 votes
q: What lengths are posts, and what is the internal height from finished ground level to the underside of the beam. (post side)
a: The post is 3m, however we recommend 50cm deep footings so the the internal height to the beam would be 2.5m.
By Trade Tested on November 23, 2018
0 votes
q: I live in christchurch. Do you need a council permit to install? Thanks Paul Wilson
a: In NZ carports have their own rules under the code. Generally speaking carports under 20 square meters are exempt from most rules. But as always, contact your local council and make sure you know exactly where you stand.
By Trade Tested on November 26, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 48 reviews
Mike F Palmerston North

Cantilever Carport Kitset 3m x 5.5m

about 1 month ago


Very happy with the Carport Kitset. Well packaged, clear instructions, high quality extrusions. I lowered the posts by 300mm and dug the foundations deeper to compensate.

KiwiJules Hawke’s Bay

Works well, looks good

5 months ago


The finished product looks great. I needed my uncle to help me put it together and then the whole family (four of us) to put the roof up. We did over about three days.

Grantie Rotorua

Looks great but will it last..

6 months ago


Brought this about 2 years ago after reading the reviews here and installed it in accordance to the instructions. However, believe me there is NO WAY this will stand up to the wind specifications that are documented on the product, that is an outright lie. We just had a panel blow out with a wind gust of 44kmh, so if you are in a windy location I would look elsewhere. Other than that it is awesome. I have ticked that I would recommend it but it really depends on your situation.

Bruce Rotorua

Great product

7 months ago


Finally erected the carport Labour weekend with the help of my two sons-in-law. Not too much trouble and am happy with the final product.

Gayle Taumarunui

Value for money.

8 months ago


We love our cantilever carport, it is perfect for what we wanted. Our builder friend, who put it up for us, was super impressed at the quality. He said usually these things are cheaply made, not so with this. He will be promoting trade tested sheds to his other clients.

Debrenic Timaru

Very happy with our carport

9 months ago


Looks great, have a few friends keen to purchase their own. Just waiting for a concrete pad and then plan to park our caravan under it.

David D Auckland


10 months ago


Very happy with the final outcome

Pete Auckland

Looks good when new

10 months ago


The final product is aesthetically great. The assembly instructions very frustrating. Detail that matters weren't there. Not sure about the lifespan of the caps on the screw heads - flimsy design.

Marcus Foxton Beach

Good Bit of Kit!

11 months ago


Built during lockdown. Took one person 2 days to put together (0.5 day footing, 0.5 day structure, 1 day roof). Only needed an extra hand to get the roof up onto the structure... thanks kids! Bit windy on the West Coast so went for the extra sized footing (as per instructions) and then connected to the house with 2/angle iron brackets (self-made). Even after the last few blows it hasn't moved at all... nice! Everything included and very happy with the result.

Des Cooks Beach

Fit for Purpose

11 months ago


Ideal for my purpose, also looks good.

Willy North Shore

A single carport with only 0.025m2 foot print

12 months ago


The 2 posts cantilever carport only taking a tiny space from my existing driveway and I don't even remove any plant from the installation, the cantilever carport free up space for matching the surrounding landscaping. it's functional, stylish, and good for the handyman (x2) to enjoy the whole weekend.

Margie Rotorua

Carport cantilever on base plate

12 months ago


End of last year we purchased things s carport to cover our Ford Transit camper van. We thought it was 3 metres from ground so in addition had to purchased the base plate. The footings were made followed by the base attachment, uprights,then arms attached. The screws sometimes sheered off when joining the base plate so new screws had to be added, and sheared off ones filled with filler to prevent moisture seeping in.....very frustrating. The roof frame was made on the ground then carried up into arm framing.This went smoothly. There was no writing on roof panels to say which side had us protection and was the right side up so we got “lucky” and chose plastic film printed side as up.( Being the weekend it was not possible to find advice) Remember to put the plastic caps on as you go. The carport looks really good. A softer profile than a flat roof. Good luck! . .

Fred Nelson

Excellent carport/Patio cover

about 1 year ago


Installed on deck, 2.8m above ground level. Extended the uprights and reduced width to 4.6m to fit. With a builder friend. It all went together remarkably well and it looks great. Yes I recommend this.

Frederick Watson Nelson

Patio cover modification

about 1 year ago


This is installed on my deck, 2.5m above ground. It needed to shortened to 4.6m. With a builder friend it all went smoothly. Looks great.

Peter G Bay of Plenty

Cantaliver Carport

about 1 year ago


Great product, simple enough to install. with the exception of waiting for the concrete fotting to dry, installed by myself over a weekend. Agree wiht others that the screws would be better if these were square drive or Torx heads rather than phillips. Aside from that very pleased with the product.

Terry Marlborough


about 1 year ago


Don’t buy if you have windy conditions as I have lost my roof in said conditions also the structure is too high so I have had to lower mine as well as strengthen the carport with extra bracing and new bolts as bolts which come with product are Ineffective.

Annette W Auckland

Love this carport

about 1 year ago


I bought the carport 6 months ago. It is great and looks fantastic. The screws provided for the roof structure were soft and difficult to use so we replaced them with aluminium rivets which worked really well. The carport has stood up well to the weather and I'm really pleased with it.

Handyandy Kapiti Coast

Cantilever Carport 3.0m x 5.5m

about 1 year ago


Pleased with product, would like it to have been slightly longer, say 6.5 metres. Easy to install using common sense & being handy with tools.

Treadbrook Auckland

Stunning addition to our property

about 1 year ago


We bought two of these to include in the area around the swimming pool we put in. Like many people have said, the instructions were somewhat lacking in detail and we found differences between the two we bought, but nothing serious and the end result is even better than we dared hope. We're completely delighted with the result (see the photo).

Leighton Auckland

Cantilever Carport

about 1 year ago


We chose the Trade Tested Cantilever Carport to provide cover for our car, while making parking it much simpler - no poles on the outside to bump into, or reduce the parking space. As the area was already concreted, we used the Base Plate set, which provided a simple installation closely in front of the workshop shed. After installation - we have had a number of compliments on the look of the carport, and I thoroughly recommend the product.

Syd Auckland

Canilever Carport

about 1 year ago


The product is everything I wanted. It looks good. Protects my vehicle. takes up minimal space. I had the recommended Kitset Installer erect as I am over 70 and passed that DIY stage that requires lots of digging.

Keith Bay of Plenty

Cantilever Carport

about 1 year ago


Absolutely stoked with the product. Can be assembled by one person, only help I needed was to lift the canopy on to the main beams.Blends well with our home and due to no uprights one side we maintain the extra parking area. Only negative comment is the assembly instructions however Kiwi DIY soon took over. Must also comment on the excellent service provided by Trade Tested

Graham Auckland

Cantilever Canopy

about 1 year ago


Very pleased with the appearance of this carport. Have had a number of good comments from passing public and request for supplier name. Took a little longer to assemble than we thought. We added a little bracing to improve stability but it may not be needed.

Gazza Levin

Cantilever Carport 3.0m x 5.5m

about 1 year ago


Kitset was promptly delivered and well packaged. Unlike a lot of kitsets, there were extra screws, bolts, etc. Instructions assume a level of knowledge but to be fair most people will have this erected by a builder or professional kitset assembler. As long as the poles are exactly upright and level and the roof frame is properly squared prior to the assembly of the roof network, this kitset is a breeze to assemble. Does require lots of drilling and screwing though! Do need 3 or 4 people to raise the roof and bolt it in place and attach the roof panels. Very Happy with the finished result.

A powertool per project Taupo


over 2 years ago


This carport is brillant. Reasonable instructions, good quality components, stunning looks. Took about three days to do the whole project, that includes digging the hole (ordered in cement to get a good strength mix). The assembly is repetitive, you really need a seperate cordless drill and screwdriver. Also make sure you get the right size drill bit (s/steel is brittle) and at least two new screw bits. My only suggestion to make it better would be square drive screws.


Cantilever canopy

over 2 years ago


Great product, bit technical to assemble, looks great 4.5 stars. No support or back up- you on your own. Instructions not THAT clear. Plenty screws and stuff left over. Coincidentally good colour match.

PJ Canterbury

Great Product

over 2 years ago


Very happy with this cantilever carport which we used to cover a deck. Definitely need someone who knows what they are doing to place the main posts. The rest went together ok.

A.S. Auckland

Cantilever Carport

over 2 years ago


Very happy with product. Particularly like the fact one side is free from any poles - greater access etc.

Willy Bay of Plenty


over 2 years ago


There was a lot of scratches on the powder coated alloy and disappointing scratches on the poly carbonate roofing , as there was no damage to the outside packaging i guess it was poor handling before packaging. square drive screws would have been better. instruction good. although i am a builder, would be a good idea to suggest to square up main roof structure by measuring the diagonals before all the screws are put in .otherwise very pleased with the carport Cheers Wayne Whitianga

Murray-Connie Tairua

Cantilever carport

over 2 years ago


A year or two ago I purchased a cantilever cover for the express purpose of protecting my boat from the elements. My sons live off shore so when they came home this Xmas we got down to erecting it. My property is between Whangamata and Whitianga. Traffic over the holiday period is so hectic. Since we've erected this structure people have not only come of the street to make enquires but two guys, one from Pauanui, and a mate from Tairua both intend buying 2x2 of the cantilever cover for their boats also, that's not to say not only the foot traffic, but also vehicle personnel people who have taken the time to look at our structure may well follow suit.

Nessie Bay of Plenty

Cantilever carport is fantastic

over 2 years ago


Cantilever carport is well made, it’s pretty easy to put together, does need about 3 people, I just love how it’s looking, very stylish product, I’m so pleased I went with this product.

Macgyver Auckland


over 2 years ago


I used the cantilevered patio as a carport. It's original dimensions are bigger than the space I had available so I cut it down to 2.6m by 5.0m and reduced the height to 1.6m at the lower side to match the adjacent fence. The modifications were simple to achieve and added half a day to the assembly time of 1 day for three people. Overall I am really happy with ease of installation and how good it looks.

Charles Napier

Great Deal

over 2 years ago


Still busy installing, so far good quality all round - Cheers

Ron Southland

Cantilever canopy cover 3m x5.5m

over 2 years ago


Have attached 2 end for end to make 10m Very good units, look good,fairly easy to erect Canopies sit out over roof but have made 2 brackets per unit to secure them under the eave. Stops the open side from flapping in wind Bought joining kit, no instructions, can’t for the life of me figure out how it would work. Waste of time I just bolted the joining side rails together with suitable bolts & washers & run a strip of sealer along join. Secure & doesn’t leak. Cover panels are quite dark, do cut out a lot of light during winter Overall, very pleased

Annie Canterbury

cantilever carport

over 2 years ago


Awesome! very pleased with it but does need a bit of expertise from someone with building knowledge and more than one pair of hands!

Ron Southland

Cantilever patio cover 3m x5.5m

over 2 years ago


Good unit, instructions could be better. I swapped some of the screws supplied for pop rivets. Supplied screws would be better square drive as opposed to the phillips ones that come with it. Have made brackets to secure open side to the building, will reduce movement in wind Cover panels are quite dark, would be nice to have 2-3 shade options. Overall, looks good, reasonably strong, am getting a 2nd unit to go beside existing one

Danielle Christchurch


over 2 years ago


Used to cover a sandpit; looks great!

Russell Waikato

Great Product

over 2 years ago


Overall it is a great product. I used it to shelter our back door area. I would have preferred a lighter tint but it will be ideal in summer. Also the instructions need to rewritten by an English speaker - not just translated from Chinese.

Oscar Otago

Excellent Product

over 2 years ago


Has been up a month now. Had very strong northerly winds last week early in the morning which woke the household. Carport looked like it was going to take off and head to Invercargil but survived ok. All round I am happy with the carport and would highly recommend to others wanting a cost effective shelter solution.

Travis Bay of Plenty Katikati

well presented

over 2 years ago


Arrived in good time, very well packed. Easy to assemble.Looks great.

Tank Auckland

Cantilever Carport 3.0 x 5.5m

over 3 years ago


Put up two of these. Instructions need to be read carefully. Setting up the posts needs to be accurate. Arrived on time with all the right bits and pieces. Looks good and great value for your dollars. Had winds from hell this week and the bugger is still there. Can't ask for more than that.

Janie Bay of Plenty


over 3 years ago


Great design. Instructions took a bit of figuring out by the builders but it looks great up. Easy to install once you've done it once!

Harry Nelson

Cantilever carport.

over 3 years ago


A very attractive carport when assembled. Needs two adults to assemble. Apply plenty of sealant at both ends of guttering. Accuracy is important when concreting in uprights. ( I was 1mm out and it caused minor problems.) Excellent shade to protect cars from sunlight. Not sure how well it would perform in a high wind area. I ran a rope over the top for cyclone Gita and it survived.

BJL07 Bay of Plenty

Patio shade

over 3 years ago


Bought this for some shade on our patio, was reluctant to spend the money to start with but I am really pleased with the result. If I had one small improvement it would be better instructions around the main roof assembly, takes a bit of nutting out.

Happy customer New Zealand

Modern Cantilever Carport

over 3 years ago


This carport really gave us the WOW factor. Just love it and so do all our friends. It has added value to our property. It was harder to put the top together than expected. Definitely a 2 man job.

Costello Auckland

Cantiliver Carport

over 3 years ago


Excellent product and easy to put together

Bill Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Cantilever Carport

over 3 years ago


This product was just what I needed. My situation is very much like the one in the product photo--it covers half a double carpad. I buried it an extra 100mm deep as it is a high wind area and I also wanted to minimise shade on my garden. Construction was relatively easy, except the small stainless steel screws were inadequate and often snapped so I replaced them all with larger, stronger galvanised ones for the framing. Ok for securing polycarbon panels. Very happy with the product.

Raz Northland

1500 pergola,5m x3m

over 4 years ago


We are so wrapped with the unit and it certainly does serve the purpose. Price wise, fantastic. Unit on front of our home cost $8.5k, we are in total shock for the same thing !

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