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Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

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Here’s a bright idea for lighting up your outdoors.

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Product overview

Product overview

Here’s a bright idea for lighting up your outdoors. Whether you want to deter intruders from lurking outside your house, or just find your way up the driveway or path without grappling for the light switch, this is a hassle-free and efficient solution.

Covering a wide area of 10m within a 120° range, the PIR sensor will sense anything that might be moving about nearby. The light comes on automatically and turns off once movement stops.

Being solar powered makes it easy to set up, as well as cheap and environmentally friendly to use. It’s great for any spot where you can’t connect to mains power, whether that’s the back corner of your garden, a shed or marquee, or even a camping tent. It’ll charge even on an overcast day, so you won’t be caught out.

Easily hung up with the included screws, it sits parallel to the wall for light to the front. Its compact design means it’ll be subtle and unobtrusive during the day, as well as being maintenance free.

• 6 LED lights
• Extra bright light
• Turns on and off automatically
• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor
• Sensor area of 10m and 120°
• CE and ROHS compliant; IP44 rated for outdoor use
• 1 Year warranty

Solar panel: 0.4W, 4.5V
Battery: Lithium, 3.7V, 900mAh
Lamp: 0.2W LED (x6)
Charge time: 15 hours to fully charge
Battery capacity: 4.5 hours of light or 450 activations
Lumens: 120lm
Colour temperature: 5500K (cool white)
Product dimensions: 12.7 x 10cm
Gross weight: 0.25kg
Net weight: 0.21kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: With the IP44 rating is it really rain proof? IP 65 and 66 is for wet outside areas. The 10m distance of the light is it how far it projects to safely walk or how far away you can see the light? Thank you.
a: Yes it's fine for rain, IP66 is for pressurized water jets. 10m refers to how far away from a moving person the motion sensor will work.
By Trade Tested on May 25, 2020
3 votes
q: Hi, with this solar powered device, does movement past it during daylight hours, use battery power when movement is detected. Reason. Much movement in daylight passes where desired to fit. This may reduce effective power at night when little movement should pass device. Thanks
a: This has a light meter, so it is not active during the day.
By Trade Tested on August 5, 2019
1 vote
q: Does it detect motion when a car passes by in the driveway way?
a: Yes it will, as long as it in range of the sensor.
By Trade Tested on June 30, 2020
0 votes
q: Sensitivity uses infrared - so does it switch on with, say, cats (is it size dependent) or moving plant branches in the wind
a: It will pick up any movement in a 10m radius.
By Trade Tested on October 28, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi How water proof is it , is it ok to mount out in the weather ?
a: It's IP44 rated for outdoor use, so yes anywhere is fine
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the time light stays on for once activated?
a: It's 35 seconds unless movement resets it again.
By Trade Tested on October 13, 2020
1 vote
q: What mounting options does it have?
a: You screw the mount to your chosen surface, then the light clips to this.
By Trade Tested on March 18, 2020
1 vote
q: Would it be effective to fix at a height for visitors near doors as we have short dogs which roam property?
a: You can't really adjust the angle of this sensor.
By Trade Tested on November 7, 2019
0 votes
q: Does the unit require direct sun light hitting the solar panel in order to energize the battery and power the unit fully?
a: Direct sunlight is the best, but it's not required to operate.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: How many lumens is this ? Does that read 1200?
a: It's 120 lumens.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Is the battery replaceable?
a: Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on January 28, 2020
0 votes
q: Just wondering if the Sensitivity, Elapsed Time etc are adjustable with these units?
a: No these parameters are set.
By Trade Tested on August 7, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 97 reviews
Mandy Queenstown


5 days ago


Easy installation, efficient lighting.

Sue Opotiki

Solar light

about 1 month ago


Does what we hoped, lights up bright, ideal for putting key in door, or someone approaching

Jenny Wren Mosgiel

Great Light

about 1 month ago


Excellent wee light, works well

AJ Invercargill

Great light

about 1 month ago


Performing as expected thank you.

Sam Auckland

Great product

6 months ago


Best solar powered sensor light at an affordable price! This is perfect for what we need and planning to get a few more :)

Mike Auckland

It Works

8 months ago


Very happy, the first Solar light that I have purchased that actually works. Would recommend

Colin Horowhenua

Entrance lights

8 months ago


I installed two of these on the entrance way posts and they work really well

Gavs Tokoroa

Best buy!

8 months ago


I`ve placed these sensor lights at the front entrance of our place. ..Awesome!! Picks up at a good distance and lights up the entire stair way then lights up the front door so I`m not fumbling around in the dark. The light wont stay lit forever and that`s just great. Wrapped with this purchase.

DJ wellington

solar lights

8 months ago


Great product.

Bazza#1 New Plymouth

Solar Entrance Light Review:- from New Plymouth

8 months ago


I had a dark entrance way to my garage and needed a suitable light. There was no 230 volt supply to power a light so the Trade Tested light seemed to be the answer to my dilemma. I have attached two photos of the light in place on the gutter above the garage door. It works perfectly and illuminates all of the area required. The sun effectively charges the unit and as it has a built in "ON" timer has never run flat. I would strongly recommend this light for others to use.

Brownie Gore

Solar light

8 months ago


Very happy with product

Jj Auckland

Works well

8 months ago


Works well

Bobb S Kapiti Coast

Easy to install and works well

8 months ago


The title says it all, easy to install and works well

Rick Auckland

Sweet as

9 months ago


Does its job perfectly, small enough to be unobtrusive.

Rob Tawharanui

Solar Light

9 months ago


Excellent product. Has made such a difference when arriving to unlock at night and on garden stairs.

John Auckland

Solar Entrance Light

9 months ago


Very happy. Throws out good light

Fudan Rodney

Solar Light

9 months ago


Good light, happy with it thanks.

Wendy West Coast

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

9 months ago


Does exactly what it says. Good price. Easy to set up. No expensive wiring!

Hope Nelson

Awesome Light

9 months ago


Super easy to install, and works brilliantly. Really good amount of light, is a great colour and sits nicely against the side of the house. Great value light.

Queen of Saba Wellington

Good product

9 months ago


Well designed, works dependably, cord long enough.

L M Auckland

Solar entrance light with motion sensor

9 months ago


Bought two of these for my long drive. One lasted about one month then the other was dead after four months. Disappointed.

Rakesh Kaikohe

very effective

10 months ago


The light is bright and motion sensor performs very well. It has a wide angle and senses motion about 6 metres away at least. It also doesnt appear to go off with every stray cat that walks past either, so only really sense people and dogs. The mounting screws provided are a bit useless, make sure you drill appropriately sized pilot holes and have a size 1 phillips screw driver or you'll likely strip the head, even if you manually tiggten the screws.

Sue Nth Canterbury

Great product

10 months ago


Excellent product. Works really well and is exactly what I needed.

Bev Northland

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

10 months ago


The main draw back is the length of time the light stays on after being activated, holds charge well but really only useful as an entrance light and not to be relied upon as direct light for any activity, unless of course you carry it around on your person. I have used it as a lantern, I do not like the angle down in it's frame, so for low down connection to fence or wall to light walking path, yes! but elevated attachment to wall and fence is blinding rather than helpful. I bought three, they are being used, one is now used in shed with no light for quick light placement manually as it hold good charge but probably would not buy again, mostly because the light duration is too short.

ChrisO Auckland

Exactly as advertised

10 months ago


Unobtrusive simple to install self contained sensor has good range and provides good light

Janio Alexandra

Solar entrance light

10 months ago


I am really impressed with solar light, I must order more when on special. Trade Tested is an awesome site.

Matt New Plymouth

Good illumination

11 months ago


Pros Sensor is good. Lights come on when within 2-3 metres. Good brightness and light coverage. Cons Doesn’t stay on for long. Maybe 10 secs max.

Ed Christchurch

Solar Entrance Light

about 1 year ago


Not as bright as I thought it would be.

Brendon Te Awamutu

Solar Entrance Light

about 1 year ago


Fantastic product, works very well and easy to put up

Jill Waikato

Great lighting

about 1 year ago


I have bought 10 of these lights over the past few years and find they are one of the most reliable solar lights on the market. They give off a strong light over a wide area which if brilliant on my garden path.

Tooty Auckland

solar entrance light

about 1 year ago


Very effective for lighting entrance way.

Bright Waikato

Motion sensor

about 1 year ago


Great product light turns on as it gets dark when it detects movement it lights are to full power sensor has a great range really good product.

Grimy Auckland

Works well

about 1 year ago


Good little sensor light. Glows all the time and brightens when motion is detected. I wasn't sure if I would like this set-up, but it actually is useful. When activated the light is good and bright. I have installed one either side of the back door facing each other so approaches from either direction lights at least one as well as both coming on when opening the back door. Very handy and haven't used the normal 240v outside light since. Sensitivity and timing can't be altered, but pre-sets seem about right.

Ed Dunedin

Great Product

about 1 year ago


Bought 5 of them and installed on the fence from my driveway. Stoked

Tairua Coromandel


about 1 year ago


Just what we needed. Plenty of light to show the way to door but not enough to worry the neighbors, works as advertised.

Eel Otaua

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

about 1 year ago


Great product. My light isn’t in the most sunny place but still gets enough to work well

John Waiheke Island


about 1 year ago


Performs well.

Doug Auckland


about 1 year ago


Will be getting more, they have been great at lighting up our property and driveway.

CCG Cambridge

Solar lights with motion sensor

about 1 year ago


They work well. Turn on when they detect motion and get brighter if you approach the light.

Topcat Wellington

Excellent Solar Light

about 1 year ago


I was skeptical that I would find a solar light that (a) worked and (b) was bright enough. this one is both! Perfect for outdoor use on stairs etc.

Dereck Canterbury

Solar entrance light

about 1 year ago


A great little light I use to illuminate the deck at night when I need to get wood.

Roxxxo Pahiatua

Works perfectly

about 1 year ago


Really loving my motion sensor solar light it works perfectly even after heavy rain. The light is nice and powerful, helping me get to my back door so much more easily. I wouldn't be without it.

Chris Coromandel

Erratic operation

about 1 year ago


Easy to install but also having problem with regular operation.

Toots Auckland

Solar Entrance Lught

about 1 year ago


Works an absolute treat. Very happy with this product

James B Auckland

Does what it says it does !

about 1 year ago


No stress - super easy to install and the product does what it say it does ............can't ask for more than that !

Tez Wellington

Awesome light

about 1 year ago


Easy to install, great sensor and good light even tho I installed them at the start of winter, have never dimmed or failed to light.

Luckygoldcat Manawatu

Highly Recommended

about 1 year ago


I no longer have to leave my porch light on when out in the evening. This is a sure sign that you are out. This light give me enough light on my porch and to insert my key in the door lock plus light on the path when i walk to my door. As a bonus the light comes on as I drive up to my garage. I recommended this light to a friend. I installed hers on the top of her ramp so it gives good light as you approach. I will like to buy more for my backyard...hmmm later.

Mark Queenstown

Better than a mains one

about 1 year ago


This replaced a mains one that cost me over $100. Its great so I am buying a couple running cost, no wiring cost, no install cost !

Nate Auckland

Great lights

about 1 year ago


Really good lights, very easy to install. We bought two for added security and light in our driveway.

Huarahi Rotorua

Solar Entrance light

about 1 year ago


Bought this item 2yrs ago n still works fantastically well. Mounted on post, to get early morning sunlight and it throws enough light to unlock door and light up steps automatically, perfect - awesome.

Ross Waikato

Very good

about 1 year ago


They are excellent should you just need to go outside at night without turning on any permanent lighting. I would recommend them

Murray Taupo

Solar light

about 1 year ago


This solar light is great .Put it on our garden shed wall.It lights up the door way and the back yard too.

Kbb Otago

Made life easier

about 1 year ago


great light helping with unlocking the door at night. fixed the light quite a distance from the door. very happy.

Peter Auckland

Solar Entrance Lights with Motion Sensor

about 1 year ago


Great product. Perfect for what I needed. Easy to install

Rod Waikato

Out door sensor light

over 2 years ago


Great product easy to install clicks on as soon as someone / thing passes it great value for the light recommend to out side entrances cheers

Roni Hawkes Bay

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

over 2 years ago


Works extremely well as described. Very pleased with it. Highly recommended.

Fiona Taranaki

Solar motion detection light

over 2 years ago


Very pleased with this light. It's small size means it is discreet, yet it gives out plenty of light and the motion detector is good. It stays on for a good length of time when activated.

Di Otago

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

over 2 years ago


Loving my new sensor lights, no more fumbling in the dark to find keyholes. Also a permanent glow outside my deck doors,any noises in the night we can see no one lurking outside

Di Otago

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

over 2 years ago


Loving my Motion sensor lights, no more fumbling in the dark looking for keyhole. Also permanent glow outside deck doors, and if any noises in the night, we can see if anyone lurking around.

Gerry Marlborough

Solar entrance light

over 2 years ago


Best light I have ever brought, lights ups front door great.

Rosie Canterbury

Solar Light

over 2 years ago


Very pleased with this light, it looks good and is really bright. Good service from Trade Tested.Thank you.

Kathryn Nelson

Great product!

over 2 years ago


Super easy to install and working really well - exactly what I needed for additional security/peace of mind with one lighting up the front steps and the other at the back door - will definitely be getting more to place on driveway leading up to back entrance to the house. Purchase, delivery and follow up service were flawless - highly recommend :)

Davo Canterbury

solar light

over 2 years ago


really happy with this product. easy to install & gives off great light. I recommend this product highly.

Enorc Nelson

Solar motion sensor lights

over 2 years ago


Purchased a couple of these lights and found them to be exactly what I wanted. Have purchased some more of them and noted that some are turning on and off for no reason. This doesn't affect the way they work as motion does still set them off. The lights are bright so are ideal around our driveway and back sheds. Great value for money.

Leba Hanmer Springs. Canterbury

Solar Lights. Affordable and sylish

over 2 years ago


Fantastic Whether for home or business, these Solar lights are perfect. We use them for lighting up the carport and around the campground. The fact they turn off after people are settled in is great. I also have them around the house too. Great, peaceful sleeping knowing they light up around the house if anyone is outside.

Mk Wellington

motion lights

over 2 years ago


Excellent lights. Motion sensor works well and provide good light.

Huitipsta TARANAKI

Happy Kiwi see's inn the dark

over 2 years ago


Why I selected this was the sales pitch.. "Solar powered makes it easy to set up, as well as cheap and environmentally friendly to use." Bought 2, 1 for front and a 1 for rear entrance. When activated does not annoy or bother nearby neighbours.

TA Canterbury

Great product

over 2 years ago


Very happy with this product, useful with the sensors and more importantly they worked at the start and still work some two months after install . You can't say that about every product these days... would certainly recommend.


solar entrance light

over 2 years ago


Absolutely great. Just what the doctor(wife) wanted RECOMMEND

Rusty Holden Auckland

Lights work well - good illumination

over 2 years ago


Really like these lights - easy to set up and the light is powerful enough to light up the front yard.

Paula Brown Wellington

Solar Entrance Lights

over 2 years ago


Fantastic product - does exactly what it says it will. Nice bright lights up the driveway.

Kaz Carterton

Solar lights

over 2 years ago


Brilliant. Ideal for what we needed them for. Easy to install.

Pixie Auckland

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

over 2 years ago


Great light. Good size as not big and ugly. Gives good coverage

Mongoose waikato

outdoor solar light

over 3 years ago


great light puts out plenty of light and works spot on no fuss to set up

Karen Wellington

Solar motion sensor lights.

over 3 years ago


Excellent product and service. These lights are just what I was wanting. Added security and light down a dark pathway.

Must Go West Auckland

L. Yuan

over 3 years ago


Small but bright.

Gabi Northland

Great solution to a problem

over 3 years ago


Used on a bridge for night security

IanA Nelson

Does the job well

over 3 years ago


Some solar products either give too little light or don't last more than a few weeks. These seem to be doing well, so I bought more!

BruceS Bay+of+Plenty

Outside pathway light

over 3 years ago


This was a real easy solution to light a dark pathway between our sheds. Straight forward setup, it gets plenty of sun for recharging and throws good light when we walk between our sheds at night.

Aly Wellington

5 star

over 3 years ago


Excellent Product at a reasonable price

Jim Tasman

5 star

over 3 years ago


Good bright light, function very well, and recharge quickly.

Joho Nelson

Solar lighting

over 3 years ago


A reliable, bright light providing good lighting on our steps

Darryl New Plymouth

Excellent low energy night entrance light

over 3 years ago


This little beauty is all you need to find your keys at the door at night time. It is low energy but effective light, without having the overkill intensity of 150w or 300w halogens glaring. Perfect illumination, and it is solar powered, LED lighting into the bargain. Excellent value!

Lee 200 Jollies Pass Rd. Hanmer springs

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

over 3 years ago


Fantastic Solar lights. Works great over large area by the stairs.Guests can have extra lighting to the toilet block, without turning all lights on. We were so impresses we ordered more for the under cover Carport as well. Many thanks. 5 star quality, at low price.

Anthony Nortland

Solar Entrance Light with Motion Sensor

over 3 years ago


Always had trouble finding the frontdoor lock in the dark, this gadget is superb.

Arien1 New Plymouth

Love this Solar Light

over 3 years ago


This light arrived overnight and is perfect for my front door. The light sits dimmed in the evenings and when motioned it lights up quite brightly and I can see the whole courtyard. Excellent and thinking about getting another for myself and one for my Dad. A+

Terry northern hawkes bay

solar light

over 3 years ago


amazing lights we live in a remote location and no street lights i have placed them on two posts so animals walking past wont activate them as you walk from the car to the house the way is lit, when they arrived i thought they seem a bit small . but they prove to be great

Ednz Auckland

Works Great

over 4 years ago


Easy to install and bright.

Captain pugwash Canterbury

my great little lights

over 4 years ago


thought it would be bigger and battery would be flat by midnight, but wrong it's excellent I have 3 covering stairs etc great product great buy

Lodge Southland

Solar powered security lights

over 4 years ago


These work extremely well. Just what we wanted

Gdk Bay of Plenty

Brighter than I thought it would be

over 4 years ago


Very happy, that's why I ended up buying 4 of them. Brighter than I thought they would be, instant activation with a great sensor. Have put one at my shed, side of my truck living area so I can see to unlock the door, at my front door to my home and at my car park on the wall of the building by my carpark so that I can see at night when coming around the back of a pitch black area to unlock my car. Thanks heaps again

Pinecone Northland

Great Light

over 4 years ago


Excellent security light source, Easy to fit, very happy with my purchase

Gin Manawatu - Wanganui

Amazing light from such a small unit!

over 4 years ago


I bought five of these solar entrance lights to cover entrance ways and paths around back of house. The photo I saw on website made me hopeful that they would provide adequate lighting in those areas but I was so excited to see just how much light these wee things throw out. Very, very happy with my purchase.

Brendoon Te awamutu

Solar entrance light

over 5 years ago


Fantastic exactly the right light for our front door entrance way.

Ptamanz Auckland

Bright solar sensor light

over 5 years ago


Gives of a quite bright light. Much more than you expect from a solar light. Www grave turn at the end of a long dark driveway. Pretty happy with them as looking as they last for a long while. They don't look so great but they are easy to hide somewhere.

Astonman Wellington

Another superb product.

over 5 years ago


I am sure we are all fed up buying solar lights that simply dont produce enough light or die in a month or so due to water leaking in but NOT SO with these. They give great light via motion detector and exactly what we required.

Vshore Auckland

Reliable product

over 5 years ago


Highly recommend

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