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Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles 12 Slat - Pack of 12

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These stylish, versatile wooden outdoor and garden tiles are great for patios, walkways, hot tub surrounds, porches and entrance ways.

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Product overview

Product overview

These stylish, versatile wooden outdoor and garden tiles are great for patios, walkways, hot tub surrounds, porches and entrance ways. They can be used on any hard surface, or as temporary flooring on grass or soil, and can be exposed to all weather conditions. Sold as a set of 12 wooden tiles which easily clip together without any tools.

Comes with 1 year Trade Tested warranty.

New design featuring upgraded connectors (connectors shown in photo #2).

• 12-slat design gives a stylish patterned effect
• Perfect for patios, decking, entrance ways, balconies, porches, walkways, pools and spas
• Ideal for use on concrete or other hard surfaces
• Great temporary flooring on grass or soil
• Plastic feet elevate for airflow
• Easy snap-tight installation
• Comes pre-stained with a water based stain, tiles will require regular re-staining
• FSC certified Acacia timber*

Size: 30 x 30cm per tile
Total cover area: 1.08m²
Thickness: 21mm
Max weight capacity: 200kg
Carton dimensions: 320 x 320 x 327mm
Carton weight: 9.6kg

*The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not for-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Can these be used indoors?
a: Don't see why not.
By Trade Tested on April 11, 2021
4 votes
q: Can these tiles be laid on top of outdoor carpet which is laid on a solid dirt surface?
a: Yes as long as it's reasonable level.
By Trade Tested on January 13, 2020
5 votes
q: Hi do these have any resistance to uv and mould?
a: They have a basic water-based stain applied, so we would suggest Wattyl Forestwood or similar to protect the tiles.
By Trade Tested on September 15, 2019
6 votes
q: Can the tiles be cut to shape for non-square areas? If so, what cutting tool do you use?
a: Yes they can be, use a fine-tooth panel saw or similar.
By Trade Tested on November 21, 2018
4 votes
q: Hi would these stand up to being used as duck board to stand on in a large indoor shower with old tiles on the floor. The shower is not used very often.
a: Yes they would work well.
By Trade Tested on April 3, 2019
4 votes
q: How is the drainage on these tiles, I have flat concrete outdoor surface?
a: Pretty good, they are raised off the ground with a plastic base, so there is room for water to flow.
By Trade Tested on January 17, 2019
1 vote
q: Can these be laid directly on grass, will the weight of a spa pool be to heavy
a: They would be fine with a spa on a hard surface, but on grass the feet would sink in so they wouldn't drain and the surface would be uneven. So they really need a firm, hard suface.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2020
1 vote
q: Can I put a somewhat heavy pergola on top of them? Fixing the pergola legs through the tiles to the concrete under them?
a: We'd advise against, they are ok with spread loads, but the specific load of a patio post on 1 tile would probably be too much. How about fixing your pergola to the the concrete then tiling around? These are easy to cut to shape/size.
By Trade Tested on August 3, 2020
1 vote
q: Wouldn't the plastic bottom part get brittle after a while?
a: Not a bad question, however the plastic is specially formulated with inhibitors to prevent this, so it would take a very long time.
By Trade Tested on July 28, 2020
2 votes
q: Hi, I have a concrete patio how could I fasten these to it?
a: You shouldn't need to really, once all linked together they will sit solidly.
By Trade Tested on November 7, 2019
2 votes
q: I have a flat section with an asphalt Patio area that does have a minor slope for water run off which is needed to prevent flooding in heavy rain - would the tiles have some tolerance for a slight slope - or would they not interlock well?
a: These will handle a slight slope just fine.
By Trade Tested on November 7, 2019
2 votes
q: Hi. Are these suitable for concrete steps? (that lead to my main entrance).And do they just sit on the concrete, how do they stay in place?
a: There are ways you could fix them, however we wouldn't recommend them for stairs - you will see the plastic base from the front and they're a potential slip hazard if your fixings came away. They are stable when fastened together across wider flat areas with no extra fixing needed.
By Trade Tested on October 21, 2019
3 votes
q: Are these tiles precoated and if so, what product can I recoat them with to protect from weather so they last as long as possible?
a: They are coated with a water based stain. Wattyl Forestwood or similar will protect the tiles beautifully.
By Trade Tested on December 6, 2018
3 votes
q: Hi, would these be suitable on top of a deck that has waterproofing or mole seal on it? The tiles would be on top of the waterproofed layer. Regards Eden
a: Yes that would be fine.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2018
0 votes
q: Are these strong enough to put table and chairs on top of? They will be going on concrete.
a: Yes they are.
By Trade Tested on October 27, 2020
1 vote
q: could you use them as a path for a Glasshouse ?
a: Yes you could.
By Trade Tested on April 15, 2020
-1 votes
q: Could the tiles be laid on pavers that are rough cast, they are the size of bricks.
a: Yes this should be fine.
By Trade Tested on September 7, 2020
1 vote
q: Can these be used inside as a covering for a concrete floor, giving an air gap between the two and to make the concrete not so cold? Would the gaps have to be filled in and with what? thx
a: Yes you could definitely use them for this, no need to full in any gaps.
By Trade Tested on May 20, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi, how easy it can be removed or replaced if needed? And if the tile is removed, can it be linked again?
a: Yes definitely, these are easy to move or alter.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, how many would i need to buy if i have a deck, 3m width by 6 length? Please
a: You would need 17 packs.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: What is the gap measurement. In case my kitten gets her paw stuck?
a: The gap between the boards is approx 5mm max.
By Trade Tested on April 29, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi would these be suitable for flooring around a thermal pool? Is it best to coat them straight away or would they be ok for 6 months or so?
a: Yes you can use these, we would recommend coating them straight away in this application.
By Trade Tested on April 29, 2019
0 votes
q: Would these be suitable for a vertical trellis type setup?
a: Potentially. It would all really depend on the surface being fixed to.
By Trade Tested on April 28, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the area a pack.of 12 covers please and does the concrete base need to be perfectly flat thank you
a: It covers 1.08m2 (please see the description for this and more details), not perfectly, but generally yes to avoid waves - the flatter it is the better your end result.
By Trade Tested on April 20, 2020
0 votes
q: What type of wood and is it tanalised?
a: It's Acacia, no it just has a light stain, so you'll need to treat periodically and as suitable for your application.
By Trade Tested on April 20, 2020
1 vote
q: Can they be driven over by a car if they are placed in front and around a garage?
a: That's outside what they are designed for, as the bases are plastic the weight of a car moving around constantly would likely be too much.
By Trade Tested on March 14, 2019
1 vote
q: What is their life span please?
a: They have a 1 year warranty, beyond that it depends on how well they are maintained. Like many wooden products exposed to the elements they will need to be re-sealed/stained with something like Wattyl Forestwood once a season.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi, would this be suitable for flooring for an existing garden shed that is on a concrete slab? Cheers Barry
a: Yes this would be great for that, send us some pics when you do!
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2018
1 vote
q: Hi there, what would I need to place under these to cover a combo of grass and concrete path?
a: These would require a hard flat surface in order to sit nicely, you would need to clear the area and level the surface, a concrete or timber surface is ideal.
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi - we are thinking of purchasing one of your keter sheds, and just wondering if these wooden deck tiles would be a suitable base. They will be placed on hard compact flattened soil, then the keter shed ontop of the deck tiles?
a: The feet of the tiles would eventually end up sinking into the soil so probably not the best option, some levelled base course would be a better idea underneath.
By Trade Tested on January 22, 2020
0 votes
q: I recently built a house and want to put a patio outside one room. At the moment it's just firmly packed dirt the digger has scraped down. If I put down weedmat will these be suitable or is that not a hard enough surface?
a: It's probably not quite enough unfortunately, when it gets wet it could become a bit of a mess, really you need at least compacted gravel as a minimum (GAP 7 or similar).
By Trade Tested on November 29, 2019
0 votes
q: Are these suitable on old wooden decks? Or just on Concrete? If yes, do we need adhesive to make them stick? Do you sell the skirtings as well to match?
a: Yes these are great for older decks, no adhesive needed they are pretty solid when all fixed together.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2019
-1 votes
q: Hi, are there any samples available we could get and post back once we have seen them? Maybe 2 tiles so we could see how they look, the thickness of them and how they interlock. Thank you
a: Yes we have these on display at our Auckland showroom, otherwise check out our customer review photos for a better idea of how they look out in the wild. The wood is 1cm thick + 1.1cm of plastic base (2.1cm overall).
By Trade Tested on August 14, 2019
0 votes
q: The height is listed as 21mm does that include the plastic base? if not what is the total height? Thanks.
a: Yes this includes the base.
By Trade Tested on August 13, 2019
0 votes
q: I am looking at decking that I am able to secure a camper awning to.
a: These are not really designed to be used like this.
By Trade Tested on August 1, 2019
0 votes
q: I have a outside area of soil that I want to have planters around and a pathway in the middle.. will this be suitable?
a: No you would need a firmer surface than that, the feet would sink into the soil and then drainage would be an issue.
By Trade Tested on July 3, 2019
0 votes
q: hi I have a butynol over concrete roof. I suspect the plastic would potentially pierce the butynol when walked on - what do you think?
a: No these will be fine as the load is spread.
By Trade Tested on May 29, 2019
0 votes
q: Are these treated?
a: They are coated with a water based stain. Something like Wattyl Forestwood will protect the tiles beautifully.
By Trade Tested on December 6, 2018
0 votes
q: Can these be laid on pebble stones?
a: These are best suited to a solid flat surface.
By Trade Tested on November 20, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 145 reviews
Bob Cherry Auckland

Affordable Deck Tiles

5 days ago


Amazing product and very affordable. Very Satisfied

Scott Auckland

These are a short term solution only!

4 months ago


These looked great when first put down however even after treating them each year they have not lasted well and after 3 years will need to be removed and replaced, bit of a waste of money really. See photos, I have sanded them again ready to varnish and try to get through summer with them.

Drew Hawkes bay

Nice and easy

6 months ago


Easy to put together and looks good. Very happy with the product.

MW Auckland

Good production

6 months ago


Easy to assemble with a good quality.

Max Palmerston North

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

7 months ago


Good product. Used to cover concrete slab, makes it look better than plain concrete

AP Wellington

Good quality and looks

7 months ago


Good quality tiles, easy to cut and shape according to area.

Dee Northland

Love easy tiling

7 months ago


This is my second order for these tiles. Love them....

Erin Walters North shore

Outdoor wooden deck tile

7 months ago


These were used to go over top of old painted deck. Look amazing and so easy to use.

RB Auckland

Good looking flooring

7 months ago


Although they feel cheap & a little fragile once these are down they look sensational. Very happy - Just careful putting them together.

Rhian Canterbury

Happy as Larry

7 months ago


Very happy with the product. No issues so far!

Paradisae Paihia

Wooden deck tiles

7 months ago


My lawn was so muddy, due to winter rain. I needed temporary path to my studio, so customers would not ruin their shoes in the mud. The tiles have worked a treat. I could remove when lawn needed to be mown. Over summer I will use to the tiles to extend my deck. Love them.

Sue Oamaru

Great Product

7 months ago


Tiles have transformed an area previously covered in dirty concrete. Everyone goes WOW! Easy & quick to do. Sooo much cheaper than decking. Cutting tiles was quite easy.

Colin Hood Pokeno

Very happy

7 months ago


Excellent product.

Ann Northland

Wooden tiles

7 months ago


Slightly Smaller than expected.

Xtieson Canterbury

Outdoor patio

8 months ago


I brought these tile from a different supplier 6 years ago.. completely did up back yard ... laid honeycomb down with crusher dust on existing asphalt and they are still going strong... exposed to all elements and even had an inflatable spa on them and wasn't it a problem...they really are an awesome product, affordable and highly durable

Cat Te Awamutu

Great set of wooden deck tiles

10 months ago


We bought these as stepping stones out the the spa pool, you can clip them together to whatever size you need. The are cost effective and versatile.

Quin10 Hamton

Look Great

11 months ago


Used to cover an existing deck, only had one small problem. I Selleys no nailed them but the plastic frame must have a release agent on it and they didn't stick well. Still extremely happy with the result.

Jeong Park Tauranga

So convenient

12 months ago


I put these outside of porch. It looks great, easy to lay. Want to buy more

Soleman Hawke's Bay

excellent tiles

about 1 year ago


Easy to use and look fantastic

Temmo King Auckland

perfect products for my backyard

about 1 year ago


I laid them directly onto the ground that is not flat, still works like a champ. super happy. :D

Sue thames


about 1 year ago


absolutely GREAT . Looks really smart at the front door and have also put a few in front of the outdoor hand basin to smarten up the outdoor bathroom area

Marlene Matamata

Deck slates

about 1 year ago


Very happy with tiles just bit disappointed in price rise after the first lot I purchased otherwise overall happy with purchase

Steve P Manawatu

Great product

about 1 year ago


Great flooring tiles. These tiles completely transformed a plain concrete area to a stylish BBQ area that now has great drainage. So simple and easy to install yourself.

Shaz Manawatu

Wooden tiles

about 1 year ago


Great product, so happy with finish.

PJ Taranaki

Awesome addition to our backyard

about 1 year ago


These tiles were easy to install & have transformed what was a dull concrete area into a fabulous cafe style courtyard down the side of our house. No cutting, measuring or time consuming prep work needed. We enhanced the edges , where the slats finished , with white pebbles which added to the cafe feel. Easy to manoeuvre round tree roots. Highly recommend!

101 Wellington

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

about 1 year ago


Great product

Mandy Auckland

Easy and affordable

about 1 year ago


Love these they are so easy to put together. Wonderful qaulity and they really can transform your area. Going to buy some more I was that impressed with them.

John s Northland

Wooden deck tiles

about 1 year ago


Great product transformed our shabby balcony into a smart new living area. Tiles were sp easy to assemble so no stress.

Boof Tauranga


about 1 year ago


Looks magic around spa & under free standing pagoda

Deb Northland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles.

about 1 year ago


Excellent wooden tiles..have used inside and out..everyone comments on them..waterproof..great for bathrooms..Look snazzy too.I totally recommend them.♥️

Lanee Tauranga

Wooden deck tiles

about 1 year ago


I am very happy with the product,easy to put down,no tools required. Looks fantastic and I have had lots of friends say the same. I was sceptical when I ordered, they arrived after a week and took me 2 hours to lay. Easiest jigsaw ever.

Paul Christchurch

Great product

about 1 year ago


I put these around my spa. So easy to install, great to walk on and makes the area look a million dollars

BG Northland

Out Door Wooden Deck Tiles

about 1 year ago


Very pleased with the end result and would recommend the tiles. Easy to put together and the end result is great

Jase Auckland

Cool Outdoor wooden deck tiles

about 1 year ago


Needed these for an outdoor Shower and they were easy to assemble and look fantastic.

101 Auckland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tile

about 1 year ago


Made a tidy job of part of the carport

Sandywa Hawke's Bay

Great product

about 1 year ago


I've installed these and they look fabulous. Very happy

Chris Marlborough

Great Product

about 1 year ago


Very pleased and good value. Only down side for me is they don't interconnect with the earlier version.

B L Auckland

Easy to install

about 1 year ago


Nice and easy, cover up instantly

Toots Auckland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

about 1 year ago


Very happy with this product - easy to install and looks great.

Joybell Auckland

Garden toles

about 1 year ago


Fabtastic. easy to set up

Joybells Waikanae

Wooden slats

about 1 year ago


These are really easy to install, look great and is just what I was looking for. thank you

Nev Auckland

Great product for instant results

about 1 year ago


Sturdy and easy to assemble.

A Wellington

Great tiles!

about 1 year ago


I love these tiles - easy to lay and look fab. In fact, I'm off to order some more!!

Bttttssss Manawatu


about 1 year ago


I have bought 48 of these to place around our Clothes line, Great product easy to fit together.

Rae Taupo

Wooden slat tiles

about 1 year ago


Absolutely thrilled with these tiles. They were very quick and easy to assemble. They are a great price, look effective and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this product

Doug Wellington

Easy to use and attractive

about 1 year ago


These tiles are perfect for small areas. They are very easy to use and look great for prolonged periods. I used them outside my front and back doors and they work very well.

Castaway Auckland

Outdoor Wooden Tiles - Different Connectors

about 1 year ago


I recently purchased some additional wooden outdoor tiles to complete the surrounds of my spa pool. The tiles themselves are great, however between the two batches the connector clips/joiners are two different types. This has now lead to the new additional tiles not being able to be clipped to the existing. This means that the extra tiles are free to move around

Camilo3rd Manawatu

Looks good!

about 1 year ago


Looks good.

Ali Whakatane

Easy to use looks great

about 1 year ago


These are so easy to lay and they look great once down. Used them for Fieldays so had a lots of traffic still looked great after 5 days of heavy use, these will be used for all our shows. thanks Trade Tested. Jacks Machinery Whakatane.

VA Wellington

Quick makeover

about 1 year ago


Used these for back porch to hide the ugly concrete. Easy to install & completed in under half hour. Left over tiles made for a nice front door mat too.

Godiva taranaki

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles 12 Slat

about 1 year ago


beautiful tiles high recommendations . gives a earthy feel & looks great

Naki man Taranaki


over 2 years ago


looks great at my front door, super quick delivery

Kiwicaspergirl Auckland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

over 2 years ago


Great product. Easy to install. Highly recommend.

MrsMM Northland

lasts well

over 2 years ago


This is the second time I have purchased for my preschool. The ones bought a couple of years ago have faded a bit but are still great. Lots of foot and bike traffic.

BH Manawatu


over 2 years ago


Great way to easily make an area look nice

Joanna Wellington

Great product!

over 2 years ago


Very happy with these deck tiles! They were easy to connect and have improved the appearance of our small deck tenfold. The customer service we received was excellent and they arrived very quickly. This is the third time I have bought from Trade Tested and I have been impressed with their service and product each time.

Lena Taranaki

Wooden deck tiles

over 2 years ago


Great, easy to assemble , looks good, thanks

Nik Auckland

Good product!

over 2 years ago


Happy with wooden tiles. Great for outdoor use

Toby Auckland

nice decking

over 2 years ago


very good products for exterior waterproofing deck . strong connection and nice colour

Shelley Waikato

Just the ticket

over 2 years ago


Had a patch of sandy dirt just outside our doorway with a long term plan to deck the area. In the meantime though, this has tidied everything up, feels great underfoot and looks really smart. Great solution.

Bird Auckland

Wooden deck tiles

over 2 years ago


These tiles are really great. Look fantastic and are hardy. We were rapt with them.

Richard Canterbury

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

over 2 years ago


Very happy with all aspects of this product.


Wooden deck tiles

over 2 years ago


Excellent product well priced and easy to use . Thrilled with the outcome

Su Canterbury

Wooden deck tiles

over 2 years ago


So easy to put together and sturdy,reliable and a good price

AJZM Whangarei

Fast delivery great product good price

over 2 years ago


Almost too good to be true..awesome product, exactly as described.

Em.jay Waikato

Outdoor use

over 2 years ago


I bought 2 packs for an outdoor mini deck. So far it’s working as I would expect. Maybe I should have sealed it but will see how it goes

Larissa Waikato

Looks great, but not for long

over 2 years ago


This product is easy to assemble and move (great when mowing the lawns). The only down side is it fades very quickly.

Hayley Canterbury

Balcony tiles

over 2 years ago


Very easy to install with immediate fantastic results!

Alibaba Auckland


over 2 years ago


Be creative ! Love my step pads . Look after them, stain them twice a year and they will last longer than you think. Have lots of other plans for these little gems.

Jay Auckland

Love it

over 2 years ago


Got the tiles and in a matter of minutes had them laid. Instant deck in driveway for neat setup for my kids paddling pool area retreat. I love it so did the kids. Have had no problems and will be purchasing more.

Sarah Taranaki

Easy Peasy

over 2 years ago


Great product, super easy to put together. Can't comment on how they last outdoors yet as have only just put them down, but at the moment they look fabulous.

KB Auckland

wooden deck tiles

over 2 years ago


Wooden deck tiles look fantastic and have transformed our balcony. Easy to assemble. Fast prompt service from trade tested.

Fi Southland

Outdoor tiles

over 2 years ago


I have used these to pave an area for a seat. It looks lovely and I am really pleased with the result. They laid flat, clicked into place and the overall effect is lovely. My friends and family have made positive comments on them.

Mary Auckland

wooden deck tiles.

over 2 years ago


Highly recommended product. It was easy to install and the delivery was super fast. Big thanks to the team who are very professional.

Chappy Waikato

Cherry on top

over 2 years ago


Completed an indoor/outdoor bathroom for Lady Boss situated on an ordinary pine deck. Put the tiles down ( easy peasy) and voila! resort style, and brownie points.

Baldex Otago

Wooden outdoor tiles

over 2 years ago


Very pleased with this product recommend to anyone interested

Daz Marlborough

Great product - shame specification changed .....

over 3 years ago


Bought a pack some time ago and was very impressed so ordered another 5 packs - seemed to be the answer to a lot of problems with finishing work outside. Unfortunately the 5 five new packs had a totally different joining system so I have had to discard the original pack and start again. Apart from that very impressed ... good product.

Wens Auckland

jigsaw fit tiles

over 3 years ago


The tiles are great although highly recommend painting them with several coats to protect them if using them outside as they rot after a few years if not protected..... I have done that with mine and I am pleased with the overall look and easy laying....

AJ New Plymouth

Out door wooden deck tiles

over 3 years ago


A minor enhancement to our front porch. Always great comments from our visitors. Easy to to install and maintenance free.

Jerico Northland

Awesome Fit

over 3 years ago


Perfect for our front door

Dan Wellington

Great product

over 3 years ago


Used on my balcony and looks great!

Ian Auckland

Wooden Floor Tiles

over 3 years ago


Beautiful and stylish tiles. Easily clip together to make a great addition to any flooring. I've put mine around our spa pool and they look stunning.

PDot Northland

Wooden Deck Tiles

over 3 years ago


Wonderful product. Easy to use and looks fantastic. Made a deck around a cedar spa pool. Very non slip.

Todd Auckaland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

over 3 years ago


good product, second time purchase

EV Northland

Wooden tiles

over 3 years ago


This is an awesome product I have put them round my ceder spa pool and they look fantastic. I have even had to cut some to fit around posts and with a Renovator and a staple gun I have even managed to do that and I am not all that handy. I cut the shape and then staple any lose bits back onto the under frame. Wish there were six stars.

Chelle Auckland

Absolutely perfect!!!

over 3 years ago


I loved how easy these were to put together and the ideas for around the spaces that the tiles didn’t quite fit into(rocks as a feature) everyone who has seen the area has been so impressed. Amazing!!!!

Ngahuia Wellington

Renewed patio area

over 3 years ago


These tiles turned an ugly concrete slab into a lovely area I now want to enjoy in the evening. We are really happy with the finished product.

Ashlee Tauranga

Perfect space changer

over 3 years ago


I can’t get over how amazing these wooden tiles are! I brought a few packs to change up my concrete balcony and the results are better then I ever expected. Affordable and fast shipping, highly recommended.

Castaway Auckland

Outdoor Wooden Deck Tiles

over 3 years ago


Great product and so so easy to lay. They have worked perfectly on bot out own and our son's patios.

Chappy Waikato

First class finish

over 3 years ago


This would have to be the best looking and easiest way to upgrade a boring area ever! Could not be easier to click together and all the gaps are uniform. Although seemingly expensive , if a traditional overdeck solution is compared they are more than competitive. Absolutely recommend.

Steve Hamilton

Wooden tiles

over 3 years ago


These are great. They look great and are easy to put together

Stitch Southland

outdoor deck tiles

over 3 years ago


Excellent product.

Chappy Waikato

So easy to install

over 3 years ago


We wanted something different in a bathroom so we used these deck tiles. Not only are they dead easy to install, but they look ( and feel) great under foot

Stitch Southland

outdoor deck tiles

over 3 years ago


Fantastic product

Jake Whangarei


over 3 years ago


Made a huge difference to my balcony. They were relatively easy to cut around the balcony railing and fit to the size of the deck. Easy to clip together. The family is all very impressed.

Stace Auckland

Great Tiles

over 3 years ago


I've bought over a dozen boxes of these...they're great. Super easy to put together and super versatile - especially when combined with their 6 slat version.

RodgerRamjet Auckland

Deck Make over ready For Sale

over 3 years ago


Have looked at these wooden tiles for ages after first seeing them at IKEA in Australia. Finally got around to buying them to ready our house For Sale. Wow what a difference. Great Service and so easy to put down.

Ramrsh Wellington

Good quality

over 3 years ago


Very good buy. Good material.

Anothersphere Auckland

Nice idea

over 4 years ago


I bought a pack to use outside but in the end I used (8) of them as an internal doormat beside double doors to a qwila deck. They look great and complement the deck and dont move around on the carpet. You might want to stain them if used outside, and I doubt they would like sitting in water.

Sel Mangawhai

great idea

over 4 years ago


I use them as stepping stones and so many people have wanted to know where I got them.

Turts Canterbury

They look fabulous!

over 4 years ago


After seeing these tiles at a friends house I decided to invest in some as well to tidy our entrance way. They were so easy to install and the job was done in minutes. I also purchased some of the plan slats to blend in so I could use them as a border. Now it's us getting the complements on how great they look. Can highly recommend these tiles.

Do it yourself Northland

Looks smart

over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble with a great look

Matt Hokitika

Perfectly adaptable

over 4 years ago


Easy to fit together and move. Hardy

Shelley Christchurch

Looks great

over 4 years ago


Loved these tiles they were so easy to put together and look great

Lou Waikato

Awesome & simple

over 4 years ago


Fantastic product, easy to use & look amazing too. Wish I'd found them ages ago. . .

Stuart Manawatu

Looks great

over 4 years ago


Great product looks great around the spa pool

Ianr Nelsonp

Smart looking outdoor tiles

over 4 years ago


Very easy to install. A little slippery due to their smooth surface. Easy to fit and lay provided you have a flat smooth surface.

Fawlty Springlands

Great look

over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble...great look finished.. good value.

Stuart Palmerston Nth

Decking tiles

over 4 years ago


has made the area around the spa look so much different to just having the concrete

Nic Nelson

Great look!

over 4 years ago


Really happy with this product-even nicer than I expected. Trade Tested are great to deal with.

John Wagh Waikato

Outdoor deck tiles

over 4 years ago


Very happy

Spirk Hawke's Bay

Novel Product

over 4 years ago


Easy to put together. I have mine on pallets as I want a deck but I know I am going to have to shift it. So they come apart and I can reassemble elsewhere.

Maryanne Canterbury

wooden tiles

over 4 years ago


love these so easy to lay, highly recommend them

Tracey Northland

Wooden Deck Tiles

over 4 years ago


I needed to revamp a covered in deck area and found these tiles online, and they shipped them for free!!! They look great, but I was one box short to finish the job, so I went to order some more, and once again the shipping was free. I am very impressed, the whole process was very efficient and hassle free. I wish all traders were as good. Thank you :)

Margie Wellington

Easy to fit together and they can be moved easily

over 4 years ago


love the wooden deck tiles.. I had a strip along side the house, leading to a deck that was unsightly and full of stones... the deck tiles just look awesome and make it so tidy and great and they tie in with the deck nicely, order was filled and delivered so quickly, many thanks for such great product and service

Derek Hawkes bay

Wooden tile

over 4 years ago


Very happy wigh this product. Easy to lay and to cut

Chris Masterton

Excellent Product

over 4 years ago


Has a good feel to it.

Kattagee Bay of Plenty

love these They look stunning

over 4 years ago


They are so easy to install. A bonus is FREE SHIPPING. In this par of the world online shopping is the best option is we can have free shipping. We have only one hardware store in the area and its range is limited cerainly nothing like thses lovely tiles

Oxjonly Thames


over 4 years ago


We had an entrance and a balcony with ugly painted concrete floors. Putting down the wooden deck tiles transformed them, and trimming to fit the odd bits here and there was quick and easy.

Maryanne Canterbury

decking tiles

over 4 years ago


These outdoor decking tiles are awesome definitely recommend them

Derek Hawkes bay

So easy to cut and lay.

over 4 years ago


So easy to lay and easy to cut.

Kattagee Bay of Plenty

outdoor wooden dack tile

over 4 years ago


love them. I'd get more if my pocket allowed

Carol papamoa

wooden slat tiles

over 4 years ago


So easy just lay out to style and clip together 

Marg Auckland

Excellent quality

over 4 years ago


Great quality - and just what I needed for my kitchen and laundry

PAG Kerikeri

Better Than Expected!

over 4 years ago


Wow, these look great! They are so easy to install, and the finish was better than the pictures really indicated, I've got heaps of them and looking forward to finishing off the other areas of our garden. A vast improvement on our older pathers.

Alan ESP Auckland


over 4 years ago


Was looking for a cheap but good looking way of covering a concrete floor in the workshop to showroom walkway.. cheaply and easily laid.. saw these and ordered 4 boxes. They looked so good I ordered more and did the staff bathroom and kitchen too! Laid out each room in 15mins, no tools required. They will also be easy to remove and take away as I lease our space. Get compliments all the time. Might not suit very application, but very happy in this instance..

Patsy Northland

Incredibly easy to install anywhere

over 4 years ago


Bought these to surround a brazier or make a path in the garden which I am now redesigning. As they are so easy to install and shift I can place and then shift if I have the inclination.

Wherestrentnow Otago

Versatile outdoor cover

over 4 years ago


These are better than I thought they could be. I wanted an outdoor area in a place that I don't own. Clip together nicely and look really nice. Really good on slightly uneven terrain which is where I thought it might fail. It lays down very well. Look forward to seeing how it goes though winter.  Well done on stocking FSC products! The only way you should buy hardwood products.

Jak Canterbury


over 4 years ago


Nice looking Tiles can't wait to lay them down unfortunately it's raining.

Giovanni Katikati

Good price

over 4 years ago


Stylish & very easy to lay these tiles are a quick & attractive means of covering another less attractive surface.

Diug Wellington

Attractive useful product

over 4 years ago


Look good flexible layout quick and easy

Andries Rarangi, Blenheim


over 4 years ago


At the reduced price, it is a very good buy and it works brilliant. Recommended.

Home improver South Canterbury

Like the simplicity of them

over 4 years ago


More than happy

CB Hawke's Bay

Visually alters an untidy area

over 4 years ago


Tip : May I recommend that anyone who has these tiles to waterproof seal them for winter. Actually says on instructions to do that within the first 3 months after laying.

Lewis Tauranga

Great product

over 4 years ago


Using on top of tiles in outdoor area. Very impressed with the finish and suitability. Great to be able to change the shape when connecting them together.

Torch southland

great product

over 4 years ago


Very good to have on cold concrete. There is one thing I think you would have to watch because of the smooth surface is that in winter especially where I live beware of ice otherwise a very good product.

J & G Rolleston

Fantastic paving steps

over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble, no building skill require... Just snap and put it on the grass or even stones.

PL Houhora

Fantastic wooden tiles

over 4 years ago


Great product. I had 3 packs. Put them together in a few minutes. Great mat for front door. 

Sbiparker Auckland

Affordable solution

over 4 years ago


These tiles provided an affordable solution for smartening up a tricky outdoor area. The fact you can link them together in different configurations means you can get quite arty with whatever pattern you are looking for.

Tosh Tauranga

Simple and good looking solution

over 4 years ago


We used these wooden tiles in our communal swimming pool changing rooms, where water ponding was an annoying issue. Keeping feet dry while changing has worked a treat. They look great and so easy to install and move as necessary for cleaning below.

Stu Waikato

easy to assemble

over 4 years ago


easy to assemble & easy as mats at doors

Lea Blenheim

Looks million dollars

over 4 years ago


So easily to put together 

Lewis Bay of Plenty

Looks great

over 4 years ago


They look great and nice to walk on. Very happy with the quality and price

Lumpy Otago

Awesome around the spa

over 4 years ago


we were looking to build a duck board around our spa pool to avoid walking on the concrete pad. Timber cost was such we started looking for options and discovered these tiles. Far more cost effective, stunning visually and so easy and quick to use. They are so good to walk on we would definitely recommend giving them a go at your place

Swanee Himatangi Beach

Great wooden slats

over 4 years ago


Every body who visits us at our new home looks at the Wooden slats straight away, they look great, they say.

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