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Outdoor Premium Composite Deck Tiles Grey - Pack of 10

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Treat yourself to a new deck, without having to pick up a hammer.

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Product overview

Product overview

Treat yourself to a new deck, without having to pick up a hammer.

Thanks to a slick, T3 interlocking installation system these tiles snap together with minimum effort, meaning you can transform your existing deck or other outdoor areas in just hours. No nails, no adhesives, grout or tile spacers, just click them together and invite your friends over to admire your work.

Constructed from a clever composite of wood and plastic, these tiles look just like wood but are low maintenance and easy to clean. Get your saw out for the perfect fit around edges and walls. Also, feel free to put a nail or two through them if you want make them a permanent fixture.

Perfect for rentals, you can make the place your own then take them with you when you leave. All you need is a level area and your own two hands.

Turn that boring concrete balcony or patio into a sweet summer hangout and order yours today.

• Composite Grey Wood Finish
• Fast, easy T3 interlocking installation system
• Hard wearing and easy to clean
• 10 tiles per pack
• Tiles can be cut to size
• Non-porous
• 1 Year Trade Tested Warranty

Size (Single Tile): L 30cm x W 30cm x H 2.6cm (1cm tile + 1.6cm base)
Area: This pack of 10 tiles covers 0.9m²
Weight (Single Tile): 1.45kg
Weight Net/Gross (Pack of 10): 14.5kg/15.0kg
Construction: Wood/Plastic composite

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

1 vote
q: Can these be laid over my wooden decking
a: Yes, it could be.
By Trade Tested on February 25, 2021
4 votes
q: When installing on a balcony, is drainage an issue? Are the edges of the tiles that click together flat on the floor or raised to allow water flow under?
a: They are raised to allow drainage.
By Trade Tested on May 22, 2020
2 votes
q: Can these tiles be painted?
a: They aren't designed to be, so we suspect it would be difficult to get a good finish that lasts.
By Trade Tested on October 13, 2020
4 votes
q: How many packs would I need for a 4 metre square pad for under a gazebo please
a: You would need 5 packs to comfortably cover this (each pack is 0.9m²).
By Trade Tested on October 10, 2019
0 votes
q: How would you clean the composite tiles?
a: You could use just soap and water for a general clean or use a water-blaster for a more deep clean.
By Trade Tested on February 17, 2021
1 vote
q: We’re living in a body corporate complex. We have a courtyard that has pebbles & a concrete slab that has a fall & allows drainage. Does the water drain through the slates? The water doesn’t pool? Thank you
a: Yes it does.
By Trade Tested on October 27, 2020
2 votes
q: Can they be laid over an old decking?
a: Yes definitely.
By Trade Tested on November 4, 2019
1 vote
q: Can the wooden deck tiles be cut when a deck is angular and not perfectly square?
a: Yes they can.
By Trade Tested on May 25, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi there I was planing on laying them over concrete tiles they are not 100% level is there adjustment in these our will it need to be 100% level
a: No it is fine, however you need to be aware they will also be uneven.
By Trade Tested on May 22, 2020
2 votes
q: Could you park on these?
a: No we would advise against it, the twisting motion of steering, torque from wheels turning etc is outside what the bases are designed for.
By Trade Tested on May 27, 2019
0 votes
q: I want to finish a vertical concrete block wall, how will these work in terms of fixing to a block wall surface?
a: They definitely aren't designed for this, and you would need to be very careful drilling them, so really we would suggest looking at another option for this application.
By Trade Tested on October 28, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi would these be ok laid on top on compacted metal?
a: Yes as long as the ground is levelled and well compacted.
By Trade Tested on May 14, 2020
1 vote
q: Can these be put on a tar sealed area? Where I want to put them is where the tar sealed
a: Yes they can.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
0 votes
q: Will these tiles slide?
a: No they have a plastic base that locks together and stops them sliding around.
By Trade Tested on September 2, 2020
1 vote
q: Can this be installed on grass / lawn ?
a: Perhaps temporarily, but generally for long term use you will need a more stable base.
By Trade Tested on January 13, 2020
1 vote
q: Would these be alright to go over concrete that has small pebbles through it?
a: Yes that would be fine.
By Trade Tested on November 25, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi Can you have a b/q table and chairs on this decking Thanks
a: Yes this will be fine.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
1 vote
q: Are these composite tiles ok round a spa, I was thinking about the chemicals in spa water, may deteriorate composite material ?
a: These will be fine.
By Trade Tested on May 29, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi, interested to know if these can be laid under a spa pool? Or if you have any product that can be? They would be laid over flat concrete pad- then the spa on top? Thanks
a: Yes you could do this no problem.
By Trade Tested on May 30, 2019
-1 votes
q: Hi do you need a capping for the exposed edge?
a: No, however you may wish to add your own.
By Trade Tested on May 22, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi there. I have a patio 2.4m x 4.5m. How many packs would I need to cover it?
a: You'll need 12 packs.
By Trade Tested on May 13, 2020
0 votes
q: Can these be cut to suit an infill area where a whole tile won’t fit and then still attached
a: Yes they can.
By Trade Tested on May 5, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi. Do these tiles sit cleanly and maintain their clip together integrity with adjacent tiles when sitting on minor bumps, such as those caused by overlapping butynol joins?
a: Yes that will be fine.
By Trade Tested on April 22, 2019
1 vote
q: Can these be laid directly on grass? it is level but once they are all together will they flex and move when you walk on them?
a: You can put them on anything, but the harder the surface the better they will work. They will settle into the grass, so stability should be ok, however they will eventually sink and drainage would become an issue.
By Trade Tested on March 26, 2019
1 vote
q: Do they fade dramatically -- we would lay them also over Butynol so presume drainage not an issue ?
a: No they should drain well set up like that. Everything will fade a little depending on location etc, but all feedback points to these being a tough product. Check out the reviews from other customers below.
By Trade Tested on January 20, 2019
0 votes
q: Can these tiles be laid directly on a butynol membrane deck? If yes will it damage the membrane after a while?
a: Yes they can be, it mostly would depend on the kind of weight they have on them, but with general foot traffic etc they will be fine as the load is spread.
By Trade Tested on September 23, 2019
0 votes
q: I have a small deck over a garage with a rubber membrane. The deck has a bit of fall for drainage. Is there anyway to level the tiles or will they have to follow contour
a: No they will follow the contour as delivered, there are plenty of ways you could level the surface (perhaps some marine ply with blocks underneath?), however this would be a separate issue to the tiles.
By Trade Tested on June 7, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi there, I have a garden,but want to remove the garden, garden got trees but will be cut and dig out. How the ground need to be prepared for the tiles. Is it better lay some gravel and pack it down then lay the tiles on. or sand for the better water drainage?
a: You want as firm a surface as possible, so we would recommend the compacted gravel out of these two options.
By Trade Tested on March 25, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi can the tiles be laid longitudinally as oppossed to the "herringbone" pattern shown?
a: Yes they can, in fact if you check out our customer review photos there is one example of this.
By Trade Tested on February 7, 2019
-1 votes
q: Hi there, If I buy these for underneath my children’s cubby house (to use as a floor), will it kill my grass? As they would be sitting on the grass.
a: Yes they will do eventually.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
0 votes
q: Where can I see the products? I would like put those things on my butynol roof deck.
a: You can definitely use these on your roof deck. We have samples on display at out Auckland Store (38 Airpark Drive, Mangere, Auckland 2022), you can also see our customer photos in the review section below this one.
By Trade Tested on December 17, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.5 out of 5 stars from 36 reviews
Polly Auckland

Patio upgrade with outdoor deck tiles

10 days ago


We bought the grey outdoor deck tile as an option to upgrade our existing deck which needed some tlc. The deck tiles have been placed over an existing fibre board surface which we have tried repainting in the past but would always not stay nice for very long. It was easy to install and quick we had some issues of lifting in some areas after a week. However since we had to cut the tiles to fit it around a spa we just had to make sure the fit was not too tight and readjust. After a couple of readjustments it now seems fine and has not lifted. Can be hot to walk on without shoes when it is very sunny. Does tend to mark a bit with furniture, so do not drag furniture on it. Also if you drop food wipe quickly as oily stains are hard to remove. As a cheaper option to decking we are generally happy with the overall effect.

L.W Auckland

Looks pretty cool!

about 1 month ago


Here's a picture of the garden with these tiles & the Artificial Grass Tiles. Looks pretty cool. Will be back to get more for the back of the house!

Susan308 Upper Hutt

Great addition

3 months ago


Got them to go around pavers for fire pit. Everyone who have seen them is very impressed. Please not artificial lawn and pergola in back ground both from Trade Tested. Has made a great outdoor area.

Nil Whangarei


4 months ago


Very happy with the product.

Ar Whangapararoa

Tile looks like a deck

4 months ago


Looks great but does get a little hot under foot in the summer

CJ Far North

Looks nice - easy to assemble

5 months ago


A very expensive way of doing things but looks lovely and easy to put together.

Jennifer Auckland

Quick easy looks great

5 months ago


This easy to click together hard wearing strong and looks great. 5 boxes were needed to fit under my lazy spa palm springs. Great product.

Lizzie Auckland

Impressive product

8 months ago


This product is easy to lay and looks beautiful. The only challenge with this product is the edges of the area. Once I had worked out that I needed to trim off some connectors to get a clean edge it was perfect.

Josh Auckland

Loving it

9 months ago


So far so good, solid and easy to install. Looks so much better and has held up against Aucklands bizarre weather. Still looks and feels brand new after a few months

Charlie Auckland

Outdoor premium composite deck tiles

10 months ago


Recently recovered all my old tiles decks with the above product, 53 boxes ordered. I did the job myself. Looks very smart and professional and such a big improvement from the old ones.

Chrislea Wellington

Tiles do not last long

10 months ago


We have had 2 attempts with these tiles for an outdoor deck area. The first lot were replaced because they distorted at the edges after about 6 months. It was suggested that we had got a supply from a poor production line. However, the 2nd lot have done the same. Be wary - these tiles look really good for the first few months but do not last as long as you would expect.

PC Pauanui

Great tiles.

about 1 year ago


A quick and affordable way to transform our spa pool area. Looks very professional in fact purchased another lot for the rest of the patio.

Sharyn Wellington

Awesome looking but....

about 1 year ago


Majority of the tiles are curving up at the ends...!??!?.... hard to tell from photos but water pools in middle as both ends are slightly curved up at ends.

H Hastings

Great Option

about 1 year ago


Product as described, easy to install and cut if required. Definitely recommend, for a no-frills update to your outdoor area!

Frog Auckland

Great new look for the deck

about 1 year ago


Good product

Geoff Canterbury


about 1 year ago


Very happy, they look great.

Franz Waikato

love it

about 1 year ago


great product, easy to install and looks good

Gerlis Wairarapa

Warped after 6 months

about 1 year ago


We bought about $1,000 worth of these about 9 months ago as a good, quality solution for covering a small concrete patio area of our new house. They looked great initially and survived some hot summer temperatures. However, after about 6 months they gradually started to warp. We got in touch with TradeTested whose immediate response, communication and efforts to ‘put things right’ have been outstanding! We were told that the batch we had received may have been faulty and a pallet of new, replacement tiles arrived within 3 days of getting in touch about the problems. TradeTested are an excellent business to deal with – time will be the test for the new batch of tiles so we’ll report back on them in a year’s time!!

Winniedog Waimate

Very Smart

about 1 year ago


Quick delivery and good communication. Easy to fit tiles and look very smart. Covers an old dirty, cracked concrete patio very well. Much cheaper than digging out concrete and laying ceramic tiles. Very good.

Angry Customer Wellington

Buyer beware - poor quality product

about 1 year ago


I purchased $978.00 worth of these tiles late October last year and laid them in a courtyard outside our bedroom on sand and hardboard. We then put our house on the market early February and sold it a few weeks later we had a 4 Month settlement period.In the last few months before settlement occurred the tiles became warped and had gaps in them they looked awful, hence I had no choice but to take them up and replace them with decking.

Reply from Trade Tested

We are so sorry about this issue with your tiles but we're glad to get your case resolved. It's extremely unusual given the materials in these tiles. We haven't come across this issue before so we are monitoring it closely to see what the cause might be.
Vlasta Golden Bay

Outdoor Premium Composite Deck Tiles Grey

about 1 year ago


Pros : Easy to install, looks well, good price. Cons : After rain it stays wet longer than surrounding timber deck. Overall : Four to five stars

Andy Bay of Plenty

Deck Tansformation

about 1 year ago


Great product for tidying up a deck

Glenda Auckland

Brilliant Deck Tiles

over 2 years ago


Exactly what I needed. Fast efficient service and a month later an email to check that I was satisfied with the product. I'm a very happy customer thanks.

Daniel Auckland

Good deck tiles

over 2 years ago


Easy to install, very good quality

Mary Manawatu

Composite Deck tiles (grey)

over 2 years ago


Wonderful product that has transformed a bleak area outside our back door (see pics). Very easy to assemble and look super classy.

Brownie Whangarei


over 2 years ago


I have an area of 6m x 5m laid,for patio entertainment area inside H shaped home,on 400mm compacted Gap7 metal with a smattering of sand and cement on surface dampened to provide a crust firm enough to lift one side as next tile is fitted into place. I had tiles cut to fit in around spa very tidily. Been down over a year now and some turning up fractionally on edges but not significant. Very hot to walk on in full sun but rain drains away and leaves are easily picked out. Smaller 3m x 4m laid by myself (female in mid 60s)at back door of garage to clothes line area which is good when shoes but dirty before coming inside. Very pleased and visitors impressed.

Lovetiles Auckland

Grey tiles

over 2 years ago


Absolutely love these tiles. So easy to install. Must order some more.

Denise New Zealand

Composite Tiles

over 2 years ago


Below is the photo I took of our deck looking resplendent now with your composite tiles. Was a big job removing the old ceramic tiles off the butynol without damaging it ...phew!!! But we are thrilled with them. Had some heavy rain last week in Tauranga, and no leaks... great. Great service from your staff too. They helped us load the 52 boxes onto our Ute for the trip back home. Feel free to use the photo to advertise the tiles.

TRITOflex Wellington

Very happy customer

over 2 years ago


Leaking deck fixed with TRITOflex and then covered with Premium Composite Grey Deck Tiles to protect the membrane from UV breakdown. Customer very pleased with appearance makes the job looks like a $64 thousand job.

Gordy Auckland

Outdoor Premium Composite Deck Tiles Grey- Pack of 10

over 2 years ago


Great product, well priced and excellent service. Easy to fit by my wife and me over a couple of days.

April Auckland


over 3 years ago


These deck tiles totally changed our outdoor space! Very easy to install. It was like putting giant puzzle pieces together. My 12 year old daughter enjoyed helping out. Very happy!

Well happy Northland

You don't have to think twice -

over 3 years ago


What an awesome invention. My puppy had demolished the existing deck area into a shabby eyesore but these tiles magically transformed the area back into a show piece. Easy to use, well priced, strong, durable and a nice colour - what are you waiting for?

Vic Bayswater , Auckland

Composite Deck tiles

over 3 years ago


These were fantastic . Easy to clip together , easy to cut with a normal saw , and looks like a professional installation without trying .

Brownie Whangarei

Patio flooring

over 3 years ago


Laid between two housingvwings 6m x 4m area and cut to for around spa. Holds 20 odd pot plants so watering drainage imperative. Lad on compacted gap 7 metal topped off with smattering of sand cement to firm surface before laying. Further back door area 4 x 4m to be done. Everybody admires how tidy and practical it is and I use air hose to tidy up dead petals leaves and at clay and dirt from undeveloped section as yet.

Anjali Auckland

Outdoor Decking Tiles

over 3 years ago


So much in love with these. Looking so beautiful. They have just defined our side entrance. No wonder if we will end up covering the whole patio with these.

Tivoli Homestay Taranaki

Fantastic Product

over 4 years ago


Easy to install, easy to clean and looks fabulous.

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