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Wall Mounted Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3m x 4m

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Whether you’re after some shelter for the outdoor furniture, or want to create a shady spot in your garden, this wall-mounted pergola is just what you’re looking for.

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Product overview

Product overview

Whether you’re after some shelter for the outdoor furniture, or want to create a shady spot in your garden, this wall-mounted pergola is just what you’re looking for.

The frame is made from tough, powder coated aluminum and can attach to the side of your house or to a wall or fence. The removable Roman-style canopy is waterproof and UV stabilised, and includes a simple pulley system to draw back the shade when you want to let some light in.

This contemporary take on the classic garden pergola will add a touch of style to your outdoor living area. Perfect for over the barbecue on the deck, or next to the pool at the bach, it will even make a gorgeous pathway arch, dressed up with climbing roses, jasmine or bougainvillea.

Add some class to your backyard and order one of these great gazebo pergolas today.

Comes with a 1 year warranty.

• Stylish Roman-style canopy
• UV stabilised, UV rated, waterproof fabric
• Durable, powder coated aluminium frame
• Base plates and hardware included
• 1 Year warranty

Total dimensions: W 395 x D 300 x H 235cm (front), 263cm (rear)
Frame material: Aluminium
Canopy materials: Polyurethane coated 180g/m² polyester
Colour: Graphite
Base plate dimensions: 88 x 88 x 35mm
Post dimensions: 2300 x 90 x 90mm (aluminium thickness 1.0mm)
Net weight: 21kg
Carton dimensions: 397 x 19.5 x 16cm

Base plates need to be bolted to the ground with included bolts. We recommend you retract the canopy when it's not in use or in wet or windy conditions.

Drill required for assembly.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: Are there any other colours
a: No just this colour.
By Trade Tested on January 10, 2021
2 votes
q: I assume the posts are bolted to the rest of the structure? So if you had an existing pergola you could mount the top section to it and wouldn't need the posts at the end? Thanks
a: The top sections are recessed into the top of the post (check out some of the review images for multiple angles), so it may be a little more complex than that.
By Trade Tested on December 12, 2019
-1 votes
q: Hi, Can you remove the canopy material and store for example over winter months?
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on October 20, 2020
1 vote
q: Can the height of the posts be trimmed? I would like one of these and I need it to be around 100mm shorter.
a: Yes they can.
By Trade Tested on April 22, 2020
-1 votes
q: Hi can I cut down and reduce depth to 1.5m instead of 3m?
a: Yes you could.
By Trade Tested on June 22, 2020
0 votes
q: What colour is the aluminium ? Windsor grey ?
a: It's more of a charcoal graphite colour, you can see how it looks in the light in our customer review photos.
By Trade Tested on June 8, 2020
1 vote
q: Is it possible to have the cover hanging at the house rather than outer end of the pergola?
a: Yes you should be able to do that, however this isn't covered in the instructions so may take a little figuring out.
By Trade Tested on February 7, 2019
1 vote
q: Our window heights are 2.2m, and the height of this pergola is 2.3m, can the posts be adjusted to be higher, or can it be installed on an angle, so the wall attached end would be higher than the fixed posts? Hopefully that makes sense?
a: This is not designed to be installed at an angle. You could definitely increase the height using some form of raised base depending on the area you are installing it, however this isn't something we cover in the instructions.
By Trade Tested on December 18, 2018
0 votes
q: Is there a wind rating for this? Looking to install in Twizel where the building code is 180km/hour winds. Thanks!
a: No there isn't, it's not designed for high wind zones. It's sturdy, but you would struggle to find a product of this type that will be rated to that!
By Trade Tested on February 17, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi there, are you able to explain (or provide photos) of how this is fixed to the wall? It is hard to tell from the photos - it doesn't appear to have a flange. Can it be easily fixed to a fascia board? Thanks.
a: It uses 3 brackets that are screwed to the wall, the roof beams sit over the top of these (fixed with bolts) for a seamless look. You can fix it to most surfaces, just ensure the chosen area has sufficient strength. Get in touch with our sales team on 0800 800 880 or [email protected] for a copy of the manual if it helps.
By Trade Tested on December 11, 2018
1 vote
q: Hi team Is it possible to cut down or order to 2.4 x 4 m? My deck is not that deep. Thanks
a: You could definitely modify and adapt it to fit, however this would require major alterations. We don't offer guidance on this - the end result is up to the skills of the installer and is not covered by our warranty.
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2018
1 vote
q: Hi is this Pergola easy to assemble and we have an area which can get quite windy so would this be suitable Thanks
a: It's pretty straightforward to assemble, however you will definitely need to retract it in bad weather.
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2018
0 votes
q: Does it treat from UV ?
a: Yes it's UV protected.
By Trade Tested on February 6, 2020
1 vote
q: Can you cover with corrugated plastic on the roof and replace the awning,is it strong enough to hold this
a: We would recommend you look into our wall mounted patio covers instead, they sound like what you are trying to achieve.
By Trade Tested on November 13, 2018
0 votes
q: Does the shade retract to the wall and if so what width is the wall side?
a: No it retracts to the front. The wall side is 3.95m.
By Trade Tested on December 10, 2019
0 votes
q: Is it possible to cut it to 3m wife?
a: Yes you probably could, however you would need to figure out how to seal the support ends once cut and also adjust the canopy width in a way the means the ends won't fray.
By Trade Tested on September 15, 2019
0 votes
q: Once this pergola is bolted to the wall will it be waterproof along the wall or will water still be able to come down behind it?
a: This is not designed to be waterproof, it is primarily a sun shade. We recommend retracting this in bad weather. If you want a weatherproofing option take a look at our patio covers instead.
By Trade Tested on March 29, 2019
0 votes
q: The specs have me confused on which way the 3 x 4 goes. Hoping it is 3m along and 4m out (in simple layman terms). Can you please advise as the other way around won’t fit my wall and waiting to purchase.
a: Unfortunately its 3m from the wall (D) and 4m (actually 395cm, W) so it's going to be too wide.
By Trade Tested on January 15, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.3 out of 5 stars from 52 reviews
Rodney Knapp Waitoki

Shade cover

about 1 month ago


Pleased with the outcome of this pergola and enjoying the added shade. Although a little challenging as I had to adapt the length I'm happy with the results.

KB Auckland

Wall mounted pergola

3 months ago


Had already been pre-warned that measurements on the instructions is wrong. They have not been corrected. Otherwise, satisfied with the purchase, looks good.

Emily Hawke's Bay

Great Product

3 months ago


Now that it's installed, I'm loving this product. Great that you can remove the shade for the winter months and store away. But install wasn't the easiest, was missing one lot of screws, the instructions very hard to understand and based on previous reviews trying to work it out on your own was the easiest option. Would be great to see new instructions put together for future buyers. Had to install a board to fix this to and also be aware of the shade hanging quite low when set back. All in all it looks great and don't regret this purchase!

Chris Tauranga

Love it!

3 months ago


It was very easy to install. I had to cut it down to suit my particular purpose but it worked out well.

FAYE GILLIES South Canterbury

Looks great

4 months ago


We have erected two wall mounted pergolas. Look amazing as they march our dark grey accents. Can withstand strong norwesters as long as folded back to house. Although we have fastened the cover canvas down on top of the arms to withstand the winds. Love this product. About to buy a third for our other sitting area !

Murray hawera nz


4 months ago


Good product easy to assemble. To make easier would be to print numbers in the manual larger.

Eric South Waikato

Holds up well with time

6 months ago


Just thought I'd chime in with a longer term review, I installed two of these in 2016 and they are both still holding up great, the fabric has faded on top but is still strong, rollers & ropes are fine. A little lubrication in the roller rail every year keeps it nice & quiet. If I was to install them again I would cut a strip of something to sit above the retracted canopy to prevent it fading, there is a canvas strip that velcro's on included but it wasn`t much good. For use in rain just have it 3/4 rather than fully out - this allows the water to run out rather than pool on top.

Dodger Papamoa

Building pergola

9 months ago


Very happy with this product, had to make a bracket for wall end as my eaves are too low for the design but all worked out fine

Dave Papamoa


about 1 year ago


Absolutely delighted

Helen Nelson

Value for $$

about 1 year ago


You get what you pay for. While cheap and the instructions full of errors, once up this is awesome. A great way to get shade making our outdoor space more livable but retractable so as not to block light from the house. The roof folds back to the house but the draw cord is on the outside centre and then has a T bracket to keep it out of the way. The fixings are for install onto concrete with dynobolts, I changed them to M10 coach screws to attach them to the deck (theres a plate you attach first then the leg fits over & is screwed in place) and I also bolted through a veranda beam (M12 bolt, nut & 50x50x3 washer) instead of using what was supplied, once I had figured that out it was easy. Cut the legs down so it fitted under the soffit overhang. Dont believe the measurements on the instruction they lie. Measure against what has been supplied. The box section was slightly squashed on arrival but wasnt hard to fix. All in all great buy and Im very pleased with it.

Rob and mary Hawke's Bay

wall mounted pergola

about 1 year ago


We have had this product installed for 1 month now and find it works exactly as we wanted it to. our son, a builder fitted it for us and had to cut it done a little bit but it was no problem. the only small concern we have is the panel at the house side,made of the the canvas material, sags when it rains so we have to remember to open the door carefully so as not to get soaked!!! we would recommend this company and its products

Daven Auckland

colour fading

about 1 year ago


after a year the colour of the cover starts to fade badly, and side to side there is movement, really needs cross bracing somewhere

Retired Northland

Mounted Pergola

about 1 year ago


Was to tall to put where I wanted a lot of homes are under 3mts now using in a different way

Afterpayaddict Waikato

Experienced builder required

about 1 year ago


Had to spend an hour re writing the instructions because all of the measurements provided to screw in post bases and wall brackets were significantly different to the product dimensions, as a result we have holes all through our weatherboards and deck from following the instructions as they were written. I would suggest that you completely set up the pergola before fixing to any surface and ignore any measurements provided in the instructions. Could also benefit from adding extra bracing to stop swaying in strong winds. Looks good when finally set up (took a qualified builder and myself approx 2.5 hours), do not attempt to set this up if you are looking for an easy set up and have little experience with building structures. I was hoping to purchase a second one to set up beside the one I have just set up but I think I will rethink this and use this product only temporarily until a permanent solution can be found.

Time to relax Wellington

Wall mounted pergola

about 1 year ago


The hardest part was measuring out. We had to adapt the height under the eaves as the website description said max height was 2.3 but instructions were 2.6 but we made it work. Went up reasonably easy once we got all the measurements sorted.

Merv Papamoa

Wall mounted Pergola

about 1 year ago


Exactly what we wanted, easy to install, installation directions weren’t that clear but managed to install it in a couple of hours

Scamphill Waikato

Wall Mounted Pergola

about 1 year ago


Haven't put it up yet as I still have to put down cobblestones

BG Auckland

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


Good product. Great colour. Quite hard to erect. Lots of bad words...... LOL.

NannaK Waikato

Great product

over 2 years ago


The wall mounted Pergola is perfect - exactly what we needed. We are very happy with the shade coverage it gives us on our concrete patio. We did find the instructions difficult to follow and we wimped out by paying a builder an extra $100 to install it for us.We just wanted piece of mind that attaching it to the flange beneath the guttering would be structurally sound. It was and it looks great!

Steph Auckland

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


Great product. Adds great style to an outdoor area.

Tuskero Wairarapa

Retractable pergola

over 2 years ago


Great product, had to adjust height to suit our soffits but was really easy. Great finish & cheaper and more versatile than an umbrella!

Mel Bay of Plenty

Needs Modifying

over 2 years ago


This is good for protecting us from the sun, however we had to modify it a little. It comes with bolts for concrete and we attached it to our deck so had to go out and get screws for it. We also had to cut into the post a bit so the rails holding the canopy sat flush and the holes lined up for the screws. But now it is up it works really well.

Kerrme Masterton

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


Our pergola arrived very quickly. I put it up in about two hours and it looks great. Some measurements in the instruction leaflet are not quite right, however if you look at the photos of completed pergolas, it is easy to erect.

Theo Diepeveen Northland

Wall mounted retractable canopy

over 2 years ago


the worst ever expected, manuals not correct drawing in selling from pictures not correct, would really ask next time all the questions first before ever buying and can't return anymore Nz $ 500,= gone to the drain. regards Theo

Batman Masterton

Wall mounted Pergola, with retractable canopy

over 2 years ago


This canopy looks great, now it is up and finished. Some measurements in the instructions are not quite right. Look at the finished pictures, check your measurements and it is pretty straight forward to assemble. We are very happy with the pergola.

Anaru Wellington

Good pergola - instructions need updating

over 2 years ago


Good value for money pergola. If I would quibble I'd want more robust hardware to affix the vertical posts to the ground mountings. I made some doublesided velcro bands to roll up the canopy when not in use to stop it flapping in wind. The instructions have two incorrect measurements which TT really need to correct asap (numerous other people complaining about this in other reviews). I ended up drilling four unneccessary holes in my deck as a result.

Jon Waikato

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


I new when I ordered the wall mounted pergola, that I would have to modify some parts to fit our house, but all went well and we are very pleased indeed with the end result ----- just the job !!

Jdspark Napier


over 2 years ago


Fantastic product, well worth the money! Had to put some extra guide wires to help stability. A great product.

Kervz Waikato

Summer ready with the new pergola

over 2 years ago


The pergola was easy to install and looks good. It has been a nice addition to our house, perfect for the coming summer. It is worth the money you paid for.

Carlie Cambridge

As expected

over 2 years ago


The pergola is a great option for the price, relatively easy to install, some handy man skills required. The website and actual measurements of the pergola where correct, however some of the measurements in the manual did not match. Need to double check all measurements. Happy with overall product

Oldie Taupo

Not assembled as yet

over 2 years ago


Not assembled yet but product quality is A+

Gracey Paraparaumu

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago



Speedy Manawatu

wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


great unit ,easy to install, enhances the look of the house and deck. love it and a great price.

Rick Rangiora

Very Pleased

over 2 years ago


Great Pergola. Really happy with this product. Easy to assemble no thanks to the instructions. Looks great and does what we want. However holds onto water. Don’t leave out in the rain retract back.

John Waikato

Wall mounted pergola

over 2 years ago


This is what Ive been looking for for a while and priced right, I modified it slightly to suit me, Instructions not totally clear as others have said but common sense prevailed. looking forward to summer outdoors

Keri Manawatu

Excellent product

over 3 years ago


Love the pergola more than I expected well worth the price

Susanna Havelock

Wall Mounted Pergola

over 3 years ago


I love my wall mounted pergola from Trade Tested. Works great as a sunshade and it's water proof.

Godders Auckland


over 3 years ago


Superb fit for our requirements. Easy to assemble and simple operation. We are delighted that we can now sit in the shade but enjoy the outdoors

Kevin Christchurch


over 3 years ago


Just the job, easy to erect, reasonably robust-the instructions could have been a lot clearer though, just a bit of confusion there. On the whole, well worth the money

Happy shopper Hamilton

Wall mounted Pergola

over 3 years ago


The pergola has certainly met the requirements we needed, which was to give us added shade out from our covered deck.

Michael 55 Queenstown

Pergola Blind and Frame

over 4 years ago


An ideal way to give shade and shelter and so easy to assemble

Gas Auckland

Wall mounted pergola

over 4 years ago


Great but would like more information on how to mount it?

Debora Christchurch

looks great

over 4 years ago


I didn't calculate how low the canvas would hang when folded up so the builder made a wood frame and it is now free-standing. However, the 2 builders working on the rest of it found the instructions very lacking in detail. Took several hours or all day, without the extra plank work. Hooking the canvas up to the tracks requires 2 pliers to pull the hooks off their pole and apart, hooking them through slider holes then squeezing back into pole. Great if you can afford considerable expertise. The velcro strips should be facing the outside at the retracted canopy end. Then there should have been a length of canvas with the fuzzy velcro placed across the top width which stays on permanent to cover the canopy when retracted. But it does not keep it from collecting rain for the unsuspecting person.

Chris Auckland

looks great.

over 4 years ago


Looks great and serves the purpose well. Instructions confusing but you get there in the end. 

BrynM Auckland

Fit for purpose

over 4 years ago


Considered various options for the area I wanted some cover. Wasn't totally convinced this Pergola option would do the trick but pleasantly surprised at the end result. Install instructions weren't overly complex but accuracy of measurement is key! Important! Have people available to assist, hold things in place when you are getting to the business end of things! 

Geoff Christchurch

Quality product, easy to assemble and erect

over 4 years ago


My wife and I are very pleased with the pergola. A very well made kitset with easy to follow instructions. I had to adapt it to our situation but again this was easily achieved.

Shannon Auckland

Great value product but instructions are WRONG!

over 4 years ago


Very happy with the finished look given the low price but there are some tricks here: ** In the instructions it says to place the posts 2384mm out from the wall. THIS IS A TYPO! The measurement should be 2834mm as written later in the manual. ** ** The manual says you'll need a 12mm masonry drill bit. You actually need a 14mm for the enclosed dynabolts. **

Su wellington


over 5 years ago


Great result but the instructions are poor. Still trying to resolve what the Velcro strips on roof bars are for.

Lukeeboy Auckland

Massive impact at a great price!

over 5 years ago


This looks amazing up and completely transformed our patio area. It was however quite tricky to install with some areas of the instructions not the clearest, but it is well worth the effort. All things considered I still give this product a 5/5.

Parsley Athenree

Easy Fit Up

over 5 years ago


This Pergola was very easy to install the retracted canopy was the opposite way to shown in the sales picture but with a engineering background this was easily changed with just drilling a few extra holes and changing the rollers.

Murf Waitaki Valley

Finished product GREAT, instructions CHALLENGING!

over 5 years ago


I have 40 years experience as a DIY person and I struggled with this assembly which I have just completed. The instructions are complete, although there are some errors, and a small part missing, but the result when we finally deciphered them and completed the assembly was stunning. The lack of finished illustrations led to a lot of guess work and frustration. My suggestion to Trade Tested is to assemble one of the pergolas and photograph or video the various sections and put it on their website as a reference. Close up pictures would make the job more in the reach of the average DIYer, you wouldn't even need a commentary.

Lynn Hawke's Bay

Easy to install

over 5 years ago


Just what we were looking for, needed more shade on deck and didn't want more umbrellas.

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