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Freestanding Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3m x 4m

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Whether you’re after some shelter for the outdoor furniture, or want to create a shady spot in your garden, this free-standing pergola is just what you’re looking for. The structure is made from tough, powder coated aluminum.

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Product overview

Product overview

Whether you’re after some shelter for the outdoor furniture, or want to create a shady spot in your garden, this free-standing pergola is just what you’re looking for.

The structure is made from tough, powder coated aluminum. The removable Roman-style canopy is UV stabilised and waterproof, and includes a simple pulley system to draw back the shade when you want to let some light in.

This contemporary take on the classic garden pergola will add a touch of style to your outdoor living area. Perfect for over the barbecue on the deck, or next to the pool at the bach, it will even make a gorgeous pathway arch, dressed up with climbing roses, jasmine or bougainvillea.

Add some class to your backyard and order one of these great free-standing pergolas today. The hardest part will be deciding where to put it.

• Stylish Roman-style canopy
• UV stabilised, UV rated, waterproof fabric
• Durable, powder coated aluminium frame
• Base plates and hardware included
• 1 Year warranty

Total dimensions: W 395 x D 300 x H 234cm
Frame material: Powder coated aluminium
Canopy materials: Polyurethane coated 180g/m² polyester
Colour: Graphite
Base plate dimensions: 88 x 88 x 35mm
Post dimensions: 2300 x 90 x 90mm (aluminium thickness 1.0mm)
Gross weight: 31kg
Net weight: 27.5kg
Carton dimensions: 397 x 19.5 x 19.5cm

Base plates need to be bolted to the ground with included bolts. We recommend you retract the canopy when it's not in use or in wet or windy conditions.

Drill required for assembly.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: The depth of my patio is less than 3M (approx. 2.75M or less). Would I be able to cut the rafters to size to suit?
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on November 17, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi, would this be strong enough to support a hammock or other type of hanging seat?
a: No it's not designed for those type of loads.
By Trade Tested on December 2, 2020
3 votes
q: Hi can you put a polycarbonate roof on the pergola instead of the canopy?
a: Hi Mark, its not designed for the wind loading associated with having a sealed roof (the roof needs to be retracted when it's windy) so we wouldn't recommend this. Have a look at our freestanding patio covers and gazebos instead.
By Trade Tested on August 14, 2019
4 votes
q: I live in a very high wind zone. Is this pergola suitable for that environment?
a: As long as this is securely fastened to the ground (ideally bolted to concrete) then yes this can stand up to high winds but the awning must be stored in the retracted position when not in use.
By Trade Tested on November 13, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi Can this be adjusted W and L . My wall to wall width size is 3850 and length 2850 .
a: Not without cutting it.
By Trade Tested on December 23, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, you say to retract/fold the canopy if there's heavy rain. Wouldn't the canopy folds fill up with water and potentially damage the fasteners? How to avoid that?
a: If it's retracted properly this isn't really an issue. The narrow channels when retracted have a low surface area to fill before the water would run out the ends. We'd be surprised if much water even got in when retracted tightly.
By Trade Tested on December 8, 2020
2 votes
q: Hi there. The dimensions say 395x300, is that measurement to the widest point ie the angled bits of the rafters? Or to the outside of the posts? Could you please clarify what each of those dimensions are as we have quite a tight space. Thanks so much
a: This is the overall size, so to the widest points.
By Trade Tested on November 1, 2018
1 vote
q: Can it be left out all year round? How long would it take to rust or corrode if I did?
a: Yes it can, it's powder coated aluminium, so you don't need to worry about that.
By Trade Tested on February 3, 2020
1 vote
q: can 2 legs be cutdown 2 slope one way 4 water to run off thanks
a: Yes you could.
By Trade Tested on August 29, 2019
-1 votes
q: Do you make these 4500 x 4000 size?
a: No we don't.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: Could you please advise colours retractable pergolas. What colour canopy
a: Just the colour as shown.
By Trade Tested on May 13, 2020
0 votes
q: Do u have get someone in to bolt it to ground
a: Yes you do.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi, do you have side curtains for the pergola? A clear PVC side curtain that can be retracted when not required would be great.
a: We don't have curtains specifically for this product, however our Outdoor Patio Blinds should do the trick. You can find them in the 'Awnings & Pergolas' category.
By Trade Tested on January 14, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi,can you tell me the dimension from centre of post to centre of post. I'm looking to fix to a concrete pad thats just about 4m wide so want to make sure the base plates will fit on the pad. Cheers
a: Centre to centre would be - W 3630mm x D 2630mm. Feel free to get in contact with our sales team on 0800 800 880 or [email protected] and we'll be happy to send you the assembly manual.
By Trade Tested on January 7, 2019
1 vote
q: Hi there, Can you please let me know the dimensions at the base?
a: Base dimensions are 3720mm x 2720mm, give us a call on 0800 800 880 or email [email protected] if you would like a copy of the assembly manual to assist with calculations.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
1 vote
q: Is this suitable for bolting into a wooden deck.
a: Yes that will work fine, check out our customer photos below for ideas.
By Trade Tested on January 8, 2019
1 vote
q: How far down does the canopy hang when open?
a: Approximately 30cm.
By Trade Tested on November 28, 2018
1 vote
q: Is canopy changeable in case of wear and tear?
a: Yes it can be changed.
By Trade Tested on November 26, 2018
1 vote
q: Hi, is the canopy available in other colours?
a: Currently this is the only colour we offer for this product.
By Trade Tested on November 21, 2018
1 vote
q: Hi, how suitable is this in the rain (heavy or light) would the water sit there or would it flow one way or other?
a: Light rain would be fine, however it would pool eventually, so we recommend retracting the canopy when it rains. Perhaps one of our patio covers might be a better option?
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2018
0 votes
q: I am thinking this would be good for my holiday batch. Can the canopy roof be EASILY taken off when we are not there or during winter?
a: Yes it's pretty straightforward, it clips onto the runners from below.
By Trade Tested on November 22, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi do you make a 5mx 5m version/ can you get one cheers
a: No just this size at this stage.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
0 votes
q: Can these be joined together to make one at 6m long,if so would the join between them leak in light rain, also do they stand level or is there fall one way if witch way, thanks
a: You could place them side by side (have a look at some of our great customer review photos), but they're not designed to be connectable. The main aim of these is shade, so there is no fall and we recommend retracting the cover in bad weather.
By Trade Tested on August 19, 2019
-2 votes
q: Hello, I wonder if I can sit this pergola on my wooden deck without bolting it down on the deck. Will it resist windy conditions without being bolted down?
a: No, you will need to bolt this down.
By Trade Tested on July 22, 2019
-1 votes
q: The roof blind when being shut does it shut along the 4m side or the 3m side? Thank you
a: It closes along the 3m side.
By Trade Tested on November 19, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi is this suitable for bolting to the garden ground? Not concrete.
a: We don't recommend fixing this to non-sealed ground, it will not be stable enough. It needs to be bolted to a hard surface using the base plates provided. Check out our customer photos for some fixing ideas.
By Trade Tested on March 28, 2019
0 votes
q: My patio is paved with 400x400x50mm firth pavers. Can I bolt plates directly to a paver?
a: Potentially, if the pavers have been concreted in, otherwise they may not be stable enough.
By Trade Tested on February 19, 2019
0 votes
q: Hello, I need the posts to go into the ground on either side of a paved area, not on top of it. Can they be fixed into the ground and how would that work please? Thank you.
a: We don't recommend fixing this to non-sealed ground, it will not be stable enough. It needs to be bolted to a hard surface using the base plates provided, or you could use traditional concrete footings, although this would reduce the overall height. Check out our customer photos below for some great ideas.
By Trade Tested on December 5, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi is this suitable to sit on concrete? Thanks
a: Absolutely.
By Trade Tested on November 13, 2018
0 votes
q: I'm not good with the measurements It states 3x4m, does the shade sail extend out 3m or 4m? I have a 4m wall with eaves I need the sail to go under, but only want it to extend out 3m.
a: Hi, when installed, this will extend 3m outwards from the wall, it will span 4m across the wall and be 3m high. you can however install it in any orientation you choose.
By Trade Tested on November 13, 2018
0 votes
q: Hi - I’m really interested in the pergola but I’m not tall and I can’t see how the canopy is moved to retract and open. And secured when it is where it’s wanted. Do you have to get up to the top to to do this ? Do you have photos to show this please ? Many thanks ! Frances
a: There is a pulley and cable system that ties off on the post, so you can keep your feet firmly on the ground.
By Trade Tested on October 30, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.2 out of 5 stars from 85 reviews
Emma Manawatu


8 days ago


Great quality! Really easy instructions to follow and put up. Fits perfectly on our back deck. Really happy, highly recommended

John Otago

Pergola 4x3

about 1 month ago


Great product but terrible instructions

Barb Manawahe

Freestanding Pergola

about 1 month ago


Easy to put up. Works well. Cover for my spa

Amy Palmy


2 months ago


Looks amazing and works perfectly when done, the instructions are terrible though!

Glenn Auckland

Freestanding Pergola

2 months ago


Great product but appalling instructions needs to be a better set of assembly instructions included

G Invercargill


3 months ago


Great shade easy to assemble

Nita Hawke's Bay

I’m happy

3 months ago


This is a very good buy. Paid someone to put it up and that was quite costly. He also noted the instructions were rubbish and it took him half a day to put it up and all he does is kit sets. It looks smart, does the job and is easily managed. My only complaint so far is the Protective strip over the folded in fabric pools water then suddenly splooshes a huge amount Of water. We tried tightening the strip but that didn’t work.

Larry Far North

As Advertised

3 months ago


Pergola is a good product. I erected it onto a wooden deck with coach bolts and has been good during long hot summer days. Was simple to set up but it is a pity that it doesn't come bigger . 5x3 would be a lot better

Aaron Wellington

Great product

3 months ago


Great product but with the worst instruction booklet ever written... But throw that away and it is great

Susan308 Upper Hutt

A bonus to the garden

4 months ago


Great addition to garden, only down side was instructions are hopeless. Had to add stays because of Wellington winds but hasn't moved since. Also rope tie is too high for anyone under 6 foot but solved that problem.

Pablo Hawke's Bay


4 months ago


Happy with pergola and the assemble of it went ok. Instructions were hard to read though. Not to sure about cover over the roman blind, seems to flap around a bit. cheers.

Matt Wellington

Not great

4 months ago


First 12 months it was good, then the powder coat started to deteriorate along with the shade. We are no pulling it down completely as it’s flexes far more than it did initially. Two summers, not great value

Just2Good Waikato

Excellent sun protection

4 months ago


We installed this for an elderly parent and it's given her "another room". It's extended her living space by giving her a shaded area on a previously almost unused patio that used to be too sunny to sit out on for long. It's pretty simple to put up - the hardest part was drilling 12mm holes into the concrete in the beating sun - and works beautifully. The only thing we've changed is the position of the tie up for the pulley string. Not sure why it's meant to go on the top bar - you'd need to be at least 6' to tie it comfortably and she's about 5' with limited ability to reach overhead.

TB Cromwell Otago

Freestanding Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3m x 4m

4 months ago


Very happy with the product once it was assembled and up. A bit noisy in windy conditions. Rollers rattle in tracks. Odd position for main draw cord cleat...too high to reach. Instructions were dreadful.... Inaccurate, hard to read due to tiny print and not easy to follow. Instructions need to be idiot proofed and redone.

Pete Alexandra


4 months ago


Pleased with purchase, looks good.

Andy Auckland

Very nice

4 months ago


Straightforward assembly relative to size of structure. Chinglish instructions meant referring to diagrams were the only real way to discern pieces, but got there in the end. Runners can catch when retracting blind, but no biggie. I'll add a pulley in the holes that are supposed to hold the tie-off, as that is way too high, and move that to a more suitable position on the pole. Good for 400 bucks, well see how it lasts.

Annie Browns Bay

Pergola 4x3

4 months ago


Easy (ish) to put up. Instructions could be more readable, but able to figure them out. Very happy with my new pergola. Certainly does the job.

Paul Wellington


4 months ago


great pergola

Bennetts Westport

Great value for money

4 months ago


Only issues are its extremely nosey in the wind when out, and the instructions are pretty much unusable but we managed to work it out.

Blondie Tauranga


5 months ago


We are so happy with Retractable Canopy. It looks great and it's so practical being able to have it out on sunny days and retracted on cooler days. Is a nice feature in our backyard.

Daisho Waikato


5 months ago



Brian R. Auckland


5 months ago


Instructions are crap. Can`t even read some of the wordsand the illustations are, well , poorly drawn. All that aside , I figured it out , and had to cut the ends to fit in the space I had allocated for it. I also changed the position of the rope tie to the leg of the unit , not the horizontal rais. But its up now and works fine. We like it.

Kelly Maree West harbour

Pergola 3m x 4m

6 months ago


Fantastic product!! Instructions could have been better but we figured it out

Ockie Hastings

Retractable Canopy

7 months ago


Easy to put up, worth the money.

DIY amateur Hamilton

Less known gem of a Pergola model for sale

7 months ago


This cost less than a quarter of any similar models elsewhere. Purchase was easy. We put this up being non seasoned DIY within 1.5 hours and was ready for our house party a week later. Totally recommend this product and seller

Ace Manawatu

Pergola was what I was expecting

8 months ago


Based on both reviews and advertising product was mostly what I expected except for the standard zinc screws and zinc base plates would have thought for an outside product made of aluminum you could have at least provided galvanized screws base plates to avoid rust in the future.

G RH Napier


about 1 year ago


Good product couldn't read instructions because they were to faded

Tdfit Christchurch


about 1 year ago


Happy with pergola, straight forward assembly, although having txt with the instruction pictures, would have made it clearer. Also it would be much better design if the pulley cable was able to be tied up to the uprights rather than the top framing. Great price.

Bev Auckland

Freestanding Pergola

about 1 year ago


Yep, can agree with other reviews (which I checked before i purchased btw) that the instructions are indeed rubbish and they should really be re-written by Trade Tested. Took an hour longer than it should because of it. The velcro cover is never going to stay on if the wind gets up. Otherwise it's a great product, nicely finished.

Figgy Palmerston north

Pergola with retractable canopy

about 1 year ago


Took considerably longer than the advertised delivery time. No idea if that was normal or not. It looks GREAT! I’m loving having it. However the instructions were useless. The ink faded and all blurred, making the time to put up a heck of a lot longer by having to play jigsaw puzzle with it first. As an added difficulty factor I put it up by myself, needed a glass of wine when I finished

John Canterbury

Freestanding Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3x4m

about 1 year ago


Not wat I expected, makes a lot of noise with wind, flapping and rattling of the suspension. Collect a lot of water with rain.

GuitarRob Waikato


about 1 year ago


Overall this works well. It took about half a day to erect. One or two issues with getting screw and bolt holes to line up. The fabric stitching on one of the rails has started to unravel after a couple of months and needs to be restitched. During rain, water sits on the fabric and can splash down unexpectedly in wind, so keep clear! Otherwise it does the job well and is easy to use.

Janeo Wellington

Freestanding pergola

about 1 year ago


Great value for the price . Makes a great addition to our deck. As with others screw for bolt securing canopy had no thread but easily fixed by drilling out hole and hammering in a nut. Suggest moving anchor for pulley rope to one of legs as hard to reach but we bolted it to handrail of deck instead. Yes instructions hard to read but hubbie and I have already survived erecting kitset metal shed so this was a breeze.

JaredH Otago

Freestanding Pergola

about 1 year ago


Product is as expected and works fine. Great value for money. Instructions need to clearer to aid installation.

Bruce Mangere Bridge

Freestanding Pergola with retractable shadecover

about 1 year ago


Very happy with the finished product, it looks great and does its job perfectly. Was easy to install and I only needed an extra pair of hands to clip the cover in place.

Lorb Tauranga

Fab for price, chronically bad instructions

about 1 year ago


As others have said, this, once built, is a great pergola for the cost. Once it’s bolted into the ground it is secure and steady even in high wind, though if the canopy is extended it does rattle a bit, but is just noise. The instructions were shockingly bad and frustrating as we had to undo a few bits a few times as diagram was unclear about what went where. Some screws were the wrong size so we had to buy different ones but if the instructions were better it would be an easy enough item to build. It’s a good size and gives shade when needed. I’m happy with the product and really hope some new colours of fabric become available soon for some variety!

J and D Bay of Plenty

Freestanding Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3m x 4m

about 1 year ago


Works well, instructions not very clear. A good product for the price.

Kiwijohn Otago


about 1 year ago


Received my pergola today and am pleased so far.

Meli Auckland


about 1 year ago


Smart looking pergola, quality okay for what is required to achieve from the product. As noted by others instructions are not great and washers could be bigger as they crush under pressure of tightening.

Shoey Auckland


about 1 year ago


Good product overall. Easy to install. 2 of the screws that hold the canopy on were faulty

Yvonne Manapouri

Retractable Pergola 3m x 4m

about 1 year ago


Overall very happy with finished product encountered a few problems with the assembly, first up it only required my husband and myself acting as TA to erect, so easy there. Instructions you nearly need x ray vision to read the small and faded print, 2 of the screws provided had no threads and a couple of the bolt holes were drilled too small, so a few modifications were needed. The canopy rain protecter cover is only velcro'd on very flimsy. The Pergola more than adequately does it's job and we are happy with the product itself.

Kaye Canterbury

Freestanding Pergola

about 1 year ago


I bought two free-standing ones for my wooden deck. They fit perfectly and look great. They said it was a 'two-man job'. I am a 65 year-old- woman and put them both up by myself, after reinforcing the sub-structure of the deck. The instructions are terrible, with the illustrations two small and blurry to see. Please rectify this as a lot of other reviewers make the same complaint.

Merlyn Canterbury

Free standing pergola

over 2 years ago


Thrilled with our pergola. Looks great on our new deck. Read instructions carefully after reading that people had trouble. 1 person managed to put up in 2 1/2 days.

Dan Canterbury

Great on a wooden Deck

over 2 years ago


Had to cut 140mm off the legs to match the roof line, but perfect fit on my new kwillia deck. Used Galv coach bolts through to the bearers. Works so well.

Dan Christchurch


over 2 years ago


The pergola has worked perfectly and coincidentally was he perfect size for my new Kwila deck. I have managed to get at least one screw in each footing into the bearers so the whole thing is nice and stable. I have attached a picture of the finished product.

Bill Tauranga

Excellent Pergola

over 2 years ago


This is the first Trade Tested product that we have purchased. It arrived in a single box, including all parts and instructions. It took two half days to install with one other person helping. It took longer than expected to install because of a small error in the instructions - wrong size drill for the base anchors, but once that was sorted it went very smoothly. We are very happy with the end product - looks like a very good finish and everything fitted perfectly. A bit of noise when its windy but that's fine.

Steve Wellington


over 2 years ago


I'm really happy with this product. It has added lots of value to our outdoor area, and no one wants to bother with umbrellas! It was easy to put up in a day with 2ppl. Concrete corner bases easy to create. it seems very sturdy and we are in windy wellington. I have added some cheap velcro straps so it does not rattle around as much when the awning is extended.

Willis Nelson

Free standing pergola retractable

over 2 years ago


I found this fairly easy to install despite the terrible instructions !It looks really good and seems good quality for the money . My only negative is the rattling that the metal runners on the side make in even a slight breeze , I have ended up cable tying each one in place to stop the noise which is okay as I don't really need to open and close it .

Risey Te Horo Kapiti Coast

3m x 4m retractable canopy pergola

over 2 years ago


Great product Instructions not very clear & need re writing with pictures. Awesome value for money & recommended.

Ray Botany Downs

Great Service

over 2 years ago


Awesome product ran into a hiccup but was solved by a great service team member (Leo)! Excellent service, will purchase more products in the future.

Claire Auckland

Great shade for a great price

over 2 years ago


We looked hard for a cost effective awning that was robust, effective and affordable for a rental property. The tenants are really happy, it looks great. They said when the awning is pulled across the house is cooler. We love it's retractable and that we can purchase a replacement canvas. The uprights seem like they'll last. The tenants installed & added a brace as they thought the uprights could be more stable. The colour looks sharp.

Robbie South Canterbury

Pergola with Retractable awning

over 2 years ago


Easy to erect and turns our very sunny patio into a nicely shaded one.

Scott Otago


over 2 years ago


Was keen on this from description. During putting it together I found the instructions poor with not a lot of guidance. The pergola looks good, however it pretty light weight and I would not recommend anyone lean against the uprights. .they're pretty flimsy. I would not trust the roof in much wind either. . Very average. ..

Mike Otago

Patio pergola

over 2 years ago


Product is awesome. Exactly as described and shades the patio great. Very happy. Great value

Henry D Hawke's Bay

A bit light

over 2 years ago


The pergola was easy to install and everything went together ok. However when it was up I fould it to be a bit wobbly. Because it is not braced in any way it can easily sway side to side, not helped by the small brackets under each foot, most of the weight being on the top. Possibly due to the light material? Anyway I had to solve the problem by bracing two opposite corners against the house with angle iron to give it stability.

Subaru Northland

Freestanding pergola

over 2 years ago


This item does the job but a little wind and it is very noisy. The extra piece that goes over the cover when it is pulled in has insufficient Velcro so will not stay on if a bit of wind We do like the product but can see lots of improvements needed.

Jonty Taranaki

Freestanding Pergola with Retractable Canopy 3m x 4m

over 2 years ago


Excellent, Just what I was looking for, and well built too.

Phil Papatoetoe Auckland

Great product

over 2 years ago


Easy to erect best of both worlds when you need some shade from the sun pull the canopy across but if you want to take in some rays retract it back.

Frosty Auckland

Mixed feelings

over 2 years ago


Product looks good however from an assembly point the instructions are terrible they are bearly readable. Instances where holes are required to secure to patio recommended sizes are wrong. In its current form we would not recommend unless you are a tradie or a knowledgeable DIY person.

Pamela West Coast

Sunny Nelson

over 2 years ago


Pleased with product although the handyman found that the instructions were printed too small and sparse on detail. He had to cut 100cm off poles to slide under the 2.3cm height from concrete pad to eave measurement which would have been easier with a wall mounted article but I did not wish to attach anything to the exterior walls. The shade tucks under the eaves when not in use and open structure does not darken adjourning lounge. The 3m width was taken care of by placing two concrete footings in the garden. I am pleased with the colour, looks, delivery to door and reasonable price. I look forward to a sheltered outdoor family lunch on Christmas Day no matter what the weather.

Annie Canterbury

A good name as describes item well.

over 2 years ago


A great free standing pergola which doesn't impede the garden vision. It is very strong and durable and allows plenty of seating space. When windy it does rattle somewhat. We are very pleased with our purchase thank you.

Bgraham Otago

You get what you pay for.

over 2 years ago


Received our pergola just before labour weekend so it was a good long weekend project. On first inspection the finish looked good. The powder coating has a nice finish and looked to be well done. All the pieces are letter coded and the instructions seemed straight forward although the pictures could be a bit bigger and clearer in a couple of places. The only problems we had with construction were pretty minor, not all the washers were of the correct size so could only use just over half of them and the instructions said to drill a 12mm hole in the concrete but we were provided with 14mm bolts so I had to rush back to Mitre 10 before they closed and buy a 14mm drill bit. Other than that the construction went quite smoothly. Once on place however we found another couple of issues. The rope system only pulls the middle of the shade tight. The side are free to move back and forth in the slightest of breezes and this causes the sliders on each side to create a surprising amount of noise. A piece of string at each corner improved that but does make the process of putting the shade out and back a bit more of a hassle. All in all its a reasonably sturdy pergola with a nice finish. The shade sail itself is thick enough to stop the Central Otago sun but the running system is a bit cheap and noisy. Basically you get what you pay for. With that said I would recommend this pergola to people as long as they know what to expect.

Mottly Waikato

Absolutely fantastic

over 2 years ago


I love my pergola, its made with excellent quality products. Everything lines up perfectly. Nice and sturdy. And copes well in the stormy weather. 10 out 10 in my opinion

Ken Nelson

Pergola finally up!!! after delay due to injury.

over 2 years ago


Erection was fairly simple, but could be a lot easier if instructions had been better. The images were very small leading to redoing certain stages. Erected on wooden deck with reinforcing so we will see how it goes. Very good value and does what it is intended for.

Mario Otago

Pergola free standing

over 3 years ago


We recommend this pergola. It stands up well to light to med wind. We have lots of positive comments about how good it looks

MIke391 Auckland

Freestanding Pergola

over 3 years ago


this Item is all that I envisaged and the sales service from Trade Tested was all that I have come to expect. Thank You

G mcgraw Manawatu


over 3 years ago


Superb product, handled winds last night no problem and is so great on our deck, it has created outdoor living.

Chelle Auckland

Exactly what we needed

over 3 years ago


Easy to put up once we got the hang of it. It’s perfect for on our deck covering the bbq and bar area! Makes a bit of noise when the Sade is across when there’s a breeze but it’s so good to have the shade.

Toffeepop7 Paraparaumu Beach

Great for shade

over 3 years ago


Bought two of these to shade a large table and outdoor seating in a very sunny patio. Although instructions were in 'chinglish', and had had some errors in them (typos around lengths/widths), we worked this out and managed to put them up in a few hours. Am very pleased with the final result , pergolas are practical, and help to cool everything down.

Tracey Morrinsville


over 3 years ago


It's great but would recommend domes rather than Velcro for the top cover as it blows off in light wind

KiwiKim Te Awamutu

Freestanding Pergola

over 4 years ago


Very happy with the purchase, it doing what we intended it to do and that was to give us an area that we could relax in on our deck. The only downside would be the material that sits atop of the retractable cover, due to this only being held on by velcro we saw this addition to the design faulty. We will be looking to make additions to it by putting a screen across the back for privacy and maybe one down one side, otherwise very happy with purchase

Rex Waikato

Another project completed

over 4 years ago


A great product, it adds considerably to the overall ambience of the area. Followup re a couple of questions was outstanding.

Happy Christchurch

A great solution for shade when you need it

over 4 years ago


This light-weight pergola was the perfect solution for our patio where we need shade in summer but not in winter. It is a big job to install, especially if you have to drill holes in concrete to bolt the posts down, but it all went together well. We were a bit worried about how it would cope with strong winds as the pamphlet says it's not suitable for very windy places. Since it's been up we've had some fairly windy days and there haven't been any problems. The only thing we felt could be improved on is the velcro fastening for the cover which we think is a bit inadequate, and we may put something else on to hold it down, as it does flap up and down in the wind. But otherwise we are very happy with our purchase, and the very reasonable price. Definitely recommend this product.

Mark Christchurch

Great product

over 4 years ago


Its a great product. Looks great works well and good quality. My only negatives are the instructions are terrible and almost impossible to read, the other thing is it could do with more bracing in the corners to make it more stable/solid. I wouldn't want anyone to fall into it.

Chippy Canterbury

for fill our needs

over 4 years ago


The Pergola is great to relax under and does exactly as we wanted to improve our outdoor living and being able to roll it back out ofthe way when not using it is better.

Gio Auckland

Great Product !!!

over 4 years ago


Great product, works will on the deck.

AJ Waikato

The pergola looks great

over 4 years ago


It was easy to assemble and install, and It looks great. It is bit of a shame that the canopy sail can not really be left in use in the rain as it after a while the sail fills with water. The velcro rain cover seems way to loose, as on rainy days the rain cover also fills with water. Otherwise I am happy.

Simo Waikato

Free standing pergola

over 5 years ago


The pergola is just what we wanted for our bach decking


Water Poof Canopy

over 5 years ago


Used it for a social event in which we had to open the canopy as it rained - stayed waterproof all night.

Fosil Tauranga

Free standing pergola

over 5 years ago


Very professional & looks great.

Graeme Canterbury

Easy assembly

over 5 years ago


Fitted perfectly between our house and shed. Easy assembly does a great job of shading our morning sun. Thanks

S Nelson


over 5 years ago


Great but instructions lacking, and no bases on the legs as pictured.

Scuzzi Whakatane

A perfect shade solution

over 5 years ago


We needed a shade solution to go around a bay window at the front of the house. The pergola went together easily with good instructions. Found that the sail flapped around a bit in high winds, but that was not unexpected. Sorted it with 3 strips of velcro to put a bit of tension on the sail, and all was good. We are thrilled with the result.

Doco Kaitaia


over 5 years ago


Easy to put up with a group of friends. Instant shade and instant wow factor. Anyone can operate it and it certainly has added value to our house.

Cat Waikato

freestanding pergola

over 5 years ago


awesome pergola love it looks great

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