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Louvre Roof System 3m x 4m Charcoal

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Create the stunning, multi-use outdoor area you’ve always wanted with this sleek, architectural louvre roof.

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Product overview

Product overview

Create the stunning, multi-use outdoor area you’ve always wanted with this sleek, architectural louvre roof.

The integrated crank system allows you to easily and smoothly open or adjust the louvres. Open it right up and enjoy that perfect Kiwi summers day or keep it closed when the weather is changeable - the integrated gutters and internal downpipes make this roof system truly all-weather.

The crisp charcoal powder coat finish and contemporary style blends well with most outdoor areas, while the straightforward instructions make this a great DIY upgrade. The built-in gutters feature hidden outlets through the foot of each pole, letting the water disperse without the need for ugly pipework everywhere.

With its strong aluminium frame, louvres and galvanised fittings this roof system is built to last, while being easy to clean and maintain.

Each bank of louvres is operated by a separate gear crank system, so you really can tailor the shade to your needs. Keep one half cool and shady, then open the other side to vent the BBQ.

This amazing value free-standing system is the ideal way to add some architectural style to decks, patios, pool areas or any other area that you want to transform into a stunning outdoor living room.

• Free-standing 3m x 4m louvre roof system
• Create your ideal all-weather outdoor living space
• Twin, adjustable louvre banks
• Fully-integrated gutter system with internal downpipes
• Gear crank system for infinite adjustment
• Rust-proof powder coated aluminium construction
• Sleek charcoal finish & architectural style looks amazing anywhere
• Straightforward DIY assembly
• 2 Year Trade Tested Warranty

Total dimensions: W 2.962m x D 3.954m x H 2.3m
Frame material: Aluminium, 2.0mm (post) / 1.5mm (beam)
Louvre panel material: Aluminium, 1.4mm
Colour: Charcoal powder coat
Post dimensions: 230cm x 10cm x 10cm, 2.0mm aluminium
Louvre dimensions: L 135.4cm x W 14.5cm
Ground plate dimensions: 16cm x 16cm
Weight net/gross: 157/187.5kg
Carton dimensions: Carton 1 – 247cm x 23.5cm x 23.5cm, 29.6kg. Carton 2 – 384.5cm x 28cm x 25.5cm, 65.7kg. Carton 3 - 192cm x 35.5cm x 22cm, 51.9kg. Carton 4 - 143cm x 35.5cm x 30.5cm, 40.3kg.

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

8 votes
q: I have a deck near a bedroom. If it is windy are there an rattles from the louvres?
a: We haven't had any feedback to this effect, the louvres are seated in bushings to dampen vibration, so as long as they are assembled correctly it won't be an issue.
By Trade Tested on August 10, 2020
12 votes
q: What is the wind rating? Are these made in NZ? If not, where?
a: These are made in China, they are rated to 75km/h.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
11 votes
q: When closed, how waterproof are the louvres? For example, on a warm, calm, rainy day, could you sit outside under the louvres and not get dripped on?
a: Yes definitely these will keep the water out, they also have an internal guttering system for runoff.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
8 votes
q: Is the 2.3m high to the underside of the 'roof' or is the 2.3m to the top of the 'roof'
a: This is to the top of the roof, the total height when the louvres are open vertically is 237cm.
By Trade Tested on April 20, 2020
4 votes
q: Do the base plates fall within the width dimensions of 2.962m? e.g. If I only have 2.962m of deck can I still fix the base within that space?
a: Yes this dimension includes the base plates.
By Trade Tested on July 8, 2020
3 votes
q: 1) To what angle do the Louvres open? Do they open up to 90 degrees from horizontal or more. 2) can the Louvres be installed in either direction, that is if say the roof system is installed in an east/west orientation, can the Louvres be installed so they open to the east to let in the morning sun?
a: They open up to 90, yes you can install facing whichever way you want.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
2 votes
q: Are the nuts and bolts, corner brackets and louvre pivot mechanism manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel or regular steel.
a: Fixing and bolts are either hot-dip galv or stainless, the corner brackets are aluminium, the mechanisms are - aluminum for gearbox, zinc alloy for the gearbox connector, stainess steel for push and pull parts.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
0 votes
q: Hello, We have a patio with pavers that are about 50-60mm thick. Can those be used for the base as I am not sure if they are too thin and might crack when drilled into etc?
a: It really depends on what they're made of and how well secured, so big flagstones would be a yes, cobblestones iffy, most other stone could crack - we would suggest talking to a specialist familiar with your particular material.
By Trade Tested on January 19, 2021
2 votes
q: What is the maximum wind rating for these? I live in the Marlborough sounds which is a high wind rating area and have personally witnessed some extreme gusts during storms there.
a: These are not rated for high wind zones, they're rated to 75km/h.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
2 votes
q: This looks like what I need on my patio.....could you explain how it should be installed in the ground. I have a concrete/pebbled outdoor flooring area.
a: You would need to drill into the concrete and install using Excalibur or dyna bolts.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
1 vote
q: If the posts have internal gutters, how does the water drain if these are dyna bolted to concrete?
a: There are outlets at the foot (on the side not underneath), you can see these in picture 4.
By Trade Tested on June 1, 2020
0 votes
q: I am looking at just using the roof of this to put onto an existing pergola. Basically the roof of this unit will be sitting on top of the exisitng pergola rafters. Is this possible? Obviously will need to do a downpipe of some kind seeing the existing pergola doesn't have internal piping
a: Your major issue is that the uprights also form the corner of the roof, so you will need to cut the posts and use the top section in order to create the roof structure.
By Trade Tested on November 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Are the louvres mounted as two sets of 3m x 2 m to make the 4m total length?
a: No they are 2 sets 1.5 x 4m (actual louvre blade is 135.4cm long).
By Trade Tested on May 28, 2020
0 votes
q: Does it come with side walls?
a: No it doesn't.
By Trade Tested on October 27, 2020
1 vote
q: Do you need council consent for this?
a: No you shouldn't need to, it's not enclosed, just a cover, but we always recommend checking with your local council just in case.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
1 vote
q: Hi, is this 3m high× 4m width? If so , what length does it come in. I'm looking for 5.4m length. Is this possible?
a: We only do fixed sizes up to 4 x 4m.
By Trade Tested on April 28, 2020
1 vote
q: Does it come in a 3m *5m?
a: No it doesn't.
By Trade Tested on March 9, 2020
0 votes
q: Is there an electric kit available for opening & closing the louvers
a: No there isn't.
By Trade Tested on September 18, 2020
1 vote
q: Looks like there is a slope on the roof. Can you tell me the height of high side and height of low side?
a: The fall is created by the centre beam being slightly higher than the outer channels. Both ends of the cover are the same height.
By Trade Tested on February 25, 2020
-1 votes
q: Can your louvre system be integrated into a concrete tile roof on an approximate 30 degree roof pitch - with louvres running on the roof pitch angle (not horizontal) ?
a: Not by design, this would require major modification.
By Trade Tested on August 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi - Does the height 2.3m include the 50 cms recommended to put in concrete (ie would it be 2.8m if it was mounted to decking)? Thanks
a: No that is just the dimension of the post.
By Trade Tested on May 22, 2020
-2 votes
q: can two 3x4 be joined together to make one 6x4?
a: Not really, you'd need to go end to end.
By Trade Tested on May 15, 2020
0 votes
q: Does this come in white? Or do you have plans to provide it in white?
a: No, no plans at this stage.
By Trade Tested on May 20, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, Can the W of 3m be cut short to 2.7m or less to suit the requirement?thanks
a: Anything is possible, but this would be a major reworking - you would need to resize all louvres etc etc.
By Trade Tested on May 15, 2020
-1 votes
q: Do you sell any with adjustable legs by chance? We have a set of stairs in the way and need one leg shorter than the others.
a: No we don't however you can trim the posts.
By Trade Tested on May 15, 2020
0 votes
q: Would the posts be able to be cut to adjust the height to mount on side to steps? Also can the system be simply screwed into timber decking without any further foundations?
a: Yes they can, no you would need to reinforce the mounting points.
By Trade Tested on May 11, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi, on the 3m x4m, unit, is the centre beam 3m or 4m. Thanks
a: It's 4m.
By Trade Tested on May 7, 2020
0 votes
q: Do they come in other sizes. Like 5 x 4?
a: No the largest is 4 x 4.
By Trade Tested on May 5, 2020
0 votes
q: Do the louvres open back fully to one side so the top is open area. Or are they just fixed in spot and just open and close. Thanks.
a: They are fixed.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi.....Are there sides available as an option. I know with some brands there are or would having some custom fitted be a better option ?
a: No these don't have the option of adding side blinds, but as you say it would be fairly straightforward to do.
By Trade Tested on April 21, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi do you this 3m *5 m or can be preordered ? Cheeers
a: No, we don't offer custom sizing unfortunately.
By Trade Tested on March 31, 2020
-1 votes
q: We want to put two posts on a deck and two down some steps - are they adjustable?
a: They're not adjustable, you would need to cut 2 shorter to do this.
By Trade Tested on March 26, 2020
0 votes
q: Can these be wall mounted one side with slight modifications?
a: Yes they could be, however it depends how you define slight! You would need to cut the posts at one end - as these also act as the frame corner, plug the drainage holes and work out a mounting method for your application.
By Trade Tested on February 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Do these come in white? Or any other colours?
a: No just the one colour.
By Trade Tested on February 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi , i see the one in picture is screwed to a hardwood deck , is this ok , where i want to put it is sheltered from the prevailing wind.
a: Yes you would need suitable reinforcement underneath the mounting points.
By Trade Tested on February 18, 2020
0 votes
q: Are the posts available in a longer length, also does the system have a wind zone rating.
a: Just the one length, it's not rated for high wind zones, it's tested up to 75km/h.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
0 votes
q: Is the Louvre roof fully waterproof when closed like your patio covers. How complicated are they to assemble or do they come partially assembled?
a: Yes it is, they are fairly straightforward you can view the manual using the link above.
By Trade Tested on February 13, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 122 reviews
Joan Joyce Hamilton


7 days ago


Wonderful asset to my house. Thanks so much.

Mike Nelson

Louvre System

9 days ago


This product was awesome. Everything fitted perfectly and seems to be great quality. Very happy with this, would highly recommend. I checked other shops and for more money they were crap quality. The winder mechanisms felt like they would break after a week.

Beks Whangarei

Louvre roof

10 days ago


Awesome product. Well priced. Reasonably easy to put together, although it makes it much easier to have a few extra hands if possible! Looks fabulous.... we absolutely love ours

Bobbie Auckland


16 days ago


Attractive structure acts like a picture frame to our native garden. We are thrilled

Macca Paraparaumu

Louvres Pergolas

19 days ago


Very happy with the product

HappyRelaxer Manawatu-Wanganui

Louvre Roof

23 days ago


This is a quality product that really works. Love the way it has transformed our use of the outdoors. Need to be handy with tools to put it up.

LBJ Auckland

3x4 Louvre Roof System

27 days ago


Purchased this from Trade Tested online. This is the first time that I had brought anything from them. We are very happy with it. Very easy to assemble all the parts were there and now have a great covering for our outdoor area. I have no problem in recommending Trade Tested to deal with.

Michelle Havelock North

Louvre roof system

about 1 month ago


This incredible roof system has totally changed the way we live outdoors. We actually spend time on our deck now as it’s not too hot or glary. Cannot recommend this product highly enough! And it’s such a great price. Love it!

Dean Tauranga

3x4 Louvre System

about 1 month ago


Excellent product. Highly recommend

June Wellington

Worth waiting for

about 1 month ago


Absolutely delighted with my new roof. Had to wait for a couple of months but it was worth it. For the price it’s excellent quality and feels really stable. It took about 4 hours to complete construction.

Susan Bay of Plenty

3m x 4m Pergola

about 1 month ago


We are really happy with our purchase. It wasn't the easiest of things to put together and is definitely a two person construction to start with. I could not be happier with Trade Tested as a company. They kept us informed on a regular basis as to the status of our order. Will definitely use them again.

Ange Hawke’s Bay

Lourve Roof System

about 1 month ago


Great product good quality and works well for our outside area.

Pixie1 Hastings

Louver pergola

about 1 month ago


Good instructions, it did however have three misaligned holes as I'm an engineer I was able to rectify. Overall thought it was a good quality product.

Glynis Palmerston North

Louvre Pergola

about 1 month ago


Absolutely love it ! Went together easily in about 4 hours for two people . Perfect, given us an outdoor room we didn’t have .

Jo Auckland

Perfect for Summer!

about 1 month ago


Excellent gazebo for the summer temperatures and looks stylish too!

Marjorie Otago George Martin

Louvre Roof 4x3.

about 1 month ago


Excellent product, as advertised. easy assembled simple instructions would recommend the product.

Paul Bay of Plenty


about 1 month ago


We purchased 2 of these to go on our deck and replace a shade sail which flapped in the wind and was really useless. They were easy to put up and far exceeded our expectations. Our deck is now usable in all weather and has cooled our house down in the heat of summer. Highly recommend this product.

Dave Rakaia

Louvre roof system 3m x 3m

about 1 month ago


Fantastic product, super easy to self build really happy with this pergola, excellent quality and value for money.

Carole Southland

Lourved deck roof

about 1 month ago


LOve this product. It was on 2/5th the cost of other options and with louvres was next level. It took my son just under 4 hours to put up ( and one hour for me to unpack LOL). Its standing up very well to the wind, rain and sunshine in Southland. It has extended my north facing kitchen even more. We have had breakfast, lunches and dinners on the deck under shade. Love it

JR Whanganui

3x4 Pergola

about 1 month ago


Highly recommend this product. Exactly as described with instruction easy to read, no hassels with the construction and an awesome addition to our patio. Highly recommend this to all our family and friends.

Andy J Taranaki


about 1 month ago


Very happy with our 4m x 4m louvre system, was easy to set with good instructions. Excellent product and price.

Mike Hamilton

Louvre Roof System 4m x 4m Charcoal

about 1 month ago


Great easy to install and really did the job!

Blondie Tauranga


about 1 month ago


Louvre looks amazing. A day to construct and put in place but well worth it. We can spend more time outside and enjoy the shade and shelter.

Pool lovers Auckland

Great product

about 1 month ago


We are very pleased with this. It is just what we hoped for and provides great shade and feels very solid. It took us about 6.5 hours to put up and we had the whole family working hard together to do it. 5 stars for the product but less for ease of putting up

Ben Whangarei

Makes a great outdoor space

about 1 month ago


Great product, does what it should

Di and John Omori

4 x 4 Louvre

about 1 month ago


Great buy, had good clear instructions for assembling. We are very happy with the end result

Russell Kinloch

Great Product

about 1 month ago


I was very pleased with the quality of the kit. Everything fitted together nicely & the finish is excellent. Only comment would be there are no extra fasteners so don't loose any.

Dc Christchurch


about 1 month ago


We love it. Exactly what we wanted

Andy Wellington

Exceeds expectations

about 1 month ago


We purchased this product having seen one on display. It was easy to construct and has proven to be very effective. I was particularly impressed how robust it was. It has improved the look of our entire deck area and made it useable even in the unrelenting Wairarapa sun.

Ash Strandon

Great quality and easy to assemble

about 1 month ago


This is a well constructed item and the components were high quality. The assembly instructions were a little short on detail (sometimes a close-up diagram was missing) but it was not difficult to assemble, and looks great.

Alan Christchurch

Louvre roof system

about 1 month ago


Well engineered product and easily assembled. Trade Tested are reliable.

Bronwyn Hamilton

Louvre roof system

about 1 month ago


Awesome smart trendy and just what we wanted

Red Auckland

Excellent Outdoor Louvre

about 1 month ago


Excellent product - All the items arrived down to the last bolt. Took 4 hours to install (2 people) - Use it daily and has become another room to the home. Only change is used larger bolts to bolt to the concrete pad.

Towna Invercargill


about 1 month ago


We are very happy with this product. Easy to assemble looks fabulous and so far has with stood strong winds. We would recommend this product to anyone wanting to add an extra 'room' to their house

Jimmi Auckland

Great shade

about 1 month ago


Recommended. Good product and a good price. Surprisingly good at keeping out moderate rain.

Lindsay Auckland


2 months ago


From unpacking to sitting down with a beer we estimate this 4x4 system took hubby 8 hours on his own to erect. It is fantastically easy and has expanded our out door area by creating another room. We did it over a 3 day period as he’s 70 and it was too hot during the day. Love it and would recommend it.

MSM Tauranga

Louvre system

3 months ago


Awesome and very easy to install. Has expanded our outdoor enter area perfectly.

Happy customer Auckland

Great product

3 months ago


Very happy with our louvre pergola, looks great and we are using our deck so much more now that we have shade!

Jack Te Awamutu


3 months ago


Brilliant product.

Margie Bay of Plenty

Does the trick!

3 months ago


Exactly what was needed on our deck. It has extended our outdoor dinning and living area by 12 mtrs square. Very happy with purchase! Just a doesn't have curtains with it, and they aren't a stock item at Trade Tested. I had to make one for privacy...would be nice to have that option though :-)

Kris Wellington

Great Roof system

3 months ago


Purchased this on Trade Tested website without even looking. Initially was a bit skeptical whether it is a good product or not but it turned out to be a great roof system. It withstood strong winds in Wellington and didn't leak through the roof in heavy rain.. I would recommend this to anybody without a doubt. Its a great addition to our backyard. Now we are spending more time in our backyard under this.

Kev Auckland


3 months ago


Throw the instruction manual away and pre-assemble all the parts first. Stand the frame work up and centre where you want it to go so that everything is straight. Draw around the four corner uprights and then move each upright and screw down the base plate. Position the upright onto the base plate and screw it together. Everything fitted perfectly and looks good.

Adriaan Wellington

Louvre Roof in the windy city

4 months ago


What a pleasure it was to unwrap all the boxes and put this system together. Two major things: 1. Very good instructions and 2. Very well packaged product. A friend and I managed to put the whole roof up in two days and it was so easy by just following the well written instructions. This is a product well worth the money with a very high standard in quality and ease of operation. Well done guys!!

Maxine queenstown


4 months ago


These are great I was a bit skeptical at first but I was wrong they are perfect and we've had some strong wind and they are still standing

Becks Christchurch

Louvre Roof System

4 months ago


We're super impressed with the quality of our Louvre system. A highly recommended company. A+++

Karla Southland

Louvre Roof System

4 months ago


The system was easy enough to put together, it looks great! We did hunt for screws and washers that had come loose. My partner is a builder so he braced it better himself and we have had two very gusty windy days and it has held in place. Overall happy with it, it looks great. Would have loved a bigger one.

Dave Orcland

Great product, minor points to note

5 months ago


Overall really happy with the product, just a couple of tweaks would make it perfect: - the installation guide has one critical step regarding fitting the louvre fins which is very hard to figure out, more detail in the picture for it please - there aren’t enough of the black plastic grommets, they cost nothing so not sure why you couldn’t be a bit more liberal with them - the bolts for fixing the structure to the ground are cheap and crappy, the tops of two of them sheared off completely

Stew Auckland

does what i wanted it to do

5 months ago


At over half the price of other systems good value for the money



5 months ago


Superb new outdoor room!

Jacko Waikato

Louvre Roof

5 months ago


This is a very good product made of quality materials. I put it up by myself in around 5hrs, it is water tight even in heavy rain and does all it is design for. We looked at a lot of different products and for the price and quality these are by far the best in the NZ market

Sharron Hastings

Louvre roof system

5 months ago


We received this purchase on time and found it very easy to assemble. Absolutely love it! It is even watertight.

Jojo Auckland

Sturdy, stylish and super easy to assemble

5 months ago


We're delighted with our new louvre system. We took less than a whole day to set up - need a couple of people for some of this. It works perfectly, is waterproof and very sturdy (we've had stormy weather to put it to the test). Great that it has two separately operating louvres so you can customise the light. Highly recommend this product -good value for money.

Craig hamilton

Great value

5 months ago


Got this put up yesterday and it looks great. really happy with the purchase.

Rasscal Nelson

Great patio

5 months ago


Great product at a great price compared to competitors. Came well packaged and was easy to install although takes some time and requires a little bit of handyman. It has transformed our backyard and we love it, can only recommend it.

Brian Cambridge

Louvre roof system

5 months ago


Awesome product, simple instructions included easy to assemble, looks great.

Phil_NZ Auckland

Louvre Roof System 4m x 4m Charcoal

5 months ago


Purchased online with delivery. Arrived in a number of boxes and well packaged. I'm impressed with the quality of the fittings, all the exposed metal is stainless steel. Putting the frame up with straight forward, a couple of hours. Fitting all the louvres in by myself took considerably longer, 6-8 hours work all up for a DIY job.

Daisy Bay of Plenty

Louvre Roof System 3m x 4m charcoal

5 months ago


I love my louvre roof system. It's everything I'd hoped for and also provides shade into my lounge, protecting the carpet and my lounge suite. I got recommended installers Kitset Installers Ltd (2 men) who had it all up in 3 hours!

Max queenstown

louvre roof

5 months ago


Great product easy to put up am unsure if it will be ok in strong winds though, fingers crossed

Norfolk Properties Auckland

A great product.

5 months ago


I have put up 3 of these now and are very impressed.

Skier63 Auckland

Shade and Shelter

5 months ago


Very good quality product with extensive installation instructions. Very sturdy with good wind rating.

Andrea Auckland

It’s amazing we love it

5 months ago


Very high quality great value for money - my husband assembled it - he took 2 of the legs off and attached it to the side of the house with a slight lean on it to divert any water to the leg sides - we are very happy

CarolK Auckland

fantastic purchase

6 months ago


It went up very easily, however that was with 3 people, which seems the best way to go! Looks great, and no rain has made it through so far.

Brucey Waikato

Happy As

6 months ago


My Wife and I assembled in less than 6 hrs. She kept me on track with the manual which was followed to the letter. Very happy with our addition to our Happy Hour area

Sal Rotorua

Value for money A++

6 months ago


Awesome. Doesn’t leak when it rains lightly. Only gripe was we had to buy some extra push in plastic caps because some were broken and missing. Fantastic otherwise

Grant Bay of Plenty

Trade Tested 100% for me..

6 months ago


We've just put up a 4 x 3 mtr gazebo (louvred) from Trade Tested.. We did our homework, and the equivalent size from a major retail store was $1000 difference in the retail price.. Even taking my ''Gold Card'' discount into account, their price was still $600 dearer than TT.. I have since been back to buy other items from the store, and talking to other people looking at the Louvre, telling them to check out the Trade Tested site and compare the products.. I would recommend Trade Tested 100 %..

HandyAndy Auckland

Value ? Well it's great bang for your buck - but how long will it last?

6 months ago


Well it's great bang for your buck - but will it last? Compared to other solutions on the market this unit is a 1/5th of the price. The components are ok. Aluminium mostly which is good. Some components were loose or had come undone in transit, one of the posts had no machined threads (see pic)- so those had to be remedied with a drill and dye. Wind load is pretty low - but is should only be the blades that depart if exposed to a high wind. The winding mechanism is light and probably the weakest point. Design-wise its pretty good - ideally the internal post supports would go deeper into the beams for further structural rigidity and could eliminate the painful to install, corner detail. So if you can be exposed to higher winds you might look elsewhere. Expect a bit of DIY with the install (the manual is OK but you have to spend time with the language used). Check back in a year or too to see the real outcome - Otherwise this is a Great object at a great price.

Tall Raumati Beach

4x4 meter louvre canopy

6 months ago


I bought a 4x4 meter louvre canopy It was easy to set up no trades man required my son and grand son, my wife, daughter it went up in no time

Fred Kaiwaka


6 months ago


Easy as to assemble on your own, little bit of reading instructions twice then into it, a decent step ladder is a must.

TSB Otago

Great Product

6 months ago


This is my second purchase and its ever bit as good.

Grassman Coromandel

Review of louvre roof

6 months ago


Now assembled and looking great. Instructions were generally clear and easy to follow although sorting out the start of installing the louvred was a challenge.. Definitely good value for the price.

Annalise Northland

We love this!!!!

6 months ago


We absolutely love this as it has made our outdoor area so much cooler, one thing I think would be great is to be able to purchase optional clear sides that you could have up or down depending on the weather.

Steve Auckland

great Louvre system.

6 months ago


Easy to put up and looks great. It takes a little while to put up but is pretty simple. I got 2 and they look great.

Shady rest Timaru

Louvre Roof 3x4

6 months ago


Very pleased with this product. Went together easily, good instructions. Has stood up to wind and rain so far, keeping outdoor furniture dry. Shade when needed, sun when required.

Debbie Auckland

Great Option

6 months ago


Last weekend we installed our new gazebo, it was relatively easy apart from getting it squared-off which was actually our fault. We found the most useful piece of kit was our rubber mallet which enabled us to put in the little plastic plugs on top of the louvers very easily - I would recommend having a rubber mallet when doing the installation but overall the installation was easy and didn't cause a divorce!

Greenangel123 Whangarei

Great addition to our outdoor area

6 months ago


A lovely product, relatively easy to install however some of the louvre panels don't clip in that easily and can be easily bent. Took approx 5 hrs to install.

Terry Oamaru

How good thus product id

6 months ago


Excellent product.

Arthur Lake Hawea


7 months ago


Great product and quality. Easily assembled by 2 people. Looks very smart. Transformed the area. We used it to create a covered spa area. Louvers do actually keep the rain out and add to the uneakness and flexibility of this product.

Happy Customer Auckland

Awesome Louvre system

7 months ago


Louvre system very easy to install. Very happy with the end result and matches the outdoor furniture we brought from Trade Tested as well. Thank you

Annie Christchurch


7 months ago


The Louvre roof system has added another room to my home. I can now relax on my outdoor furniture ‘rain or shine’. I’m looking forward to summer outdoor living. I employed Kitset Assembly Services to assemble to unit, it took less than a morning to complete. Brilliant !!

Perry Auckland

Great patio cover

7 months ago


Great quality, looks great and was fairly easy to put up. The little black louvre clips are a bit of a pain, slowly adding those. Looking forward to summer.

Riza Cromwell

Thanks it just look awesome

7 months ago


We love the purchase.. already told many friends and family to buy from trade tested.

Lisa Otago

Louvre Roof System

7 months ago


Excellent product. Functional & stylish & easily assembled. Looks great.

Jimmac Waikato

4m x 4m Louvre cover

7 months ago


Louvre roof is fairly easy to assemble, took me 9 hours start to finish totally on my own. One hold up was the screws that secure the pivoting mechanism had unwound during transit maybe and 2 were missing so needed a trip to the store to get replacements. This is the one area that could probably be improved as it seems these screws need to be left a little loose to let the louvres open and close freely otherwise the quality of the product seems great and is good value for money compared to many other brands.

Sainkar Bay of Plenty

Wow factor added

7 months ago


Good planning and help makes this a good Saturday job. Erected and complete by dinner time. Had guests over the next day, great for entertaining and shade from the hot summer sun. Also purchased the Sandpiper Rattan Lounge Suite with an extra arm chair.

Brian R Canterbury

Great Purchase

7 months ago


Great Louvre System, couldn't be more pleased. Best purchase ever.

Tomo Auckland

Louvre system

7 months ago


Great product, fantastic quality and fair price

Garth Whangaparaoa

Great Louvre Roof System

8 months ago


Easy to install. Works well and looks great.

RogerG Hamilton

Value for money

8 months ago


We got a quote to have one made to order in NZ and they wanted $24,000 so this is pretty cheap and not too hard to put up with just two people. Instructions aren't too clear but once figured out the fins are easy to fit. The plastic grommet that locks each fin into the frame is a little flimsy, a rivet behind it would add strength. Would say it is shower proof but doesn't cope with heavy rain. Overall pleased with it.

Mid-century fan Lower Hutt

Love it

8 months ago


Such a great price and looks amazing. Took about 6 hours to put together, putting the louvres in takes a while but much faster with a helper. Took about an hour to work out how to fix the first static louvre, as people have mentions the instructions are great apart from this stage but one you work that out it’s simple enough.

Barney Whangamata

Louvre roof system

8 months ago


Fantastic product. Easy to install no dramas. Helps when you’re married to an engineer I guess

Darryl Southland

Great Product

8 months ago


Easy to install couple of tips The end with the winder on it should face south if you want the blades to open to the northern sun and suggest you leave the screws at the top of the posts loose until the 2 horizontal roof beams are installed

Chase Hamilton


8 months ago


This Louvre system is outstanding, was very easy to install and looks incredible! Has made a huge difference to our outdoor dining area. Excellent quality product, very happy. We are very impressed.

Wayne Auckland

Too easy

8 months ago


Fantastic product easy to assembly for any DIY-er looks great taking pride of place on the deck. Brilliant product for a really great price. Thanks Trade Tested.


Louvre roof

8 months ago


Very pleased with this product. Did exactly what it was designed for. Very easy to assemble your self.

Grasshopper Christchurch

Louvre Roof System 3m x 3m

8 months ago


Received in excellent condition. The product was easily erected by recommended the company. The product is absolutely superb and real value for the outlay.

LH Waihi

Great Quality!

8 months ago


We found our Pergola simple to assemble and the quality is much better than we expected! The Louvres are well designed and work great.

Ghopper Hamilton

Good product

9 months ago


Very good product and quality. Better than I expected. I set it up on a concrete floor and it is very solid and firm. I have recommended it to my colleagues.

Paul Auckland

Louvre Roof

9 months ago


great product, looks great, easy to install, happy as

RogerG Hamilton

Overall pleasing

9 months ago


The superstructure goes together with relative ease. It’s easy with just two people to assemble using a couple of ladders at the very least and a battery drill with socket attachment (not provided – not even an Allen key) to wind in the machine screws quickly. Using a picnic type table makes it easier with preassembly and substitutes plank and ladders when fitting the louvre foils. The pivoting brackets that the louvre foils attach to should be checked that they are screwed in properly without tightening it fully. We found some of these unwound a lot and one had fallen out in transit which took some finding the screw and washers. I’ll try and add some pictures to make the foil fitting a bit clearer as we struggled with this and the instructions are not very clear. However, once understood fitting the louvres is easy for one person to do. If you are in a windy area I reckon you could drill and fit either a 1/8th or 5/32nd rivet behind each plastic grommet in the foil to make it more secure. The grommet fixing is about the only thing that lets the ensemble disappointing. The assembly is well engineered and it’s an area that could benefit from a little more thought. Getting the fins right can be challenging. Fitting them with the unit cranked open so they are vertical work best. Use long nose pliers to remove the grommets that buckle if you have to but don’t dispose of them as there are no spares – try to reuse where they go in more easily. When fitting the angle braces on the side of the posts, using a quick grip clamp and predrilling the holes with a 3mm bit makes installing the tex screws with a battery driver and bit much easier. Note: there are no spare tex screws either, we were one short and had to improvise :( We swapped out the coach screws for fitting the structure for masonry 8m x 65mm anchor bolts. An 8mm masonry bit was used to drill the concrete. The gearing is really pleasing, quick to open or close with little effort.

WRL Otago


9 months ago


Great purchase. Value for money.

Darryl Palmerston North

Quality is superb

9 months ago


We are very happy with our purchase and the quality is superb. Unbelievably easy to assemble, I had this up in a day with a little help from my good wife. I had been in the Aluminium window and door manufacturing business for over 35 years so I am very good impressed. As you can see it fits in with our house and deck perfectly. So a big thank you.

Fawacre BOP

Louvre roof system

9 months ago


Fitted together well. How to fit the louvres needs a larger diagram. Needed a magnifying glass to see how it went together. Got a wind test the day after it was put up. Stood up to it with no problems.

Happyg Christchurch

Oasis in the back garden

9 months ago


Very easy system to assemble and erect, was done done with just the family in sections. Love the separate louvres which works really well for shading the sun depending on where you are sitting. The gutters work really well for removing the water under the deck. Thanks Trade Tested for a good system. Just need to install some form of wind breaks for the southerly.

Tall Raumati Beach

4x4 meter Louvre canopy

9 months ago


This is a good quality unit ,easy to put up, every bit fitted perfect

Stevo64 Bay of Plenty

Louvre roof

9 months ago


Went together really well and was just like pictures, very happy with the finished product.

Akl Auckland

Very happy with the purchase

9 months ago


Easy to assemble.

Go for it Tasman

Not quite a 4 x 4

9 months ago


Yay I finally have it up. Firstly it should be noted that it is 3.9 metre square and not 4 as suggested in the main advertising. Easy to put up and looks good. There was only one exception and that relates to the louvres. They were awkward and difficult to correctly align. And then there was the need to put in the plastic grommets which wasn't the easiest thing to do. There are some rust spots appearing on some stainless steel screws which I wil be watching.

Hans Parua bay

Louvre roof

9 months ago


Great product easy to assemble and looks great

Mac Taranaki

Louvre Roof system

9 months ago


Very impressed with quality and ease of erecting this product, being 77 years old it was a breeze to fit together a bit of planning and forethought is required ,can’t emphasise strongly enough to mull over instructions before starting. 10 out of 10 for this product.

Dubs South Island

4x4 Lourve

9 months ago


So happy with this system. Easy to assemble and does not leak. Would recommend for sure.

Do it yourself mate.. Upper Hutt

Louvre Roof System 3m x 4m

9 months ago


I was able to complete 95% of the work without assistance of a 2nd person and did it all in one day. The instructions to fit the louvre blades are not clear but once you work out how to “clip them in” its a breeze to complete.

Al Christchurch

Easy as

9 months ago


What a beautiful product. Very easy to install. Everyone who comes to visit us all say how nice it looks.

Paul Bonini Easy Christchurch

Easy Assembly

10 months ago


Well packaged, easy to install and quality item.

Gazza Hamilton NZ

Louvre roof system 3 x 4m

10 months ago


Excellent product, very well designed, nicely manufactured, easy to assemble. Quality component made it easy to put together. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Dave P Taranaki

Added value

10 months ago


The louvre roofing system has enhanced the indoor/outdoor flow of the house and added real value to the property.

Dave Hamilton

Louvre roof system

10 months ago


Easy to put up and works well.

Simon Canterbury

Joined two together & attached to house

12 months ago


Purchased 2 of these just before the lockdown, have attached them under the eves, & removed those posts almost all the way up, used the provided sealant to fill the drainage holes, also had to shorten the posts by about 40-50mm off the bottom, bolted the two together, but there is a small gap between them that I'll have to make a flashing for. Quite Pleased with the way it turned out.

Deano Manawatu


about 1 year ago


This is a great outdoor louvre system at a very affordable price. Really easy to assemble, it is water proof as described, and looks great when up. Highly recommend.

MikeV Auckland


about 1 year ago


Very good value for money

Navara Auckland

Louvre Roof

about 1 year ago


Great value for money, and good quality as well. Went together nicely and had it up in 4 hours with a little help from my daughter.

Terry Paihia

Just the best

about 1 year ago


Easy assemble, high quality finish, and the perfect partner for the Trade Tested Quarterdeck Outdoor Dining Table and chairs.

Dave Auckland

High quality and easy to assemble

about 1 year ago


Put up in a day. High quality and works as advertised. Nice to see extra fixings and easy to follow instruction. Rained today and can confirm it’s watertight when closed.

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