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Backpack Mist Blower 14L

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This powerful 14L Backpack Mist Blower is great for misting and dusting of herbicides, pesticides, and liquid and granular fertilisers. Perfect for both professionals and casual sprayers, this is a great size for fruit orchards, any sort of vegetable horticulture, or even vineyards.

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Product overview

This powerful 14L Backpack Mist Blower is great for misting and dusting of herbicides, pesticides, and liquid and granular fertilisers. Perfect for both professionals and casual sprayers, this is a great size for fruit orchards, any sort of vegetable horticulture, or even vineyards.

With a grunty 41.5cc motor, it can blast out mist to a distance of 12m at 3L or more per minute. The unit has an extra large mouth that’s easy to fill and all seals are of the highest quality (NBR), guaranteed to stand up to the harshest chemicals for years.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry on your back, so you can get a full tank around without any trouble. Throw out your old sprayer and get the tool for serious misting. Order yours today.

Comes with a 1 Year Trade Tested warranty. Replacement parts available.

• Suitable for misting and dusting
• Petrol-powered 41.5cc motor
• Heavy duty tank
• Diaphragm pump
• Throttle and flow control
• Pull-start
• Pressure relief valve
• Wide mouth with replaceable NBR seals
• Three misting nozzles and one dusting nozzle
• Filters included
• 1 Year warranty

Motor: 2.13kW, 41.5cc
Speed: 7,500RPM
Ignition: CDI
Mixed fuel ratio: 25-30:1
Capacity: 14L
Tank material: Polypropylene
Nozzle material: Polypropylene
Maximum pressure: 43.5-50.7psi (3.0-3.5 bar)
Maximum spraying radius: 2.5-3.0m
Maximum spraying distance: 12m
Maximum flow rate: 3L/min or 3.7kg/min
Tube length: 127.5cm
Overall dimensions: 47.5 x 40.5 x 66cm
Weight: 10.5kg

Remember to take proper safety precautions and follow the recommended operating instructions. Always wear appropriate personal protection equipment.

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Questions and answers

0 votes
Would this be suitable to spread Stalson ( a fine powder) in calf pens
Yes this machine is great for dusting work in these types of areas
By Trade Tested on October 01 2023
0 votes
Can I use this for spraying a vineyard?
Yes that sounds like a great way to use this mist blower.
By Trade Tested on June 19 2023
0 votes
so i gather this can be used to spray large amounts of weeds on a lifestyle block
Yes, this would be ideal.
By Trade Tested on August 23 2022
0 votes
Good morning, making a decision to buy the Mist Blower or a Regular sprayer for a 2metre high hedge x 600 that surrounds our pool area.
We'd definitely go with the mist blower for a job this big.
By Trade Tested on May 06 2022
1 vote
Hi, Is the mist blower and its seals etc compatible with Metsulphuron (sp?) herbicide for gorse and broom and associated spray marking dies.
Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on March 20 2019
1 vote
How high can the mist reach when I stand on the ground? Can I spray 30 seconds for cleaning the roof?
You can use 30 Seconds for this, however you would need to clean out the blower thoroughly with water afterward to prevent swollen seals. The radius is approx 3.5-3m, but take a bit off for spraying up in the air. We would recommend getting up on the roof to do a proper job.
By Trade Tested on January 06 2019
0 votes
How does it blow granulated fertilizer?
It has a powder gate that drops fine powders and granules directly into the fan casing.
By Trade Tested on January 06 2021
0 votes
Can you use sodium hypochlorite in this? Highly corrosive material?
No its not designed for this.
By Trade Tested on April 28 2020
0 votes
Could this machine be used for indoor microbial misting or fogging
Yes it could.
By Trade Tested on March 31 2020
0 votes
Would this also be able to do the same job as a backpack leaf blower - when its not needed for misting?
No it's quite different, the airspeed is not comparable.
By Trade Tested on January 15 2020
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  • orchard
14lt mist blower

Highly recommend. Absolutely brilliant to reach the higher branches a std sprayer will not.

Sharon Auckland
Not Bad - needs some tweaks

Not a bad blower when used horizontally or pointed downwards but when pointed upwards at an angle (i.e. when spraying a tree canopy), the fluid from the tank is not getting to the nozzle. This means having to stand on a ladder which defeats the purpose of buying the blower in the first place. It might work differently with using powder instead of liquid.

Evan W Auckland
Heaps of fun

Blasts through 14ltrs product in less than 5 minutes. Brilliant product. The only thing that would make it better would be a spray head that was flexible or able to be angled for spraying in a downward angle from waist height. i.e. hedges. Excellent at spraying horizontally and up. But not so good at down from a height. Also, entertaining to put on. Recommend you fill and set up on a bench, start it up and THEN put it on. Don't try to put it on from the floor unless you want to end up like a cast sheep.

Mandy Hamilton
14 Lt mist blower

Great value for money Does the job like the more expensive brands. Very happy with product.

Mike Auckland
Awesome litle machine

Great machine, take time to tighten everything before you operate. The strap are NOT comfortable is the only thing it dont like, but good value for money.

Nate North island

very much the same as all other 'Backpack Mist Blowers' that I own and use in the orchards and gardens . The engine functions and responds as is expected . My expectation is that the ' Blower Tube and fittings will have a very short life span before functional deterioration of the moving/parts will be experienced and I will discover the effort of obtaining spare parts as is similar to other Backpack Blower Misters I own . I rest easy in the satisfaction that the 'Cash Outlay' was minimal and allowed me to take the gamble as to the longevity of the machine in relation to 'TROUBLE FREE' operation.......ALL in ALL I am satisfied with the purchase of this machine .

LJC Waikato
good product - terrible operating manual

I am using this to spray copper spray on trees. Product seems to operate well. Has plenty of grunt. The backpack harness is a bit average, I had to modify it to make it useable. However the operating manual that comes with this is terrible. I'm still not sure I am using it correctly it seems to be all one speed and the gear shifting does little to slow it down. There's nothing in the instructions that makes any sense, they have obviously been written by someone in china. I would have thought Tradetested would have someone to re-write the instructions so they can be easily understood and have much more detail of operation for this type of product.

BND Hawke's Bay
Get what you pay for

Used only a couple of times and told by a mechanic that the carburettor is faulty.

Chai Takaka
No, I do not recommend this product.
Backpack mist blower 14l

The assembly instruction were pretty good,. I assembled it into mist mode within 30 minutes, filled it with petrol and copper spray for Oak trees. It started straight away and worked perfectly well. It produces a nice fine mist and has a long reach, which was great for the taller trees.

Tontonetone Christchurch
Good price, but!

Good price for this product but quality is very low. Parts and tools in this delivery are not fitting as they should. If you need a through away product, this is ok.

Mutz New Zealand
No, I do not recommend this product.