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Grow Bag Non-Woven 75L - 5 Pack

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Ditch the plastic with this pack of 5 reusable, recyclable 75L non-woven fabric grow bags.

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Product overview

Product overview

Ditch the plastic with this pack of 5 reusable, recyclable 75L non-woven fabric grow bags.

These eco friendly felt-like fabric bags allow for great aeration so your plants will not suffer from heat build-up or overwatering. Made with porous fabric that air-prunes plant roots, resulting in a robust and healthy root system.

Traditional pots block 80% of air ventilation leading to weaker and circled root systems. With the combination of air root pruning creating a better root structure and the aeration of the root zone, your plants can reach their full potential, in an eco friendly pot.

• Fabric Grow Bag 75L - 5 Pack
• Eco friendly
• No heat build up
• Prevents overwatering
• Promotes healthy root systems
• 1 Year Trade Tested Warranty

W51x D51x H39cm

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: Are these strong enough to lift the plant and dirt up with the handles?
a: Yes they are.
By Trade Tested on August 25, 2020
2 votes
q: Can bag and plant be planted in the ground after a number of years
a: Yes they can.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2020
1 vote
q: Roughly how many seasons should these last?
a: Perhaps around 5, it depends on how they are looked after - not dragged around on rough surfaces, storing dry when not in use etc.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2020
-1 votes
q: Are they water proof as I would like to store on my deck ?
a: No they aren't.
By Trade Tested on August 28, 2020
0 votes
q: What is the fabric the bags are made of?
a: They are synthetic double layer felt fabric. This is a non-woven material that is very environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it provides a safe growing medium that is PH neutral and non-reactive.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2020
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

5 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews
0 007 Auckland

Perfect mine gardens

5 months ago


Wanted something easily movable for vegetables on my deck - these are great and everything growing really well. Does everything I wanted and can still move them around if required.

Sollyyy Mexico ;)

Great Grow bags

6 months ago


Hearty bags can handle being moved fulled with soil purchased multiple sets now as I was happy as good bags for sitting in water also.

Karen Christchurch

Love my grow bags

7 months ago


Great product - which I am, and 'harvesting' fresh vegetables already :-) Very happy!

David Lloyd Christchurch


8 months ago


I bought the five pack of Grow Bags recently. I recommend this product. I am using two at the moment, both are in my hothouse with basil growing in them. The plants are thriving in the bags. I think because the bags are black they absorb more heat helping the plants to grow.

Emjay Christchurch

Love my grow bags!!!

8 months ago


I only have a small space for a kitchen garden...thanks to my grow bags I have a pile of veges on the go. They are perfect size to grow a bit of a selection. Loving my mini vege garden:-)

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