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Gardena Leaf and Grass Collector

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No more running around picking up pesky foliage or spending hours raking leaves - this GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector is a unique solution for tidying up your backyard with ease!

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Product overview

No more running around picking up pesky foliage or spending hours raking leaves - this GARDENA Leaf and Grass Collector is a unique solution for tidying up your backyard with ease!

Operating is so easy and comfortable, it almost makes tidying up the garden feel fun! Collecting grass clippings and foliage in an upright position is great for your back, avoiding constant bending & awkwardly hunching over. The handle of the leaf collector is characterised by great ergonomics & the entire product weighs in at around 8kg, making it easy to push around your property.

As the Leaf and Grass Collector does not feature an engine, you're saving money, energy and in turn the environment! No fumes, clean & tidy, and very quiet too, meaning you can whip it out early morning without bothering your sleeping neighbour. Simply push and the wheels do the work!

With the help of the rotating brushes, foliage and grass clippings are collected quickly and reliably. The Leaf and Grass Collector can be adjusted in its height to easily overcome differences in terrain, such as transitioning from your lawn to a smooth surface such as your concrete patio.

When the collecting basket is full, just detach it for emptying and then simply re-attach it. This collector folds down to be compact & stored away, freeing up space in your yard, garage, or shed.

Get your yard looking spotless today with the Leaf & Grass Collector.

Instructions for use: The GARDENA leaf and grass collector works like a mechanical rake and is therefore environmentally friendly. The rotating brushes are driven by the wheels. Solid objects such as acorns, chestnuts, fruit etc. are not collected. The leaf and grass collector is only partially suitable for foliage with long stems and larger leaves (e.g. chestnut) as these may get caught in the brushes. When collecting leaves on paved paths, it may be necessary to go over the area multiple times due to the uneven nature of the surface.

• Collects leaves, lawn clippings & other light debris
• Rotating brushes work gently yet quickly & efficiently
• Adjustable height to suit terrain - lawn, patio, concrete etc
• No engine, great for the environment
• No fumes
• Quiet to run
• Folds away to store
• Ergonomic handle, easy on the body
• 5 Year Gardena Warranty

Assembled size: W 665mm x D 1580mm x H 740mm
Folded size: W 665mm x D 1580mm x H 410mm

Carton size: W 69cm x D 37.5cm x H 46.5cm
Carton weight: 10.15kg

Product code: 03565-20


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Questions and answers

0 votes
will this pick up pine needles from the lawn
It would collect them. It may not work as efficiently on pine needles as it does on broader leaves because the broader leaves have more surface area for the bristles to grip.
By Trade Tested on January 15 2024
0 votes
Will this ok to pick up dog hair from the concrete backyard
Dog hair may be a bit too fine for this to pick up.
By Trade Tested on December 15 2022
0 votes
Will it pick up the dog hair from the artifical turf
This is not something we have tested but dog hair may be a little too fine to collect.
By Trade Tested on November 28 2022
0 votes
Is this product suitable for picking up leaves and debris on artificial lawn?
Yes it is.
By Trade Tested on October 11 2022
0 votes
is this suitable for cleaning up oak leaves?
Yes definitely.
By Trade Tested on October 06 2022
0 votes
Will this work picking up leaves on a gravel driveway?
Yes it will.
By Trade Tested on October 04 2022
0 votes
is this ok to use on paths around the house
Yes this will be ok, just be aware the brushes on the underside are plastic.
By Trade Tested on July 08 2022
-1 votes
Would this be practical for say picking up grass after side discharging on overgrown lawns
Yes this should be great for this.
By Trade Tested on June 14 2022

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  • raking
Would Recommend especially for older gardeners

Very light to push and once you get the knack it does a good job. Has picked up small sticks also. Easier than raking or sweeping!

Margaret from Wellsford Auckland
Leaf and Grass Collector

Excellent product, very easy to push and empty too, which is good being an elderly person!! A good quality product and easy to assemble in 1 minute.

Jilly Masterton
Gardiner leaf collector

My husband had a stroke and its difficult to pick up all the leaves etc off the grass This thing is bloody brilliant. Looks fantastic afterwards. Worth the money

Jo Wanganui
Beats raking leaves

Works very well, does flick a bit of material in front but collects the majority. Certainly saves my bad shoulder from raking. Picks up tiny leaves and trigs but also magnolia leaves. Purchased as using a robot mower so nothing to pic up leaves and trigs. Does a great job

Dagwood Bay of Plenty
Small Collection Only

Yes, it performs as promised, but is only best for small backyard tidy-ups. The catcher is limited & fills up quickly. If you have several trees you’ll be emptying the catcher every 15-20mts. I have reverted back to hand raking into piles & barrowing away. I then use the Gardena as a final tidy-up.

Rob M Wanaka
leaf collector

Tends to push leaves out the front and not always into the collector.

BT Auckland
No, I do not recommend this product.
Great product

We have a large golden elm on our property, and this is a very efficient and effective way to collect up the leaves. It also picks up large Puka leaves, and small sticks off the lawn. Wet or dry leaves no problem. Much quieter than a leaf vacuum.

JSC Auckland
Very disappointed

I purchased this product to be greener but wished i purchased basic leaf vacuum for a similar price as this makes clearing an area of leaves very hard work and time consuming. Issues we found with it: It very often took 2-3 passes to pick up all the leaves. It often sprays some leaves sideways so I have to go over areas that I've already cleared. It can't reach edges, e.g. edges of kerbs which is where a lot of leaves settle to. It also struggles with uneven ground.

Jeff Auckland
No, I do not recommend this product.
Better than expected!

I wasn't sure how well this would perform but it's great. Picks up grass cuttings really well with hardly any effort - so light and easy to push. The lawn looks amazing, it does a really great job! Highly recommended.

Anne Wairarapa
Time saver

What a great product. Works as described. Recommended.

Gaza Tauranga