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Log Splitter Buying Guide

Before buying a log splitter, it’s good to understand that the log splitter doesn’t actually cut wood but splits it. It uses a wedge which slowly rams up against the log, generating enough force to split it in half. The force exerted by a log splitter is measured in tons and the greater the tonnage, the wider and harder the logs it can split.

What's Right for You?

Finding a suitable lop splitter, is simply a matter of knowing how thick your logs are. Eg. if you plan on splitting 200mm diameter branches, a small 6-ton log splitter will be adequate.

Fresh, green wood is very moist and difficult to cut. As it ages, the moisture inside slowly evaporates, making it more brittle. As a result, older firewood splits and burns much easier. If you plan on splitting green wood, you’ll need a more powerful splitter.

The chart below is a great guide. But harder woods will require additional force.



Petrol or Electric?


Most electric log splitters are powerful enough to split small quantities of mid-sized logs.

With a gross weight of 45 kg, it can be transported easily from your home to a camping ground or bach.

Remember, that you will also be restricted by the power cord. So think twice before taking an electric log splitter to a remote area.


Petrol and Diesel

Petrol powered log splitters are larger and bulkier that their electric counter-parts, but are by far the most popular choice for people who split wood regularly.

Although petrol models are more popular, diesel splitters are worth considering. They’re cheaper to run and last long but can be a bit harder to start. We recommend using a conditioner with diesel fuel, to stop the diesel growing fungus and degrading its quality (this happens naturally).


•  Wear proper safety gear. Goggles, gloves and proper footwear are essential.

•  Make sure your log splitter is sitting squarely on level ground.

•  Do not attempt to cut anything besides wood.

•  Never operate a splitter in wet, muddy, or icy conditions.

•  For petrol and diesel units, only operate in an open ventilated area.

•  Only use you splitter with proper lighting, never at night.

•  Be careful of how you hold the log. Never place your hands between the wood and the splitting wedge.

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