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Log Splitter

Log SplitterUsing an axe and having a hand full of blisters is a thing of the past with our selection of professional, quality log splitters. Available in both petrol and diesel powered, this time saver will help you produce a stack of firewood quickly and easily.


If you've been looking for a log splitter but are unsure of which is best, the key features involve the power source and the HP.


There are three types of power sources to choose from with log splitters; electric, gas, and tractor powered.


Gas powered log splitters are far superior to electric, which restricts you to use the equipment only when you are near a power source.


A tractor log splitter is primarily found on farms and in commercial forestry since it is powered by the tractor's hydraulic system. For all other uses, gas powered is ideal, allowing you the freedom of use anywhere out in the field.


HP or the power of the log splitter is also important. An electric log splitter is generally restricted to 2.5 HP, while our gas powered version has 13HP with 37 Ton max force and 5300 SPI max pressure.


Our professional log splitter also has the convenience of single hand operation and can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position. You won't find better quality than Trade Tested. We guarantee it.


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