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Power Tools

Power, torque, digital controls, leading edge and high performance – tools to embarrass your neighbours, we are talking about the handyman’s wish list, the power tool paradise, the “I’ve got a tool for that” syndrome.

We all have our dreams and we all want a little pizzazz in our lives, so this list is designed to encourage you to go big in the tool department. The wonderful manufacturers around the world make these tools to be used … so why not by you?

Here’s how we see your power tool paradise shaping up.

Circular saw

Now a circular saw is a circular saw, right? … Wrong! There are new additions to this line of practical tools that you use extensively around the home. We like the idea of you having two or more circular saws to choose from, at the very least.’

Take a spin with a 2000-watt motor with 235 mm of blade for ripping and really heavy work. This beast will have your neighbours running to the store to re-think their tiny home handy man version of a circular saw. Look for moulded handles for better grip, adjustable base plate for recalibration and of course a nickel-plated base will make this bad boy three times harder than standard steel or aluminium.

If you doubt the superiority, go, pick one up and feel the connection and weight – you’ll be sold!

By the way, we did say you would need two or more circular saws for your power tool paradise. Pick up a cordless circular saw for those projects away from convenient power sources. Utilising the very latest in Lithium Ion battery technology, you have in your hands the tools of the future. With 40% more staying power and a built in spot light, you can continue in the back garden till after dark.

Of course cutting through wood is the norm, but grab a metal cutting circular saw too, for those times when you really want to get to the point! A common tool for fabricators, plumbers or those working on motor bodies, this circular saw will quickly cut through steel and non ferrous metals without sparks – awesome power!

Slide compound circular saw

Well it is a power tool paradise, so you’ll have plans to put a massive deck together for the summer and here is the tool that will start the job and finish it without a single pause for breath – this is your best friend and your solid workhorse.

Slice though decking timber and anything else with ease and accuracy – excellent for working in tight confines and featuring a micro adjustable rack and pinion for mitres and bevels. This monster has the latest technology crammed into it, with the most convenient and accurate heads up digital LCD display. Simply enter the measurements of the angles, mitres and bevels you want to cut and the physical adjustments are made for you – brilliant!

Add to this a belt driven operation for the smoothest cut ever and an adjustable laser guide for accurately indicating your cutting line – anyone else drooling right now?

Sabre saw

Place your chainsaw firmly in the back cupboard for only the roughest of tree cutting and take a firm grip of you sabre saw for all cutting requirements. You need look no further than sabre saws for power and practicality. Need new windows in your home? Attack a wall with one of these weapons and cut the hole you need for the window!

The technical term is a reciprocating saw and the action of the blade is where this name originates, simply pull the trigger and rip through:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Piping
  • Spouting
  • Block

With 1050 watts of power and an arsenal of blades that can be fitted and released quickly, sabre saws are a heavy-duty addition for your power tool collection. The blade will protrude 300mm and combined with dual variable speed and a flick switch for swing action, your sabre saw will cut as fast or as slow as you need. Bear in mind that the swing action feature will centre the cutting energy of the saw on a small part of the blade giving you about 30% faster cutting – it will also wear away the blade faster too.

Another feature you will want is the low vibration technology, look for user vibration protection to help absorb the action of the sabre saw. This will keep you fresh and alert while allowing the sabre saw to take all the punishment.

Demolition hammer

Time for some serious damage! Rotary hammer drills and breakers are a must have for the power tool paradise. You can hire these for specific jobs, but having your very own, enables you to be a self-sustaining, one man construction crew.

The engine may only be 1400 watts, but this is only to get the piston and cylinder up and running for the compressed air powered, pneumatic force to provide you with heavy duty action.

Want to replace the carport concrete with a nice new surface?

Connect the large diameter chisel bit, switch to the hammer mode and rip that old concrete up. With the electronic constant speed control and user vibration protection, you are sure to power through a usually mundane job in no time at all.

Want to put up a new carport and need to drill 160mm foundation holes in concrete?

Simply flick the switch to hammer drill, connect a 160mm drill bit and power away with the fastest drilling speed available on the market in this class of products. You will rip through concrete like it is butter.

Micro power tools

Sure … big is good! But, good things come in small packages too.

It is for this reason that we have to include micro power tools in the selection for your power tool paradise.

Micro tools are sometimes overlooked because of their small stature, however these tools may be small but they are very mighty. With the advances in Lithium Ion battery technology there are a range of powerful micro tools that no DIYer should be without:

Cordless micro driver drill: Only a kilo in weight and very compact, this slim, soft gripped drill offers the user a 21 stage clutch, 2 speed gearbox and a 10mm keyless chuck. Everything has been catered for, as you will benefit at night from a LED light to illuminate your work and 22Nm of torque – that’s a lot!

Cordless micro jigsaw: Compact and 1.2kgs in weight, this jigsaw has a tool less blade change, takes regular jigsaw blades and will perform all the functions a standard jigsaw will.

Cordless micro sabre saw: Ergonomic design and an adjustable front foot this micro monster is perfect for working in tight spots with all the power you need. Quick release and reversible blades mean you can cut up side down, if required.

Other tools available in micro versions include:

  • Impact drill
  • Impact driver
  • Rotary hammer drill
  • Angle grinder
  • Circular saw
  • Blower
  • Work lamp
  • Torch
  • AM/FM radio

All of these tools running off the same Lithium Ion battery, giving you 40% more life than conventional batteries. These are a must have!


When you are looking to plane a piece of wood to the correct thickness, it is essential in power tool paradise to have a thicknesser handy to ensure the job is done accurately and effortlessly. This high performance unit will come on its own stand and have a dust collection unit, the performance of the thicknesser with come from an 1800 watt motor and rollers that pass the wood through for you to return for multiple passes.

The crank handle helps you adjust the depth whether you’re a left-handed or right-handed operator and an extension table allows you to feed your timber in with ease.

There are no limits to the tools you can have in your power tool paradise and we really think you should go all the way to making this dream a reality, because lets face it – the better your tools the better the end results of your projects.