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GeneratorsWhen you're looking for a generator you can depend on, look no further than Trade Tested. We carry the largest range of professional equipment, secure online shopping and all our NZ generators are in stock, which means they ship directly from our warehouse to your location.


What type of generator are you looking for?


This is the first question to ask yourself, especially if you've never owned a generator. You'll most likely be purchasing your generator for one of the following purposes:


1) A portable generator - Perfect for camping trips, providing light or a power source for small appliances. A portable generator can also provide a short term solution during an emergency power outage.  


2) On -Site Generators - Perfect for emergency situations or for practical use on job sites where power is not available. Able to provide a reliable source of 230v power with continuous operation of 10 hours on average.


3) Industrial Generators - Completely stationary and perfect to use as a business or home back-up power source. Able to provide continuous power for approximately 20 hours.


Other features to consider are electric start, silent running for lower noise levels, LCD display, and inverter technology which prevents surging and provides a safe power supply for use with sensitive electronics. Whether your generator will be used as a power back-up or every day on the jobsite, you need equipment you can depend on. Trade Tested goes above and beyond to find the best products at the lowest prices, guaranteed.


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