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Chicken Coop

Chicken CoopOur roomy and well constructed chicken coop allows for plenty of roosting and nesting space, with three roosting poles and three nesting boxes. With this much space, you can comfortably house six large chickens or up to twice that amount for mid-smaller breeds. 


The convenient run will allow your chickens ample room while protecting them from predators overnight and during the hours they can't run freely.


Other features or our chicken coop include:


1) An extra wide ramp for conveniently entering and exiting the run.

2) Ventilation window which can be closed in the winter or during inclement weather.

3) Raised sleeping area to protect against moisture.

4) Continued run underneath the coop itself to protect chickens from the elements while outside the coop. 

5) Extra thick metal, mesh wire.• Water tight coop to ensure your chickens are always warm and dry.

6) Long lasting and sturdy. Solid Fir timber construction. 


Designed for your convenience as well, our chicken coop includes easy access to nesting boxes through pull out trays and doors. This makes cleaning easy and convenient. From order to delivery and set-up, we will make sure the purchase of our chicken coop goes smoothly. Our products are simply the best, and we stand behind them. 


*Remember, your chicken coop is not intended to be a full time home. Your chickens need several hours each day free ranging for optimum health.


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