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Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

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Composting your kitchen scraps and garden waste helps cut down on rubbish disposal costs – as well as your contribution to landfills – by recycling organic materials into a nutrient-filled supplement for your garden.

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Product overview

Product overview

Composting your kitchen scraps and garden waste helps cut down on rubbish disposal costs – as well as your contribution to landfills – by recycling organic materials into a nutrient-filled supplement for your garden. While saving you money on commercial composts or manure, your home-made compost will improve the soil quality and microflora of your garden, making it healthier, more productive and easier to work with.

This tumbling compost bin has a unique design that makes composting faster by letting in fresh air to supply the oxygen needed for bacterial activity. Give it a tumble every two or three days to help aerate it. The built-in mixing fins help break up clumps so your compost stays loose for optimal airflow.

The drum is fully enclosed so that your compost stays warm and won’t dry out, and is safe from getting soggy when it rains. Made from 90% recycled plastic, the drum is also UV protected to stop strong sunlight from killing the bacteria your compost needs. The large front opening allows easy access, but closes securely to keep in odours and keep out insects and animals.

The heavy duty steel frame and sturdy wheels keep your compost bin off the ground and let you easily manoeuvre it around, without lifting it or straining your back.

For the best composting system around, try a tumbling composter today.

• Compost tumbler
• Fully enclosed design
• Sturdy steel frame construction
• Heavy duty wheels
• 90% recycled plastic drum with UV protection
• Large front opening

Capacity: 190L
Wheel diameter: 230mm
Size (L x W x H): 99.5cm x 79cm x 90cm
Weight: 19.6kg
Packing dimension (L x W x H): 67cm x 64 x 48cm

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

2 votes
q: How is this tumbler turned? there doesnt seem to be a handle?
a: You just push it round with your hands.
By Trade Tested on August 20, 2020
5 votes
q: Do you open the hatch and tip it down to empty it?
a: Yes, or use a small shovel etc.
By Trade Tested on May 20, 2019
5 votes
q: Will it go rusty?
a: The frame is powder coated steel, so avoid scratching it to prevent rust.
By Trade Tested on April 4, 2019
1 vote
q: how big is the opening?
a: It's 35cm.
By Trade Tested on July 28, 2020
1 vote
q: How much weight will this compost tumbler hold under warranty
a: It's designed to be fine if you fill it up with compost.
By Trade Tested on May 4, 2020
1 vote
q: Where is this made?
a: This is made in China.
By Trade Tested on April 3, 2020
2 votes
q: Would it manage animal (horse) manure just as well as general compost?
a: Yes it would be fine.
By Trade Tested on May 20, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you use this with tiger worms or black soldier fly larvae?
a: Yes we see no reason no, but ideally you would go with a Hungry Bin for this.
By Trade Tested on June 9, 2020
0 votes
q: Hi I am wanting to home compost for environmental reasons but don't have a veggy garden etc to put the compost onto at this point. Can this still be used, what would your recommendation be?
a: It has plenty of uses, you can even use it for planting pot plants or planter boxes if you don't have a full garden for it.
By Trade Tested on November 26, 2019
0 votes
q: Is this a rat proof compost bin?
a: Yes being sealed and off the ground it's about as good as it gets.
By Trade Tested on November 26, 2019
0 votes
q: Can you compost meat scraps in this composter?
a: You can but it's generally not recommend to compost meat - apart from the smell, rats, flies and other pests can be an issue.
By Trade Tested on November 10, 2019
0 votes
q: If adding new kitchen scraps etc to compost daily or even every second day, how can you use compost on your garden? Is there more than 1 compartment?
a: This is a single compartment. When you add new material, turn it over, so that goes to that back, then you use the compost that has been developed since the last time you added material.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
0 votes
q: How long do you need to leave it in the drum before using on the garden?
a: It depends on the temperatures, density of material, wet or dry - on average 4-6 weeks would be a rough estimate. More moisture, and leaving it in the direct sun will help speed things up.
By Trade Tested on November 18, 2019
0 votes
q: Can I put grass clippings in the tumbler?
a: Yes you can, however it's best to have mixed loads inlcuding sticks etc, not just grass.
By Trade Tested on August 2, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.4 out of 5 stars from 74 reviews
Ed Gisborne

Compost Tumbler

17 days ago


Owned four years and the metal parts are rusting bad. Don't put grass clipping or lime into it. It is quite difficult to rotate when 50% full and the lid is tough to get off. Not for elderly persons.Otherwise it works well at what it does. Gets really hot inside, worms love it. Shame the metal parts are not at least galvanized. I'm picking mine will be in the land fill in a couple of years when it finally collapses.

Dave Waikato

Compost Bin Tumbler

17 days ago


Good machine. Well made and relatively easy to assemble. Could do with handles to assist tumbling as it takes some strength as it fills. Easy to move and sturdy. Seems to work well and will keep vermin out. I bought two!

Peggy Auckland

Compost Bin Tumbler 4/5

19 days ago


Easy to use, assembles well. Does not leak or let in unwanted pests. Makes composting easy!

Christine Auckland

Just what we wanted

2 months ago


Very easy to put together, it does take a bit of patience. Works wonders and composts easily. A little bit difficult to screw the lid on, just getting the technique right and easy peasey. Overall just want I wanted for my compost and garden.

Si Porirua

A super birthday present

3 months ago


As someone who is concerned about the environment, I really appreciated receiving this sturdy, compact, moveable compost bin. The engineer in me also enjoyed assembling it - the instructions were 90% clear so there was enough of a challenge for some fun!

Mary Lake Hawea

compost bin - tumbler

7 months ago


I love it! I am using it everyday for all my veggie scraps. A little difficult to put together as the instructions are a little vague in places. Very sturdy.

Jim Christchurch

Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

8 months ago


Easy to read and install the unit. Very well made and well designed to fulfill the units requirements. Not too heavy to move around with the practical plastic wheels. The construction of the metal handle which is a good length makes it easy to manouvre.

Babes Glendowie

Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

8 months ago


Excellent quality, robust, doing a great job!!

Val Hawera,Taranaki

Great idea

9 months ago


Really easy to use, love it. As I am older would be great if the locking handle was bigger. Many thanks no nasty smelly compost heap to attract rodents

Kiwi Kev Auckland

Compost Bin Tumbler

11 months ago


Went together well, good operation, looking forward to long service

Gardener Auckland

Compost tumbler

11 months ago


Works well, apart from how hard it is to open and shut the lid opening. The thread is tight to reduce leaks, maybe. However, it needs re-designing to make it easier to open and close.

Steph Auckland

There is no better Compost Tumbler than this one!

about 1 year ago


This tumbler is UV and rust resistant for many years (I know, because this is the second bin I have bought) The compost is usable in a short time and is full of worms! easy assembly, light and easy to move around, easy to tumble and empty out. easy and large opening to tip compost into. Simply the best bin

Jordan Bay of Plenty

Good composter

about 1 year ago


Composter works well, only issue i have is that it is difficult to get the compost out and into raised garden beds.

Shirley Canterbury

Compost bin tumbler

about 1 year ago


Great product. Works well.

Cat Auckland

Great Bin - Need 2 though

about 1 year ago


We have had the bin for about 2 1/2 months now and I am in the process of ordering a second as our first is now full. This was always the plan - we were just waiting to see how long it would take to fill. To give you an idea, we are a family of 5 and we compost food scraps as well as cardboard packaging and anything else we can. Tumbler wasn't hard to asseble. We had no issues. It turns relatively easily once you get the hang of it although I think a handle (or several handles) for turning would be a good idea. The kids find it a bit tricky but they can do it (ages 11, 12 & 14). Would be tough for kids much younger)

Pete Manawatu

Good Capacity but..

about 1 year ago


Arrived quickly and was relatively easy to assemble. Good capacity, and the internal fins certainly help with the turning. However, the screw lid leaks and water gets into the bin, turning the contents to soppy mess. Found that the best way to leave the bin is inverted. Need more time to assess efficacy of the whole comp-osting sequence

Rod Hamilton

Compost tumbler

about 1 year ago


Excellent compost tumbler. Have also another brand but the trade tested one far superior and wheels make it very east to move. Had a little trouble screwing the lid closed and sometimes three or four attempts to to get it to hold. Was very stiff to turn but after running grease around the screw thread helped a bit. Still have bit of trouble getting it to lock in. Otherwise very good

Miss Gee Manawatu

Great Product

about 1 year ago


Pretty happy with ours. Wasn't overly easy for me to assembly (had to get help to hold bits but not impossible). Love that its up off the ground, no smell, no yuckyness.

Pockets Waikato


about 1 year ago


This is a great product and easy to use

Jules Wellington

Love the tumbler

about 1 year ago


Overall love the tumbler. My only criticism is that the lid can be very hard to open which means it's not possible for kids to take out the compost and is also a struggle for me.

Double S Canterbury

Solid value for money

about 1 year ago


The materials that the tumbler are made from are better than your average tumbler. Assembly was straightforward and the end result is a quality item given the price tag. I would purchase this item again, and from TradeTested. Rate their service.



about 1 year ago



Nick Taranaki


about 1 year ago


Good composter. Easy to use. Good size for small garden

Grapiuna Canterbury

Compost bin

about 1 year ago


Great product! It is above my expectations, really good size, sturdy and easy to built.

Glenys Northland

compost bin tumbler review

about 1 year ago


I must admit that I am terribly disappointed in my tumbler compost bin. It has no handle to turn it. I have a bad back and it is almost beyond me to turn it a full circle. It is not full by any means. Is there any way that it can be adapted so that it can be turned easier. I would love to hear from you. It is a good product but with my problem I wish I hadn't got it. My rating is low only because of my physical inability to use it.

Chiremba Taranaki

Easy as

about 1 year ago


Took a while to assemble - lots of screws so have your electric drill ready but works well

JB Otago

Great compost option

about 1 year ago


We purchased two of these compost bins as our son/daughter-in-law are keen gardeners and wanted an easy solution to gain garden compost. They love it.... its easy to access and only have to give a few tumbles after filling each time. Already after only a few weeks we have been able to gain good compost for the garden. Would definitely recommend it.

Jody Oamaru

Compost Bin Tumbler 190ltr

about 1 year ago


Very impressed with this compost bin, easy to assemble, good strong materials, perfect size and it's very functional. Great that it can be moved if required. Will buy a second one when this one is full. Highly recommend this product.

Helly Christchurch

Tumbling compost bin.

over 2 years ago


Love my new compost bin! Really easy to assemble and a great size. Looking forward to plenty of good compost in the coming months!

Diana Wellington

Compost bin

over 2 years ago


Amazing turn handle to mix leftover greens lawn clippings and zoom compost.

Wendy Gisborne

compost bin tumbler

over 2 years ago


I got my builder and his wife to put this together and it took them 50 minutes. I read that initially it is a good idea to add maybe horse manure and sawdust to get things going so have done so. It is already lighter to tumble. A great asset for the garden.

Mary Otago

Compost bins

over 2 years ago


Very very quick delivery, easy to assemble, a great size for home gardener. The bin has wheels so you can take it around the garden as you go. Lid a little difficult to put back on, you have to line it up with the markings on the bin and push harder than expected. I love it and will buy another once my garden expands. Mary

Gazza Bay of Plenty

Compost bin tumbler

over 2 years ago


Great product. Excellent compost maker.

Rocket Ron Hawke’s Bay

Compost bin tumbler 190L

over 2 years ago


Compost Bin Easy to assemble. Works well. Needs a handle for easy rotation.

Jolyon Auckland

Missing nuts on tumbler compost

over 2 years ago


This is the second compost tumbler I have bought and I like them BUT both tumblers had 10 self-locking nuts missing. I was not able to complete assembling the two half tubs for each tumbler and had to go to the hardware shop to but them. The bolts and nuts come in a blister pack and the manufacturers need to change the pack to add the extra 10 nots.

Gay Nelson

Compost bin tumbler

over 2 years ago


Really good bin. Once assembled it is very sturdy and spins well. Compost is created very quickly. Great addition to my garden.

Lillyann Northland


over 2 years ago


I have found this product excellent. I really enjoyed assembling it as it was so easy to do. It is very easy to use and so easy to turn. Thank you.

Lindsay Bay of Plenty

Missing nuts and bolts

over 2 years ago


all wrnt well however there were not enough nuts and bolts to join the 2 halfs

Bruzia Tokoroa

Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

over 2 years ago


A great way to get compost to where you want it, just wheel it there. I feel that the wheels will be the weak link on a otherwise great product.

M Canterbury

So far so good !

over 2 years ago


I have only had it for 4 weeks, but I have a delicious looking mix starting, as the weather warms and time goes by I think it will be marvelous. I would love another one! Seems strong and sturdy, is heavy to turn when full!

Fredsone Auckland

Compost bin

over 2 years ago


Good product, just needs a handle or grip to hold on to when you rotate the bin. Well made. Easy to assemble. Looking to get another one

Steve Wellington

Very Good

over 2 years ago


Simple to assemble, it is easy to fill and turn. An excellent buy

Beach gardener Wellington

Excellent compost bin

over 2 years ago


This bin works really well; the compost gets well aerated especially with the tumble action. The lid opens without difficulty, and it's handy being able to relocate the bin. I liked this bin so much I ended up getting two.

Waiotahi Wanderer Bay of Plenty

Compost Bin Tumbler

over 2 years ago


excellent product. can be utilised/modified to be used as a small temporary concrete mixer(or similar dry products)

Hazza Ashburton

Well put together

over 2 years ago


Very good compost bin easy to use and does not smell would recommend

Arthur Auckland

Easy to use, a bit time consuming to put together

over 2 years ago


Once you go through the instructions, the wheels make all the difference to be able to haul and move this compost bin around the deck. I live in an apartment in Auckland and it is impossible to have any other kind of composting bin on our patio / deck as we have concrete and plastic decking for the floor.

Rajagopal Canterbury

Composite bin tubler

over 3 years ago


It appears to be a good product. I assembled the parts DIY and filled it up with garden waste and kitchens waste early January 2018.

Sue Wellington

Great idea

over 3 years ago



Gareth *Upper Hutt

So far so good

over 3 years ago


Bought this about a month ago. It was easy to put together and feels pretty solid. Happy with the purchase.

Barbara Nelson

Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

over 3 years ago


I am very pleased with my Compost Bin Tumbler. My grandson (15) and I found it very easy to assemble and it has been put into action immediately. Easy to unlatch to add more scraps etc. and also easy to unlatch to tumble the drum around.

Ruth Auckland

Not so good

over 3 years ago


I bought 2 bins for community use for 21 units. The lids are difficult to open and close. It's not that easy to tumble and all the metal parts have rusted.

Jay Wellington

Love it

over 3 years ago


I love my compost tumbler. Took me a wee while to put together but when it was done I was pretty stoked with it. It's easy to put together and easy to use and move around. Would definitely recommend

Bex Wellington

Compost bin

over 3 years ago


Very prompt delivery. Quite tricky to assemble, and already started rusting on the side plates. The lid is difficult to remove/replace. However a great size, easy to tumble, and move around garden.

Ritzes Masterton

composting made easy

over 3 years ago


Easy to assemble, convenient as it's portable and easy to move. Strong and sturdy, well made.

Bob. Northland

Compost Bin

over 3 years ago


Very pleased with the Tumbler and would recommend it for making compost.

Garden Panda Christchurch

Sturdy Construction

over 3 years ago


Very well made and sturdy Compost bin tumbler, although does require a bit of effort and strength to open the lid and turn the barrel so not so good for anyone in their latter years or with physical challenges. Good value price wise for such good quality and easy to assemble as long as there are two of you. Looking forward to first brew of compost soon.

Kageybee Whangarei

Excellent Features

over 4 years ago


Very prompt delivery. Instructions were very easy to understand especially for an older person whose always has trouble putting things together. It is just want I wanted and is working excellently.

John Otago

Compost Bin Tumbler 190L

over 4 years ago


Easy to put together, great capacity for garden waste etc and very easy to use and relocate.

Chris Pukekawa

Great value

over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble, robust and easy to use.

Bob waikato

Great Compost maker But...

over 4 years ago


The lid is a nightmare to put on and off. Have given it the benefit of a months use to see if its just a wareing in issue but it's still hard to get on.

Tommy2g Westport

Overpriced but works well

over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble, looks good, probably better with a bigger capacity but works well. Only complaint is the price!

Gin Manawatu - Wanganui

Even I could assemble this!

over 4 years ago


Took me about an hour and a half to assemble and I found the instructions very easy to follow (what a nice change!) Very happy with the unit, easy to move around on the property.

Brian Maungaturoto

Compost tumbler Bin.

over 4 years ago


Great to put together, is composting quickly, easy to move, great idea!

Ed Auckland

Looks good

over 4 years ago


Easily assembled. Hope steel lasts. Well painted. Lid can be a little too tight. Would give it 5 stars if steel was galvanised. 

Briza Canterbury

Sturdy machine

over 4 years ago


Solid sturdy compost tumbler. I would have made the locking plate of stronger material but everything works well.

Parish Bay of Plenty


over 4 years ago


Easy to assemble. Strong sturdy moveable bin. Prompt delivery.

Pip Tararua

Easy to assemble

over 4 years ago


I got this with in a few days, via Rural Delivery. The frame seems nice and solid, it was very easy to assemble by one person. The lid is easy to open and close, and will not come loose when tumbling. Looking forward to good rat free compost.

Two Bees Canterbury

Quicker made compost & easy to use

over 5 years ago


Having now made a load of compost that took much less time than with the normal method we can say this product more than lived up to our expectations. It is easy to use & can be wheeled around to where needed even by these 2 senior citizens.

Reub Otago

Very handy composter

over 5 years ago


Product was delivered in a timely manner, good clear assembly instructions. It went together easily and is proving to be a great addition to our gardens

Kim Auckland

Assembly and functionality

over 5 years ago


Assembly of the bin was moderately challenging and took about an hour. A lot of people will have trouble with this. Easy to move around once assembled. The lid is difficult to lock though as it has a screw thread which is hard to engage. I am glad we did not purchase the larger one as the 190L takes up a fair bit of space in our small garden. The bin is of sturdy construction as advertised, and should last a number of years. Waiting to see how long it takes to produce our first batch of compost. 

Keen Gardener Otago

great idea

over 5 years ago


These are great but i think you need 2 so after you have loaded up one you need to be able to start a new one and just leave this one for a couple of weeks so all  turns into compost 

Composter Tasman

Very useful and easy to use

over 5 years ago


This was quick to put together (once I figured out the circular bit went inside) and the tumbling bit works really well. I give it a spin each time and am hoping to use some compost soon.

Gilly Cambridge

Tumbler compost bin YAY!!!

over 5 years ago


The tumbler compost bin is just great - no messy fluids and great size to tuck away in a corner of the garden. Fabulous that I can whell it around when the grass needs mowing!

Rachel Auckland

Easy As

over 5 years ago


Really easy to use and simple to put together, I did it myself. Works great, I need another one now

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