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Pestoff Rodent Block 500g

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A true block-bait containing the anti-coagulant poison brodifacoum. Most suitable for controlling rats, but also effective against mice.

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Product overview

Product overview

A true block-bait containing the anti-coagulant poison brodifacoum. Most suitable for controlling rats, but also effective against mice.

Place blocks in bait station and observe bait take. Replace blocks that become more than 50% eaten to minimise the chance of blocks being removed from bait stations. Maintain the supply of blocks until bait is no longer eaten.

Where continuous control is required, maintain a steady supply of blocks, replacing uneaten blocks at monthly intervals to ensure bait remains fresh.

Unlike egg-shaped baits, Pestoff Rodent Blocks cannot be rolled away and are manufactured with a hole in the middle so they can be easily nailed down to prevent ‘stealing and burying away from the site’.

• Control rats and mice
• True block-bait - contains brodifacoum
• Hole in middle for easy securing

Weight: 0.5kg

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Customer questions

Questions and answers

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q: Are any of the rodent baits you sell safe for secondary poisoning by say cats or dogs??
a: No is the short answer, here are some things to consider however - Even small amounts of brodifacoum consumed by pets can cause them adverse health effects and therefore every sensible precaution should be taken to minimize their risk of exposure by way of either primary or secondary poisoning (eating a dead rat). So: Use bait stations which prevent access to baits by pets and children. Keep baiting periods short (about 1 week) and infrequent. Collect and dispose of dead rodent bodies. Don't allow dogs to roam and scavenge. Keep pets well fed and under reasonable watch. Cats which are well fed will not eat rat or possum baits and their limited capacity to consume rodents combined with their higher resistance to brodifacoum, limits their risk. A single dead rat could contain 0.4mg of brodifacoum if it ate 20 grams of bait. A small 8kg dog with an LD50 of 1mg/kg would need to eat 20 of these rats but less than half that number could cause a prolonged period of ill health. The risk for cats is similarly small, although they have a higher resistance to brodifacoum.
By Trade Tested on September 11, 2019
0 votes
q: Hi does this actually kill the mice? I can see it is getting eaten, and have had blue mice poos on my kitchen floor for a couple of days. I’m not using a trap, just putting it in between walls and behind fridge and stove. If it doesn’t kill mice, it’ll attract more? Do I need a trap for it to work?
a: No this will work eventually, give it another day or two. Eventually the mice will disappear to the nearest water source and die there.
By Trade Tested on July 3, 2019
0 votes
q: Hello does this come in chocolate flavour please ive used it and seems to work very well in erracticating rats
a: This is the only version we stock. Sounds delicious though!
By Trade Tested on May 16, 2019
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

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Samn89 Masterton, NZ

Pestoff Rodent Block 500g

6 months ago



Bradley Waikato

Pestoff Rodent Block

6 months ago


Great product

Harrison Coromandel

Great customer service

10 months ago


Great product. Came overnight very happy.

Mary Marlborough

Pestoff Rodent Block

10 months ago


Quality product and highly recommend it.

Paul Auckland

Excellent value

11 months ago


Great service

Koko Otaki.

Pest off Rodent Blocks

about 1 year ago


I have found this product an excellent, easy to use poison bait that is super effective in dealing with rat infestation. Have tried others but this is the best.

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