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Pestoff Rodent Block 3kg

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Product overview

Product overview

A true block-bait containing the anti-coagulant poison brodifacoum. Most suitable for controlling rats, but also effective against mice.

Place blocks in bait station and observe bait take. Replace blocks that become more than 50% eaten to minimise the chance of blocks being removed from bait stations. Maintain the supply of blocks until bait is no longer eaten.

Where continuous control is required, maintain a steady supply of blocks, replacing uneaten blocks at monthly intervals to ensure bait remains fresh.

Unlike egg-shaped baits, Pestoff Rodent Blocks cannot be rolled away and are manufactured with a hole in the middle so they can be easily nailed down to prevent ‘stealing and burying away from the site’.

• Control rats and mice
• True block-bait - contains brodifacoum
• Hole in middle for easy securing

Weight: 3kg

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews
Carrie Waikato

Kept the rat population down

about 1 month ago


We were using Pestoff in the past but then got lax in refilling the bait stations. Soon we noticed a huge increase in rat population on our rural property. We started being diligent again and we haven’t seen a rat since.

Jim Waikato

Relatively good

4 months ago


Pretty good price for the amount you get, although the blocks are quite brittle and break easily so it doesn’t take much for the rats to chew through and take the whole bait.

Dave Auckland

Rodent bate

5 months ago


Very good and strong solved our rodent problem finery

Vespaone Northland


7 months ago


A whole village of ratties were nesting down the bottom of our section, so Pestoff to the rescue. Two and a half blocks and wallah!! - all gone. Now I know what to do with a ratfaced fink when I meet one.

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