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Outdoor Dining Furniture NZ

Looking for the perfect outdoor dining set that captivates with its aesthetics, maximises comfort, and stands up against the elements? Our products are built to cater to every preference, from the sleek lines of modern designs to the timeless elegance of traditional styles. Browse exquisite outdoor dining tables, chair sets, and accessories to perfect your al fresco dining experience.

Discover our range of outdoor dining furniture

Shop stylish wood, rattan, aluminium, and steel outdoor furniture dining sets with various seating capacities to elevate your open-air dinners with the family. Whether you're after a sturdy concrete table with bench seats, an 8-seater dining suite designed with weather-resistant cushions, or an extendable dining table with cushioned chairs, we stock the ideal outdoor dining furniture sets to create unforgettable memories during glorious NZ summer days and nights. Discover relaxation and enjoy every moment with our great tables and chairs, crafted to the perfect level of comfort.

Which material is best for outdoor dining tables?

At Trade Tested, we offer a variety of outdoor dining table options: • Wooden outdoor table sets provide a natural, classic look and complement most traditional houses well.
• Concrete outdoor furniture can withstand NZ conditions and requires minimal upkeep.
• Aluminium outdoor dining furniture is lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to maintain.
• Synthetic outdoor dining settings are weather-resistant and are often crafted to replicate the complete look and feel of other materials without associated drawbacks such as rusting or rotting.

How do I choose the right outdoor dining set?

To select the right furniture for your outdoor living space, consider the following: • Size: Begin by measuring your outdoor area to ensure the dining furniture fits comfortably without overcrowding. Then, choose outdoor dining furniture that provides ample seating for your guests.
• Material: Choose a material that is suited for your outdoor space. For example, wooden furniture may be better suited for a small balcony covered from the rain, while lightweight aluminium furniture can be a good match if you need to move things around often.
• Colour and style: Pick outdoor dining furniture that can complement or contrast nicely with the style and colour scheme of your outdoor settings.

How do I maintain my outdoor dining settings?

Maintaining and caring for your outdoor dining furniture and accessories is essential to ensure its longevity and keep it looking its best. To properly clean, store, and care for your outdoor dining furniture, ensure: • Regular cleaning: Remove debris, leaves, dirt and bird droppings using a mild soap and water solution. Gently scrub with a soft brush or sponge and rinse with water. Avoid abrasive cleaners, bleach or harsh chemicals, which can damage your outdoor dining furniture.
• Protection from the elements: If possible, bring your outdoor dining furniture and/or cushions indoors during extreme weather conditions, or use furniture covers designed for the outdoors.

Have a magical alfresco dining experience with an outdoor dining set from Trade Tested

Relax away feasting with friends and family in the great outdoors with an outdoor dining set from Trade Tested today. Transform your space with more stylish outdoor furniture, including our range of individual tables and chairs. Enjoy nationwide delivery, or pick up your product from our Auckland store. Want to find the ideal outdoor dining table and chair set to suit your needs? Contact us now if you have any questions.