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Dog Exercise Pen & Fence 122cm X-Large

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Buy direct from the importer - Trade Tested.

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Product overview

Product Overview

Buy direct from the importer - Trade Tested.

COMES WITH 1 YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind.

Dog Pen for exercise or use as a fence. Connect multiple pens together to create the shape and size you need.

- It's easy to clean, easy to assemble.
- Has an easy-to-use CAM door lock.
- An easy way to train your dog.
- Heavy gauge wire is epoxy coated.
- Includes shade net (not the toys).

Overall Diameter: 105cm assembled
Panel Size: 122cm(H) X 63cm(W) x 6 Panels

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.6 out of 5 stars from 8 reviews
Amazon Archer Auckland

Indoor fencing ideal for dog

14 days ago

Keeping the dog contained in on area has been achieved with the use of this indoor fence. It is tall enough to thwart jumping up on it and light enough to move around with ease. We are really happy with it.

Sharon Christchurch

Great and easy access

4 months ago

I purchased 2 of these recently and put with another 2 which were purchases over a year ago they make excellent runs for Flemish Giants attached to the end of their hutches. It's easy to access to clean and to let them out for a run round the garden. Would highly recommend this product has multiple uses. With the bottom liner ideal to have up inside should you need to give more shelter from the elements.

Stormy Auckland

Dog Exercise Pen & Fence

5 months ago

Th pen is taller than I expected and perfect for my very large dog. It is also useful in other ways because the sections can be joined and positioned in a line with any number of sections required. I am temporarily using them as an emergency fence barrier to stop my dog jumping out of my yard. When finished I can easily take them down (I am 63), and use as a cage again.

RobynT Auckland

Good product

about 1 year ago

A little tricky to put together initially but otherwise a very good product.

Winnie Waikato

Multi Purpose Pen and Fence

about 1 month ago

We thought at first that the Pen might have been too tall and we should have gone for a medium size. However, with the ease of dis-assembling the pen, the walls make six wonderful barriers around the house when laid on their side - you can extend the play areas and block off doorways etc...and still climb over them and then simply reassemble unit when required.

Kellie Auckland

Dog exercise pen and fence with base

4 months ago

Fantastic and easy to set up.

Peter Hamilton Waikato

Really good pen for your favourite dog.

5 months ago

Really great pen with the fence surrounding it, and a good flooring on it, our dog used to keep getting out of the other one we had. but not with this one,it is great.

Gaylene Hamilton

Dog Exercise Pen & Fence

about 1 year ago

I have purchased a number of these to create a temporary fence and to create a larger area for my guinea pigs to eat and play. They are well suited to my creative landscaping projects. I did try the base as a roof for the guinea pigs but a neighbours cat thought it was a comfy and warm spot to stalk my cavies from. Thanks Tradetested for the service, free delivery and restocking this product.

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