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Dremel NZ

Dremel power tools offer high-torque motors for consistent performance and incredible versatility. Browse our range for your new Dremel tool for NZ DIY projects to cut, grind, sand, carve, sharpen and polish with ease. Shop more Dremel products and accessories, including Dremel dog grooming kits to trim your pets’ nails safely. Our 3-in-1 Dremel workstation is the perfect solution for stationary projects. Enjoy a rotary tool holder, drill press, and flex shaft tool stand all-in-one. Or browse our 6-in-1 soldering irons for creative projects around the home that require versatility and precision.

Dremel Rotary Tools and Engravers

Cut, engrave and sand wood, granite and more with the corded, compact Dremel 3000. This all-rounder rotary tool supports variable speeds with a 130W motor to help you to master a wide range of applications. The versatile tool kit includes 30 accessories packed into a sturdy case. Take control of your project with the high-performance Dremel 4000 rotary tool. Hobbyists and DIYers can attach any Dremel accessories to this multi-functional device to complete at-home repairs and projects. Four attachments and 50 accessories add to the outstanding performance and versatility of this device. A comfortable 360-degree grip allows for incredible maneuverability in any position. For maximum performance, opt for the Dremel 8220. This award-winning rotary tool utilises advanced Li-Ion battery technology with a handy recharge gauge to show available power. Variable speed and a 360-degree grip allow for precise control. Dremel rotary tools feature an EZ Twist™ nose cap that converts to a wrench for rapid switching of accessories. The efficient ventilation system prevents your Dremel tool from overheating during extended use. Use a Dremel engraver to carve into metal, glass, wood, plastics, ceramics with maximum precision. The handy engraver tool kit includes a compact device with a soft grip, a carbide engraving tip and a template. Think rotary tools, think Dremel. Place your orders for Dremel tools from Trade Tested. Shopping for craft tools and accessories couldn’t be easier. Buy online today.