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Atom Telescopic Ladder 3.8m

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Get a ladder that’s as strong and versatile as you are.

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Product overview

Product overview

Get a ladder that’s as strong and versatile as you are.

Atom Telescopic Ladders are the best space saving alternative to traditional extension ladders. Compact and easy to get around indoors, they’re perfect for cleaning windows, clearing out the gutters, pruning, painting, and any of those other hard to reach indoor chores.

At only 11.3kg this ladder is made from tough anodised aluminium, so it’s not going to rust or corrode over time. From a closed height of only 94cm it can extend to a giddy 3.8m and unlike a traditional ladder you only need to extend to what you need. This makes it much easier to position the ladder at exactly the right height for what you working on.

To extend the ladder simply step on the bottom rung and lift it up. To secure the rungs simply lock in the latches on each leg at the height you wish to work at and you’re ready to go. When you’re done, simply release the latches, and the ladder shrinks back down to size. It’s that easy.

With a built in strap and handles, the ladder is super easy to get around and is the perfect size to throw in the back of the car or the corner of the garage. It’s the simple choice for smaller homes, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes or any house without a roomy empty garage.

Safe and easy to use, this Atom Telescopic Ladder is going to make light work of hard to reach chores. Don’t mess around with imitations - Get up an Atom today!

• Telescoping design gives adjustable height
• Heavy duty aluminium construction
• High torsional rigidity and tensile strength
• Non-slip rung tread
• Non-slip feet
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor work
• 150kg duty rating
• Lightweight and compact
• AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 certified
• 1 Year warranty

Closed: 94cm
Extended: 380cm
Width: 48cm
Weight: 11.3kg
Maximum load weight: 150kg
Distance between rungs: 30cm


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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.7 out of 5 stars from 34 reviews
Chris Manawatu

Compact easy to use ladder

about 1 month ago

2018-10-03 21:13:30

This ladder is great. Easy to store and take around. The selection of height options allows you to use in tricky or tight spaces.

Mike Northland

Atom telescopic ladder.

4 months ago

2018-07-15 19:27:23

Great wee ladder. Easy to cart around . Found being adjustable it can be extended up under soffits. Very stable too..

Rossco Bay of Plenty


8 months ago

2018-03-16 19:39:47

Ladder is fantastic and well made. Thanks Ross

Scan Wellington

Atom Telescopic Ladder 3.8m

12 months ago

2017-11-23 22:21:34

The Ladder is great. It takes up very little space in my van. As an option for a second ladder this fits the bill. A little heavy but I can live with that. Cape Palliser

Better than I expected

about 1 year ago

2017-10-05 08:41:36

This ladder is super practical and easy to use. It is a lot heavier than I expected - which really helps to keep it stable. Having the ability to use it as a short ladder - then extend so I can easily get to the top of our 25k litre water tank - is a super good bonus. And it's easy to transport around in the car (try that with a normal huge ladder!) Only downside - store it upside down if it gets caught in the rain - this will let all the water drain out of the 'steps' - saving you from getting things wet when you next move it around. Definitely work the coin !

Di Waikato


about 1 year ago

2017-10-02 23:27:42

Compact and very useful....easy for me to manage.

Robin Hawkes Bay

Atom Telescopic Ladder 3.8m

about 1 year ago

2017-07-05 05:54:38

It is great we mainly got it as a fire escape ladder from the 2nd story. We did test it out with the grand kids and they wanted us to leave it up all the time. A great design for our requirements

Lawrence Canterbury

Atom 3.8 telescopic ladder

about 1 year ago

2017-07-05 00:58:06

An excellent product, sturdy and easy to carry around especially into tight places. Well worth the money and Trade Tested are the best to deal with.

Noodles TASMAN


about 1 year ago

2017-07-04 00:50:03

Great Ladder, easy to carry & store.

Lorrie Wellington

Amazing ladder

about 1 year ago

2017-03-17 00:54:33

What a great ladder, so easy to use, compact and portable. I love this ladder, just wish I had bought it years ago it makes work around that house so nuch easier, I'm so pleased

WDM Wellington

Telscopic Ladder

about 1 year ago

2017-02-01 00:24:39

We bought this ladder as an escape ladder from a low balcony. it's the perfect height for our purposes, it's heavy for what it is, but not so heavy that it's difficult to maneuver around. I was surprised it flexed as much, but overall happy with this purchase.

Dan Wellington

Great product

about 1 year ago

2017-01-08 01:41:06

This is a great product and is extremely important to my business due to the compact nature and easy use. The only thing holding it back is a rubber cap for the top of the ladder to stop it marking walls. 

Vince Gardner Geradine

Compact and versatile

about 1 year ago

2017-01-04 02:44:46

Great ladder, folds down and stores with ease and strong as!!

AKH Christchurch

Space saver

about 1 year ago

2016-12-28 18:59:53

Good quality and very practical

Blacklabel Auckland


over 2 years ago

2016-10-26 06:50:46

I love the telescopic action as I can fit it behind the drivers seat of my car to take it anywhere for the day and it also has great stability

Blackie New Plymouth

Atom Telescopic Ladder

over 2 years ago

2016-10-12 09:11:22

If you have a motor home you need one of these they are very good, but can be use as well around the house.

Peter Auckland

Good Portable Solution

over 2 years ago

2016-10-03 00:14:17

I bought this for a place that doesn't have much storage space. It fits easily into the closet and is useful for all sorts of household jobs.

Morrie Marlborough

Handy ladder

over 2 years ago

2016-09-30 00:21:45

Very compact for transporting and easy to use. Care needs to be taken when lowering to keep your fingers out of the road

Handy girl. Taupo NEW ZEALAND

Every house needs this

over 2 years ago

2016-09-29 03:42:14

Fabulous, Strong and compact to fit in a small car . Best ladder.

Ledzep Auckland

Super compact and strong

over 2 years ago

2016-09-29 02:26:50

Great ladder, appears to be well built, and takes up very little room to store, and no need for a roof rack if taking it somewhere. Add to that, that it is quick and easy to extend to whatever height you need, and you have a very handy item.

John Auckland

liteweight & compact

over 2 years ago

2016-09-28 01:06:05

The fact that it reduces down in size means it's easy to store.

Merl Manawatu

So convenient

over 2 years ago

2016-09-28 00:50:03

Having a ladder that can compact down to fit easily in the back of my hatchback is worth it's weight in gold. It takes seconds to deploy and although there's a bit of movement in the sections it's rock solid when there's weight on it. Minimal storage space also is very handy.

Big John Auckland

A Quality, practical, essential and effective, must have, ladder.

over 2 years ago

2016-09-21 05:04:40

I have used these ladders when inspecting property with fellow Surveyors and Valuers and now own one. Sturdy, stable, small mass to high extension and easily kept in the car boot using minimal space. Great value. BJ

RobJS Wellington

The Mighty Atom

over 2 years ago

2016-08-04 00:53:37

Just like a superhero this diminutive ladder packs a punch. It's small, fitting across the width of my car boot, but it's made like an All Black - tough, solid and not to be messed with. It's like an All Black in other ways too - it's versatile and not in the least bit cheap and nasty - quality all the way through. Just taking it out of the box I was impressed how solid it was. Highly recommended if you want a workhorse that's as cheap to keep and compact as a pony!

Rodney Auckland

Great value for money

over 2 years ago

2016-07-29 01:25:13

I purchased this because I was tired of wrestling with folding ladders, it exceeds my expectations and is by far the best ladder I have purchased.

Hori Bay of Plenty

Great product

over 2 years ago

2016-07-13 05:04:59

Compact and so easy to store and use.

Nick M Hastings

Fits in the boot no roof rack required

over 2 years ago

2016-07-13 04:57:50

I Bought this for my motor home to clean the roof fitted solar panels Folds up small for the boot. Easy to use. Not too heavy :)

Fugey Wellington

Atom is the bomb!

over 2 years ago

2016-07-12 01:33:26

Great ladder.  Does everything it claimed.  We have limited storage but its compact size makes it easy to fit in the cupboard + fits easily in the car

Hightower Marlborough

Awesome Ladder

over 2 years ago

2016-07-11 03:30:47

Just what I needed.... Have normal ladders but they are too big/cumbersome to use inside the house, this one just pick the size you want

Bryan Christchurch

Atom Telescopic Ladder - perfect for our needs

over 2 years ago

2016-07-10 08:42:52

Excellent ladder. Easy to store. Perfect for our needs, especially for getting up to our attic through access in storage cabinet.

Cogsy69 Waikato

Awesome Features

over 2 years ago

2016-07-08 03:07:25

I inspect insulation in multiple ceilings daily. This is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment as it can be utilised for manholes in cupboards right through to high ceilings. A great ladder that fits in the boot of my car.

Bucketofpinot Bay of Plenty

Great idea

over 2 years ago

2016-07-08 02:18:26

Have had one in the past but even the thief saw its advantages. Finally back on the market; so got 2 just in case.

Stuart Nelson

Atom telescopic ladder

over 2 years ago

2016-06-28 07:55:47

This is a handy ladder, Fits in the ute, no roof rack required.

SJPONeill Central Plateau

Great, especially indoors

over 2 years ago

2016-06-06 23:14:43

I bought one of these because I needed a long but lightweight ladder that I could lay on my roof to get to the chimney flue (very steep pitch!). It worked great for that - the lightweight and adjustable length made it very easily to manoeuvre around at the top of the first ladder (to get me up to the roof). Since then I have used it a lot for reno and maintenance jobs: the light weight and adjustable length plus the ease with which the length can be adjusted make it excellent for those jobs where you are up and down and shifting about a lot, especially inside where it would be difficult to manoeuvre a traditional ladder of the same extended length. Collapsed it easily fits in the boot of any car. The only thing that I take a bit more care of with this ladder is that I keep the angle a little steeper than I might with a 'normal' ladder so that my weight rests more ont he feet and less on the joints.

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