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Newman Digital Inverter Generator 3200W with Electric Start

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This state-of-the-art inverter generator outputs a pure sine wave current for a super stable power supply, making it the perfect choice for powering sensitive electronics.

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Product overview

Product overview

This state-of-the-art inverter generator outputs a pure sine wave current for a super stable power supply, making it the perfect choice for powering sensitive electronics.

Maximum output is 3200W and it features electric starting for effortless operation.

The engine utilises cutting edge overload and low oil level protection along with Smart Throttle technology that alters engine speed depending on the load; this means less noise and lower fuel consumption, up to 40% less than conventional generators, so it’s kinder on your pocket and on the environment.

There is a built in LCD display so you can keep an eye on things, while the included remote means the controls are at your fingertips, perfect if you have your hands full of tools or are nice and comfy next to the campfire.

The 2 Year Newman Warranty is there for peace of mind and is backed by our nationwide service network.

If you need a stable, reliable power source that will keep the lights on wherever and whenever you need it, then order yours today.

Note: The generator can only be re-started using the remote within 15 minutes of being shutdown. After this it must be restarted using the control panel.

About Newman Generators Rugged, reliable power you can depend on. From the campsite to the worksite, blizzards to the beach, a Newman generator uses state-of-the-art technology and rock-solid dependability to make sure you have the power you need, wherever you need it.

• Pure sine wave current for stable power supply
• Perfect for lighting, power tools, laptops, TVs and much more
• Single phase
• Electric start
• NGK spark plug
• Smart Throttle technology for lower fuel consumption
• Fully enclosed for quiet running
• Overload and low oil protection
• Built in LCD with remote control
• 240V AC, 12V DC power supply
• 2 Year Newman Warranty

Max power output: 3200W
Rated power output: 2800W
Engine: 208cc single cylinder 4-stroke fan-cooled petrol engine
Ignition: TCI, NGK spark plug
Starting: Electric & pull start
AC output: 2x 240V AC
DC output: 1x 12C DC 5A
Fuel capacity: 7.4L
Fuel consumption: 490g/kw/h
Continuous running time: 3.7 hours @rated load
Noise level: 59db @ 7m @75% load
Safety: AC overload protector, DC circuit breaker, overload warning indicator, overload cut out, low oil indicator, low oil cut out

Dimensions: L 50.8cm x W 50.8cm x H 45cm
Weight: 38kg


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Customer questions

Questions and answers

0 votes
q: The stated required oil is 15W-30. But that does not seem to be available in NZ. Does 10W-30 meet the warranty requirements...?
a: Yes this is fine.
By Trade Tested on March 19, 2020
0 votes
q: Can this unit be run overnight?
a: Generally no, although run time depends on the load to an extent as this has a smart throttle set up, but you may need to refuel at some point. As you can see the run time is 3.7 hours @rated load (2800W), so with less load you will get longer run time. This isn't really designed as a traditional back up generator - it's a portable generator designed for intermittent use.
By Trade Tested on December 1, 2019
0 votes
q: Can one of the two sockets deliver the full 2800W?
a: Yes it can.
By Trade Tested on December 1, 2019
0 votes
q: Is the starting battery 12V and will the generator charge the battery while running
a: It's a 6V battery, yes it does.
By Trade Tested on November 15, 2019
1 vote
q: Can you link these units?
a: No that's not a feature of these units.
By Trade Tested on March 27, 2019
0 votes
q: Can it be stopped with the remote?
a: Yes you can.
By Trade Tested on July 3, 2019
0 votes
q: Would this be suitable for a boat to run a freezer and microwave?
a: The starting load on refrigerators/freezers are often significantly higher than their quoted running watts, so this may be borderline in terms of running both at the same time, but it's hard to be exact. We'd recommend you try finding out more about the exact requirements of your appliances then give our sales team a call to talk through options.
By Trade Tested on April 28, 2019
-1 votes
q: What is the kva rating on this unit?
a: Power factor is 0.8, so Max 4 / Rated 3.5kVA.
By Trade Tested on December 13, 2018
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.3 out of 5 stars from 16 reviews
M of Glendowie Auckland

Battery goes flat if not run

3 months ago


There is a slow load on the battery which causes it to run flat. Not helpful when you need to run the generator and pull starting is unreliable. Manual says its a 12v but the FAQ here says 6v.

K Auckland

Not good

10 months ago


Its gone ok but battery from day one was unreliable, it went flat very quickly but it was serviced under warranty and recharged but wont hold charge, traderested wouldnt replace battery and now two years later still having problems, tradetested have ordered new battery which will take three months to arrive from china which ive had to pay for. These generators dont work without batteries and I couldnt find the right one thru any new zealand suppliers, the only reason I dont recommend it is due to battery issues, I dont know if it was just a bad battery or for other reasons as im still waiting for a three battery and cant use it

Frank Wairarapa

Great worksite power supply

10 months ago


Great workhorse. A tank of fuels lasts three days on the building site. Remote works well. Even restarts it if left on standby over night. Quiet

Elke Hawkes Bay

Excellent buy

11 months ago


After a lot of research, as I never owned a generator before, I decided on the Newman. I liked the electric start which is very easy to use and love the remote so I don't have to go outside into the cold to switch it off. The remote even works with the generator being in the shed. It's not that loud at all and was easy to put together. Only hard part was connecting the battery where I needed some help. The refill for the oil is placed a bit awkward but manageable. Trade tested was very helpful all the way and the customer service team are very friendly.

Anothersphere Auckland

Well made - moderate noise

about 1 year ago


Nice piece of kit for the price. No defects or flaws. Pays to read the manual. I had not put enough oil in and it refused (by design) to start. Did get slightly irritated by the (seemingly) undocumented fact that the electric start battery had to be wired up which is a bit fiddly. But it seems to start and run well. Not whisper quiet but not massively noisy - about the same as a motor scooter. Had no need to load it yet.

Jack Bay of Plenty

After six weeks

about 1 year ago


I have only used this Generator for six weeks so its early days yet. This time of the year it's used most days. I cant fault it's performance, its quieter than expected and the remote start is a great facility.

Kris Divate Auckland

Very efficient

about 1 year ago


We are using this Generator for our lunch room on site. Works well

Patrick Dannevirke


about 1 year ago


very easy to use, very quiet

Julian Canterbury

Good Value

over 2 years ago


We bought two of these and at the price, they are still cheaper than one of the 'branded' generators. Have put approx 15 hours on them, had the first oil change, and seem to be ok at present. Although, the battery has gone flat on one already which caused it to keep cutting out intermittently, and once we found that it was the battery causing this, we charged it up and it seems to be ok again. If it wasn't for the battery issue, and once they have proved themselves over a longer period of time, I could give them a higher star rating. Two year trade warranty ultimately swayed our decision to purchase these also.

James Bay of Plenty


over 2 years ago


Too early to be able to conclude how good this unit is in the long term but so far so good. Have run it up and it goes well and providing it continues to remain serviceable I'll be happy.

x Kapiti

Digital Inverter Generator 3200W with Electric Start & Remote

over 2 years ago


Starts, runs, produces power. Great the electric start feature. Plastic side panels are a little bit light, otherwise I am very impresed. Great price for an item that I may never need, but it will be there if I do to use it.

BJ Wellington

A Little Beauty

over 2 years ago


Admittedly haven’t had it long but made it available to a builder working in my no-power garage- it worked brilliantly & we both thought it was a little beauty.

Stewie Whitianga

The 3200W generator is the best I've had.

over 2 years ago


Great little generator, extremely quiet and very fast response to changes in power demand which is critical in our line of work. It's the best of our 3 generators.

Alan Woodville

Great generator

over 2 years ago


Awesome generator. Wanted one to fit into an empty side locker on my motorhome. This one fitted the bill perfectly. Great machine, powerful and reasonably quite. Awesome having the remote to shut it down at night without having to go outside in the cold/rain. Highly recommend Trade Tested. Thanks guys.

Nick Nelson

review 3.2kw inverter generator

over 3 years ago


great generator. only just coped with my 200 amp inverter Mig welder, but it did the job. great use for power tools, and running appliances like the fridge in the caravan.  Nick

PeeKay Wairarapa

Simple and quiet

over 3 years ago


I had been in the market for a new generator for some time. While visiting a fair i could not help but noticing the amount of Tradetested brand inverter generators used by the stall holders. I started asking questions of the stall holders all of whom spoke very highly of their reliability and quietness. I purchased one the following week. Fantastic machine.

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