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Massage Table 2 Section Wood Black

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Whether it's a fragrant oily rub or a punishing Swedish session, the benefits of massage are undeniable. Massage has been a proven form of therapy for thousands of years, and today it's needed more than ever. Deskbound jobs and too much time spent on the couch causes muscles to become tense, rigid, and atrophied. Massage is a fantastic way to get tension out of your muscles and bring them back to the limber and relaxed condition that nature intended. Regular massages performed at home can be a great, fun way for you to keep your muscles healthy and relaxed, and your whole body in a blissful state of calm.

This top quality massage table is suitable for professionals, massage students, and home enthusiasts alike. Its super sturdy hardwood frame supports people up to 200kgs, so if they fit through the door, they'll be sweet on the table. With an ergonomically designed face cradle, arm supports, and a generous 4cm of padding, it's super comfy to lie on. And the adjustable height makes it comfortable for masseurs and masseuses too.

The ingenious design of this table allows it to fold into a carry bag, making it perfect for professionals who make housecalls.

Like all our top quality products, it's backed by a 12 month warranty.

- 2 section beech hardwood folding massage table
- Height adjustable 0.58m to 0.80m
- 1 multi adjustable headrest
- 2 side arm supports
- 1 carry bag

Colour: Black
Assembled dimensions: 1.90m (L) x 0.70m (W) x 0.58-0.80m (H)
Maximum load weight: 200kg
PVC material with sponge padding (4cm thickness)
Gross weight: 20kg
Net weight: 15kg

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