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Rotary Tiller 62cc

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Keep your garden beds in tip-top condition with this rotary hoe.

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Product overview

Product overview

Keep your garden beds in tip-top condition with this rotary hoe.

By cultivating and aerating the soil, it’s the perfect way to prepare soil for planting. The reliable 62cc petrol engine and long life bronze worm gear reducer are built to last, while the blades are easily replaceable.

The depth control rod allows you to adjust the working depth between 15 – 20cm and the 30cm working width allows you to cover the ground efficiently.

Ideal for any gardening enthusiast, it allows you to prep your soil quickly and easily. Order yours today.

• Depth Control Rod
• Compact design
• Adjustable working depth 15cm – 20cm
• Long life gear reducer
• Replaceable blades
• 1 Year Flash Warranty

Engine: 62cc 2-stroke petrol
Engine power: 2.4kW (3.2 HP)
Ignition System: C.D.I
Spark: NGK
Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L
Working depth: 15~20cm
Working width: 30cm
Weight Net/Gross: 11kg/13kg
Gear rate: 34:1
Package dimensions: 78cm x 49cm x 37cm
Two-cycle Oil and Petrol Mixing Ratio: 1:25 (Petrol 25, Two-stroke Oil 1)

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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Overall rating

4.1 out of 5 stars from 8 reviews
Hussan Auckland

Rotary Tiller 62cc

4 months ago


Great machine for my garden!

Happy Coopers


4 months ago


Very happy with the rotary tiller 62cc

Trev Auckland

diiging our large garden wih the rotary tiller

5 months ago


We are very pleased with this small unit, although quite noisy it saves a lot of hard digging as we have a lot of clay in our soil. the second time was easier than the first

Soutpl Waikato

My personal use of this nifty little light weight Rotary Tiller

9 months ago


I purchased this unit a while ago and did not use it till recently due to my own ill health. The Rotary Tiller does what is supposed to, and surprisingly with little apparent effort, as long as you don't over stress it, having said that, my only regret is I didn't have it some years ago when i was in better health.So to sum it up. I give it an honest 9 out of ten. Thank you Barry

Kees Waikato

Great little tiller

about 1 year ago


I use this one all the time. It is small and fits in between rows of vegetables.

Ian Maungaturoto

Rotary Tiller

about 1 year ago


It works fine, had no trouble starting when assembled however the instruction manual didn't seem to match the machine received so had to work out assembly ourselves. Machine hoes well but remembering low cost it's not too great in new ground i.e. Paddocks which need a heavier machine. It does everything advertised.

Mic Nelson

Needs refinement

3 months ago


I ordered this after debating buying a similar one off Amazon. This tiller tills but needs major refinement. Here's what I ended up doing to make it functional: 1) Added a "fender" to the rear as it threw dirt every direction! Adding a fender the width of its tiny fender that extends back 20cm drastically improved it! 2) This thing will shake the beejeezus out of you! Holy heck it vibrates until you are numb from the shoulders down! I picked up some highly padded winter leather gloves and it tamed it down some! 3) Due to all the vibration the nuts holding the handles down kept shaking loose. I replaced with locknuts with a nylon insert. This tiller has good power and does the job if you can make the mods and put up with it. At its low price I expected it to be a bit rough around the edges but this is a pretty rough tool. I'm hoping it lasts long but not sure as the vibrations have to reduce it's longevity.

Fletch Northland

Rotary tiller 62cc

3 months ago


Great for the tilling job. Starts ok and fines up soil. i have been working it in medium heavy clay soil and it breaks up the clods into fine soil. Not Heavy enough to break in un-worked soil unless it was light volcanic.

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