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Garden Shed Assembly Service

Our sheds are designed to be as easy and quick to put together as possible. However if DIY isn’t your thing or are short on time, we can arrange to have your shed put together by one of our experienced assembly partners in your area.

Assembly Price Guide

Shed Size Shed Assembly Shed + Floor Assembly
 1.55m x 0.79m  $239  $289
 1.55m x 1.55m  $279  $339
 1.55m x 3.07m  $369  $449
 2.31m x 1.55m  $409  $499
 3.07m x 0.79m  $409  $499
 3.07m x 1.55m  $509  $619
 3.07m x 2.69m  $629  $739
 3.07m x 3.07m  $709  $819
 3.83m x 2.69m  $789  $899
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There may be extra charges in some situations. For example, if:

  • You are outside of Auckland, or more than 30km from central Auckland.
  • The site you want the shed placed on is sloped.
  • There is limited access to your site – for example, if the assemblers’ truck can’t fit up your driveway.

Any additional charges are time based at $45 per hour + GST (if applicable). If you’re not sure, you’re welcome to call us to discuss your situation. We encourage people to send us a few photos so we can get an idea of what you’re working with.

How To Book Assembly

Simply order your shed and optional floor kit online, then call 0800 800 880 or email us to request assembly. We'll contact you to take payment and arrange the assembly contractor to come after your shed has been delivered.

Site Requirements

It’s important that the site for your shed is clear and level before the assemblers arrive. If there are trees, debris or other items, the assemblers will not be able to remove them and they may need to rebook a time to come back, at your cost. If the site is a hardened surface, such as concrete, paving or decking, it should be reasonably clean. If there is too much mud, moss or other material, it will be difficult for the team to secure the shed. If you have any questions just give us a call.

Make sure the site has plenty of room around it so the assemblers have plenty of room to get the roof or walls on. Ideally this will be at least 500mm.

You don’t need to be home when the assemblers come to put the shed up, as they won’t need to go inside. They will need to know where the shed is meant to go, so if you haven’t told them in advance, mark the ground with some stakes or spray paint, or even a few broom handles if you need to. Leave the shed kitset near the site you want it assembled.

Most of the tools that the assemblers will use are battery operated, so they won’t need to access power at your site.

If you have dogs or livestock, they’ll need to be contained or kept away from the area that the assemblers are working in.

Flooring Options

If you choose to have your shed professionally assembled, you’ll need to have either a concrete pad to build on, or buy a Trade Tested wooden floor kit.

If you’d like a concrete floor for your shed, you’ll need to have this ready before our assemblers arrive, as concreting is not included in their service.

If you include a Trade Tested wooden floor kit in your order, the assembler can build this for you.


The assembler will aim to complete your job within 14 days of your booking request. If you need it done urgently, we may be able to fit you in earlier – contact us to find out. If poor weather conditions or other circumstances mean they have to postpone the assembly, it may be later than planned.

Most sheds can be assembled in one day, often less if they are small.

Assembly Guarantee

Our shed assemblers are confident of the service they provide and stand by their work with a quality guarantee. If there are any issues, they will come back to sort them out. If you’ve prepared your shed’s site as outlined above, and provided the right foundation, they’ll take responsibility for any quality issues. If you haven’t met these requirements however, they cannot guarantee their work.

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