iPhone 3GS LCD with Tools

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Replacement LCD for iPhone 3GS + 8 Piece Tool Kit+ FREE screen protector.:

Comes with 12 month warranty.

This part is for iPhone 3GS only. See our other products for 3G LCD replacements.

This iPhone 3GS LCD with it's tools included will help you replace your cracked or broken iPhone LCD and get it back in action. It is made with solid construction,and the images in your iPhone will look crisp and sharp, just like when it was new. We did not skimp on this product, we are bringing you the best quality, best performance screen so your iPhone can go back to exactly the way it was before your screen broke.

Package includes:

1 x Replacement Touchscreen for iPhone 3GS
1 x Sucker
2 x Scrapers
2 x Picks
1 x Adhesive tape
2 x Mini screwdriver


1. If your iPhone has a cracked window panel, the front glass screen is broken.
2. If your iPhone doesn't respond to finger touch, the digitizer is broken.
3. If your iPhone has poor picture quality, the LCD is damaged.

For problem 1 or 2, replace both the Glass AND Digitizer. Browse for a replacement digitizer - this includes the front glass also.

If the problem is only with your display (no cracks - just dim or blurred colour) then replace the LCD. We recommend replacing both the LCD and the Digitizer/Glass. It's easier to assemble and provides the best results.

- Top layer is a protective glass screen
- Middle layer is a transparent layer (digitizer) which detects touch movement
- Bottom layer is an LCD screen that outputs actual display pixels

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