5 Things You Should Never Store in Your Garden Shed

garden shedWhen you are buying your first garden shed, you imagine having the ability to store anything and everything you can possibly imagine. You are already dreaming of how much extra space you will have in your home and garage, and you can’t wait to begin stacking boxes upon boxes of items in the shed.

While you can use garden sheds to store many different items, there are a few items you should always avoid keeping in these storage areas.

What to Never Store in a Shed

  • Wine- Storing wine is tricky, and it should never be done in a garden shed. Wine requires a space where the temperature can be maintained at a constant 13 degree Celsius. Any warmer, and you can “cook” your wine, causing flat flavours and aromas. Any cooler, and the wine could freeze or experience a lack of moisture, which would eventually dry out the corks and seep into the wine.
  • Gasoline- Gasoline is a very flammable substance. While you don’t want to store this item in your garage, you shouldn’t store it in your metal garden shed either. Without proper ventilation, gasoline can ignite and explode. If you are going to store gasoline in a garden shed, you need to make sure no ignition source is present (such as a heater or pilot light,) your metal shed needs to be grounded, and the shed needs to be as far away as possible from other buildings. You also need to make sure your shed has proper ventilation so any gas vapours that leak out can escape. Even then, you are still putting your family at risk, so it is best to avoid storing it altogether.
  • Clothing and Bedding- Unless you are prepared to go out and buy multiple plastic totes, you should never store clothing or bedding in your storage shed. Not only do you risk having your clothes mildew from damp air in the shed, but you risk rodents and bugs nesting and eating the fabric. If they want a bed and breakfast, let them find it somewhere else.
  • Fresh Food- Like clothing, fresh food is a great attraction to mice, rats, and bugs. While you may use your garden sheds to store the seeds for your spring garden, don’t store the fresh produce you grow in the garden here, like carrots, onions, potatoes, and green beans. Take it inside your home.
  • Important Papers- You’ve been told before that you shouldn’t store all your important documents in your home in case of a fire or burglary. While this is true, you shouldn’t store them in your shed either. Even with security systems and outside lights, there is still a chance your shed can be broken into by a thief. Even if the thief is originally after your lawn mower and weed eater, they aren’t going to pass up access to your personal documents. Stay safe: keep those important papers in a safe deposit box at the bank.

While you can store a number of items in your shed, there are certain items that just don’t belong there. Make sure you are storing the correct things in your shed and aren’t putting your personal items or family at risk.

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