Chainsaw Buying Guide

When choosing a proper chainsaw, go for a petrol model. Electric are fine, but will only work well for small branches. We recommend a 2-stroke chainsaw as it’s a bit more versatile and can be used in various cutting positions. 4-strokes can be heavy, cumbersome and only operate when fixed. 

What's Right for You?

•   52cc Chainsaw - Great for smaller jobs like cutting branches for firewood and has more than enough power to cut down trees. If you are less experienced using a chainsaw, choose this one as it’s easy to use.

•  65cc Heavy Duty - An excellent all-round professional chainsaw. The added power gives it edge. Has a 24 inch bar, giving flexibility for tackling bigger jobs.

•  72cc Heavy Duty - Our most powerful chainsaw and the only choice if you’re going to be cutting hardwoods. Has a 24 inch bar, giving flexibility for tackling bigger jobs. Mainly for professional.


•  Remember to wear approved protective gear: safety pants with chaps, safety boots, helmet with visor glasses, hearing protection, and gloves.



•   Sharpening your chain often will extend its life and effectiveness.

•  You can buy replacement chains for all our models right here.

•  Use premium 2-cycle oil, designed for air cooled engines.

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